Recognize Rachel's mansion? He was arrested by the police after he was apprehended while coming out of the flat. Last modified on Mon 24 Sep 2018 11.09 BST. "I sent it to Warner Brothers and I go, 'There’s the poster.' The BBC series closed with David Budd (played by Richard Madden) getting redemption for the death of Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). It's the same lavish estate used in "The Godfather" as the home of movie mogul Jack Woltz, the guy who wakes up to find his horse's head in his bed. The real conspirators were, of course, elsewhere. Martin Scorsese had also used the song on the soundtrack of 1974's "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore," shortly after Dolly Parton composed and recorded it. In a creepy life-imitates-art aside, Houston noted at the time that she'd received death threats just like Rachel had. Costner not only came up with the last-minute replacement, but also insisted that the song open with Houston's voice unaccompanied by any instruments. The Academy nominated "The Bodyguard" for two Best Original Song Oscars, for "I Have Nothing" and "Run to You.". Houston's version of "I Will Always Love You" sold 12 million copies, making it the best-selling single ever by a woman. She also admonished David for underestimating her and thinking she was simply an oppressed woman coerced into terrorism by her husband. Her recording topped Billboard's Hot 100 chart for a then-record-breaking 14 straight weeks. In fact, it was his first screenplay. "That wasn’t even Whitney actually,” Costner said. He was given the posting because of his link to Andy Apsted (Tom Brooke). "I couldn't imagine anybody that didn't want to kiss her."5. In the movie, Frank Farmer's favorite film is Akira Kurosawa's classic "Yojimbo." As always, all speculation is welcome below …. Phew … and breathe. Could she become a future partner? Speaking of which, Stephen Hunter-Dunn (Stuart Bowman) was working with acting Home Secretary Mike Travis (Vincent Franklin). 19. A happy end then for David, who nailed the bad guys (I particularly enjoyed the setup for Longcross). The closing shot saw the family happily driving off into the sunset. Crime lord Aitkens only really came to the fore in episode five when David suspected that the organised crime boss could be linked to Julia’s death. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. But... Read More, 'Shithouse' Interviews with Cooper Raiff & Jay Duplass. So what did you all think then? One crew member was killed during the shoot. Sneaky, determinedly uncharismatic Mike Travis ended the episode as the last man standing after both the prime minister and secret service boss Stephen Hunter-Dunn fell spectacularly from grace after Ann Sampson’s decision to leak the kompromat. A stage musical version of "The Bodyguard" was mounted in London in 2012, featuring well known songs from the film as well as several other Houston hits. Eagle-eyed fans will remember how she got into a car with Aitkens in episode one after getting fired. Along the way there were some fantastic (and ludicrous) moments, as David was initially outsmarted by criminal not-quite-mastermind Luke Aitkens (extra bonus points to everyone who spotted that he’d been at Andy’s veteran’s meeting) and woke to find a suicide bomb strapped to his chest. Nonetheless, she added, "I was back on the set the next day" Shortly after the film wrapped, Houston and Brown were married. "I've had someone write me a letter, somehow it got to me," Houston said at the time of the movie's release. I’m very fond of how all this worked out. Could this be a coverup in itself? Made for a modest $25 million, "The Bodyguard" earned back $122 million in North America and $411 million worldwide. That did the trick. A lot of leading men could've played my part, a lot of guys could've filled that role, but you, Whitney, I truly believe that you were the only one that could've played Rachel Marron at the time. Aitkens wanted the RIPA '18 bill not to be passed through parliament because it would make his criminal operations more difficult to run. And they weren't going to miss.". Why shouldn’t art be entertaining? Still, as often as you've watched Kevin Costner rescue Houston, there's much about "The Bodyguard" you may not know, from it's 16-year journey to the screen, to the real-life tragedies behind the production.1.Lawrence Kasdan wrote the screenplay way back in 1976, years before he became famous as one of the writers of "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and the writer-director of "The Big Chill." Warner Bros. bought the screenplay as a vehicle for Diana Ross and Steve McQueen, but the project stalled over concerns that audiences wouldn't warm to the interracial romance. Sometimes one series is all a good drama really needs. In a huge twist, Nadia (Anjli Mahindra) was revealed to be the real criminal mastermind behind the 1/10 attack not her husband as we'd previously been led to believe. I told him about my fears. "I need it to be a cappella because it shows a measure of how much she digs this guy," Costner recalled saying, "that she sings without music.". And he did. 2. From the revelation that it was Craddock rather than Sampson who was the guilty one (something I began to wonder after her perfunctory attempts to talk to David at the hostage scene); to the unveiling of Nadia as a scornful, fully-qualified engineer and bomb creator. So what did everyone make of that then? Costner claimed in 2012 that he'd been developing a "Bodyguard" sequel that would have marked Princess Diana's acting debut, in a semi-autobiographical role, and that her tragic 1997 death came within days after he'd received an early draft of the script. BODYGUARD came to a sensational close last night as the BBC thriller starring Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes saw the big questions finally answered. From the terrified naivety she presented at the start, to the calculated zealotry she revealed at the end. "My whole life is playing Rihanna; being a singer won't be a stretch for me. “And so they sent me like five mockups where they put her head (on it) where she’s looking (out). Even though it's been 25 years since the release of "The Bodyguard" (on November 25, 1992), no doubt the final high note in Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" is still ringing out somewhere in the stratosphere. 10. The Bodyguard is still my #1 favorite movie soundtrack. So many to choose from this week. I rather enjoyed Gina McKee’s little Francis Urquhart moment, even if it did leave me unsure as to whether she was entirely a force for good. 16. 15. He initially said that it was located above a spotlight in his flat, leading Longcross (Michael Shaeffer) there. That switch was in direct contrast to Gina McKee’s Anne Sampson, a woman who always sounded several shades more guilty than she actually was, but who turned out to have a moral code. Over the years following the original Karate Kid movies, circumstances have led Daniel and Johnny down very different paths. My take is that it may not be the most serious, or even the best drama of the year, but it’s certainly the most enjoyable. It wasn’t special photography; it wasn’t anything.". She was frightened.". So many amazing songs from empowerment ('Queen of the Night') to romance ('Run To You') to the final goodbye (the power ballad rendition of 'I Will Always Love You'), Ms. Whitney was in her prime at this period, and it shows in the film. Essentially, the new law would make his illicit activities more visible to the authorities. She had helped to orchestrate the Thornton Circus attack on Julia, which is why no police back up came for so long during the incident. I think it got on his nerves. Express. Cobra Kai season 1 is … Craddock confessed she'd been secretly working for crime boss Luke Aitkens (Matt Stokoe). "They looked like a couple of pals passing the time of day instead of the torrid lovers they were supposed to be." Initially, Houston was supposed to sing a cover of Jimmy Ruffin's "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted," but the filmmakers found out the song was going to be used in "Fried Green Tomatoes." His big job was killing off the RIPA ’18 bill and continuing with his career while those around him fell. 7. In 1974, Elvis Presley wanted to cover the song, but because his manager, Col. Tom Parker, demanded that she grant Elvis half the publishing rights, Parton refused. the bodyguard 2: starring princess diana In 2012, Kevin Costner revealed to Anderson Cooper that Princess Diana was keen to star in a Bodyguard sequel.