made the position easier to defend. Seconds after the final move, through the thick glass, he gave an exuberant double-fist pump to those of us standing in the viewing hall. Carlsen failed to find the winning approach to the end game, and in spite of his time situation, Karjakin managed to set up a wrong rook pawn position where his king could not be dislodged from h8/h7/g8. Fast forward to the present day. The best-of-12 match, organized by FIDE and its commercial partner Agon, was played in New York City between 10 and 30 November 2016. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! You have to get your advantage beyond a pretty significant threshold — modern analysis engines tell us something like 1.50-1.60 pawns — to win. Der Spiegel continued its live ticker of Aronian-Anand analysis throughout. Carlsen’s position improved quickly, and the Norwegian won again. FIDE's commercial partner Agon was the official organizer,[2] with support from the Russian Chess Federation. Would that Carlsen had a silicon brain, he’d have won the game for sure. Carlsen managed to neutralize Karjakin's initiative to enter a major piece endgame with opposite-colored bishops which he can try endlessly to win without risking a loss – the exact kind of game which he is renowned for winning. I’ll write a little bit more about the championship on FiveThirtyEight tomorrow. The result was decided in the final round when Karjakin defeated runner-up Fabiano Caruana. In the open position, the two bishops allowed Magnus to create pressure for eighty-four moves! As Carlsen’s coach, Peter Heine Nielsen, pointed out, is was a strategic and logical decision. Sergey Karjakin on the move during the first game of the tie-breaks. This was Karjakin's first career victory over Anand at classical time controls.[26][27]. The match was equal from beginning to end, and it was decided on tiebreaks. Clearly, Game 10 would be critical. [72] Carlsen played calmly with a weakness-free position while Karjakin desperately attempted to create chances. But he had to work harder than anyone predicted to finally crack his Russian challenger, Karjakin, the world No. [50] However, after a successful Round 1 broadcast, during Round 2 their live move transmissions were essentially halted, with looming legal threats. In keeping with his game plan, Karjakin tried to remain as solid as possible. Carlsen during the eighty-four-move rapid game. Necessary was 72.Rf7+ to deflect Black's king, after which Kg4 can be played: see, Queen's Indian Defence, Fianchetto Variation, Check Variation, Intermezzo Line, English, Four Knights, Kingside Fianchetto, Benoni Defence, Classical, Czerniak Defence, Tal Line, Queen's Indian Defence, Fianchetto Variation, Nimzowistch Variation, Slav Defence, Quiet Variation, Schallop Defence, Queen's Gambit Declined, Barmen Variation, Sicilian Defence, Najdorf Variation, Adams Attack, Queen's Gambit Declined, Razogin Variation, Alekhine Variation, Sicilian Defence, Richter-Rauzer Attack, Neo-Modern Variation, Archangelsk variation of the Spanish Game, 2016 Fide World Championship Match Regulations. The players chose the Sicilian Defence — the first time it had been played in the match. Game five of the match was a most exciting battle even though the game ended peacefully. This was significantly quicker than the regulation, “classical” games, which took up to seven hours. In Game 2, Caruana, in turn, held the advantage, but it was never beyond the threshold, and so Carlsen had few problems holding the draw. [55][56], After three intense struggles, the sixth game was a quiet, relatively short draw. [56] The main argument is: holding all the trumps like live video and exclusive interviews with players (and other VIPs) should be enough, without resorting to legal blusterings. This was a smart strategy with Karjakin in a must win situation to stay in the match. The move 24.bxc4 was criticized by commentators who said that if Carlsen wanted to make this recapture, it should have been done on move 22. The sequence begins with Carlsen moving his bishop to the e6 square, putting Karjakin in check, beginning an unstoppable attack. [49] Karjakin instead immediately grabbed White's f-pawn (70...Kxf5), which would lose against perfect play, but Carlsen granted him another drawing chance two moves later with 72.Rb7. Instead, he erred with 51.Qe6? He is a former National Head Coach of the Danish Chess Federation and the author of several chess books. [62] The fine was reduced on appeal to 5% of the prize money (2.5% to Agon and 2.5% to FIDE). The difference in willingness to make some bold decisions was evident also in the rapid games and may eventually have led to Karjakin’s downfall in the match. By move 40, Karjakin had just 59 seconds remaining, whereas Carlsen still had 4 minutes. IM Keaton Kiewra takes a look at the other side of the story, giving an overview of Karjakin's outstanding performance in the Candidates'. Position after 19.Nb5. But the end result was another draw. The game was drawn after 94 moves. Vi har funnet arena", A historic site for the World Championship Match, Carlsen-Karjakin to include virtual reality, "The World Chess Championship Match 2016 to become the first of any sport to be broadcast in 360° Virtual Reality", "Fulton Market Building - Seaport District, NYC - New York, NY - Events", "Rules & regulations for the Candidates Tournament of the FIDE World Championship cycle 2014–2016", "World Chess Championship Candidates (2016)". It didn’t come. [1] The result was decided in the final round when Karjakin defeated runner-up Fabiano Caruana. Naturally, this put the pressure on the players to manage their time. He credited the faster time control in making it difficult for Karjakin to deal with pressure. Karjakin trying his best to to create a decisive lead in the match. Starting on Friday, defending champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger Sergey Karjakin will battle for the world championship. [10], The prize fund (Regulations 3.8.1) was 420,000 euros, with 95,000 to the winner, 88,000 to 2nd place, 75,000 to 3rd, 55,000 to 4th, 40,000 to 5th, 28,000 to 6th, 22,000 to 7th, 17,000 for 8th place. The Topalov-Giri game saw a practical novelty already at move 3, with a resulting drawn knight endgame after the 60-move mark. Their main thrust though, was: Millions of fans will not learn about this year’s Candidates matches because of AGON’s policy. Oliver Roeder was a senior writer for FiveThirtyEight. Karjakin made 15 Inaccuracies (2.40%); 16 Mistakes (2.56%); 7 Blunders (1.12%). At the core, chess is a drawn game. [24][25], After a rest day, two of the leaders faced each other in Round 4, with Karjakin as White choosing a passive opening and coming up with an early novelty against Anand, and then saddling him with hanging pawns (see diagram). He also imposed his own view upon any end user's opinion of the coverage, declaring that "no one is suffering" from Agon's decision. The match was equal from beginning to end, and it was decided on tiebreaks. He then played recklessly for a win, openly inviting complications. Additional support was from the analytic team which included Laurent Fressinet, Nils Grandelius, Jan Gustafsson, and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. They are provided for information purposes only, and were not used for seeding. Conversely, Game 2 was a thriller, when after committing a major misjudgment early on, Karjakin displayed the same tenacity as in the regular match and managed to hang on to a draw with little time left, when Carlsen missed three clear wins in the endgame. If a winner cannot be determined after four rapid games, the format will move to a blitz time control of 5 minutes plus a 3-second increment. Games 3, 4 and 5 never really left equality by much, but Game 6 favoured Caruana, who even had a study-like mating opportunity which he called "almost accidental", and Garry Kasparov said no human could find. Tie-breaks are in order: 1) head-to-head score among tied players, 2) total number of wins, 3) Sonneborn–Berger score (SB), 4) tie-break games.[6]. FIDE gave the qualifiers until January 11 to decide upon participation and sign the contract,[12] and all accepted even though Veselin Topalov was open in his dislike of Moscow as a location. Sac, sac, mate! Karjakin's defensive skills were put to the ultimate yest in game four's 94 move marathon game. And for the players? But just as Carlsen in Game 3, Karjakin’s first chance beyond the drawing line was missed, and when the time control was reached, the World Champion was safely back within the drawing margin. Karjakin kept playing, but could make no progress, and the game was drawn after 74 moves. 2 0 obj World Chess Championship (28). The Bulgarian website Chessdom had the strongest editorial on the matter (from CEO Anton Mihailov), calling Agon's decision a multi-level blunder, even pointing out that Agon's decision actually violates Section of the Candidates Regulations ("All live images, live broadcasting (Internet TV) pictures and all the other content for the full event details will be carried on the official domain []. The 2016 World Championship, which will take place from November 11th to 30th in New York, has announced that it has a new sponsor, EG Capital, and has partnered with Livestream to build a Virtual Reality broadcast platform that will allow people all over the world a 360° view of the match. [19] It took place between 11–30 November in the renovated Fulton Market Building (formerly Fulton Fish Market) in the South Street Seaport in New York City,[32] with the two contestants competing for a prize fund of at least 1 million euros (US$1.1m). Few players understood — or accepted — this in Steinitz’ time. Karjakin showed he knew how to sit patiently and accept that he had to play defensively. FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was unable to attend following sanctions from the US Government over his ties with the Syrian regime, but communicated by Skype instead with vice president Gelfer the official FIDE representative (rather than deputy president Makropoulos). The tiebreakers ended 3-1.1. [6], The FIDE supervisor was Zurab Azmaiparashvili and the chief arbiter was Werner Stubenvoll from Austria.[11]. Black touched his king, and so had to move it, thus allowing 75. August 8, 2016: Agon announce the venue as the Fulton Market building in the, August 30, 2016: Agon publish on their website that. [69] However, the main sites were still lagging in their relays by about 20–25 minutes during the opening moves.