Leaving the city, Angela and Nathan take Claire with them to go to a safe place and away from the explosion, which Angela claims is "inevitable". By this point, it is revealed that Arthur was actually alive; he has killed Maury Parkman and Adam Monroe, allowing him to enter Angela's mind, and to heal from debilitating illness. In ".07%", Angela explains to Claire that she and Nathan took steps to protect Claire. Claire was Angela's eldest granddaughter and is the daughter of Nathan Petrelli and Meredith Gordon. In "Angels and Monsters", she encounters Peter in Sylar's cell, the former having just snapped the latter's neck. Claire escapes The Haitian and arrives at Peter's apartment in New York, seeking Peter's aid. Meredith was also told her daughter was gone after the fire. Age First episode In "Our Father" she sends Peter and The Haitian to kill Arthur. It is revealed Angela and Noah are working together to overthrow Danko. Gender When Claire was born, Angela and Arthur made plans for their granddaughter to safeguard her future but their plans were suddenly interrupted by a fire. However, she reveals that the Grays are not his parents either, and that she knows the identity of his real parents. During the "Sylar" funeral, Angela witnesses the cremation of James Martin, a shapeshifter who had assumed and kept Sylar's form upon his death, along with the rest of her family, Peter, Claire and Noah. Angela currently resides in Los Angeles with her many, many awesome guitars. Matt is forced to bring the real Daphne into the prison, and she reveals that she is in love with him. Arthur Petrelli was Angela's late husband. In 'Hysterical Blindness', Angela visits Peter's apartment and notice that he was unable to reach "Nathan" to meet them. Even though she is allied with Linderman, this has not stopped her from protecting Claire from Linderman's Company. In Angela's hands is a piece of picture, ripped from the same picture as Kaito Nakamura's piece, with the helix symbol on it. Alice ne semble pas heureuse de la situation mais sa sœur lui assure qu'elles seront bien ici puis elle rencontre Charles Deveaux, Daniel Linderman et Robert Bishop qui lui souhaitent la bienvenue. ", Nathan informs Angela that Meredith Gordon may tell the press about Claire, his long lost daughter born out-of-wedlock. Angela continued to look out for her granddaughter from afar while she kept Nathan unaware of his daughter's survival. In "How to Stop an Exploding Man", Peter sees Angela conversing with Charles Deveaux at some past instance during his early days as caretaker of Mr. Deveaux. Six weeks later, she invites Nathan/Sylar to lunch, and notices his ability of intuitive aptitude to remain still deep in his mind, making her doubt Sylar is entirely gone. In "Lizards", Angela was taken in by New York Police Department to be questioned about the murder of Kaito Nakamura. As a result of her evasiveness, Peter copies her power to have the same dream, but Angela warns him that that power is a curse, not a gift. He tries in vain to free her, but she reveals that even if he can remove the handcuffs, Arthur has locked all exits from her prison. Angela then reminds Arthur that they had once felt that way about each other, and he reluctantly frees her. Angela supports the plan for Nathan to rise to power after the explosion. After Sylar is recaptured, she claims to him that she is his real mother, and that she gave him up for adoption. The wounds she sustained are described as self-inflicted. Present day Noah Bennet and Tommy show up, thanks to her ability, she knew that Noah was coming, Anglea is pleased to see Tommy. Arthur then appears to Matt in the guise of Daphne Millbrook, and proceeds to stab Matt. While Angela's in one of the back rooms of the NYPD building, Nathan and his younger brother Peter arrived to take her home. Angela, and the other founders who had snuck out that night, escaped the slaughter and created Primatech in order to protect the secret of people with abilities. However, when Alice is scared by Dr. Suresh and loses control of her powers, creating a powerful storm, the government agents overreact and end up killing all the posthumans that are still on-site. In Thanksgiving, Angela arrives to Peter's apartment with servants carrying the Thanksgiving dinner. He uses his power to get her to tell the truth, attempting to ascertain the identity of the one masterminding their murders and the nameless woman on the photo of the Company's founders. Angela tries to persuade Nathan against this by telling him that they need to act as a family, not on their own, but Nathan leaves for Washington D.C. Peter follows him. Together with Angela, Arthur was one of the founding members of The Company. In 'Acceptance', Angela brings "Nathan" a box of his old possessions, knowing that if he touches them he will gain memories due to Sylar's psychometry. In 'Orientation', Angela dreams about meeting Sylar at a sushi bar for lunch and she worries about him showing his real appearance although he acts as the real Nathan; then the limo driver wakes her up in front of the sushi bar. Continued during episode, 'I Am Sylar', the family is still gathered at the diner and witnessing a live press conference from Sylar impersonating Nathan Petrelli. After Sylar is tranquilized and carried to them, Noah sends Peter and Claire away to look for Nathan in order to keep them unaware of their brother and father's death. Nathan is naturally disgusted with her, and she later has a vision of Tracy, Peter, and Nathan being brutally murdered by Arthur Petrelli. However, Nathan goes against her wishes and visits Texas anyway. Angela amusingly notes how Claire was so determined to get to Peter, going so far as to run away from The Haitian. At the bus stop, she convinces Matt of Nathan's importance to solve all their problems with HLS, so Matt agrees to come with her to Nathan. Angela attempted to leave, but was too stunned by Arthur's return, allowing Arthur the chance to lock her in the dream; paralysing her for several days. In 'A Clear and Present Danger', Angela presses Claire on getting an elite college education in order to have a normal life and that this is what she and both her fathers want for her. She is an evolved human with the ability of Precognitive Dreaming. Peter argues that they aren't a company, they are a family, and will be more successful and stronger together because of this. She sold Erica Primatech because she initially thought Erica would save the world but she was wrong, Erica will let the H.E.L.E hit earth. Occupations His photograph was marked in the same fashion as Angela's.". She and Noah come up with a plan to send them back to 1999, so that in the present day, they'll be teenagers, it'll be right around the same time Claire's abilities manifested. After Claire revives Peter, Angela interrupts a conversation between Peter and Nathan. Millie suggests that it's drugs and that she should turn herself in. Danko, hoping to get more information on Nathan, is in conflict with Nathan and Noah due to their protection of their daughter, Claire, and partiality to Nathan's brother, Peter. He and Angela must go their separate ways in efforts to keep Tommy from stealing Malina's ability, they must grow up apart.