Try these eight storytelling techniques for a presentation that wows. This strategy has helped us grow our Instagram account from 4,000 to 20,000 followers over the past year. Think of Maptia as a multimedia tool belt for storytellers with incurable wanderlust. Sometimes, even a collection of photos might not be sufficient to tell the story you have in mind. I learned about this amazing storytelling method on Social Media Examiner. Refinery29, a fashion, style, and beauty website, partnered with Adaptly and Facebook to test the effectiveness of sequenced messaging of Facebook ads (or storytelling through Facebook ads). When an author set out to tell a story in years past, he or she typically did so on paper, a typewriter or by typing at a computer. Personally, I think it’s the best format for storytelling. Instead of using a hashtag to curate stories about your company or community, you can also tap into a trending hashtag to share your brand story. What if, however, words couldn't be jockeyed? (Here are 17 inspiring examples from HubSpot.). You can create carousel ads by selecting the “Multiple images in one ad” option when you are creating your ad. To make it easier to navigate this article, the 20 ideas are grouped according to the various social media platforms. ), videos are the type of content that most people consume thoroughly, according to a research by HubSpot. Remember to include the numbering in your tweets. it was the idea that you could create more than six seconds-worth of a story using the six seconds of video that inspired us,”, within the same few inches of the map, we can see a remarkable number of different stories unfolding,". There are countless ways of telling stories on social media, and I hope these 20 ideas have inspired you to experiment with creative ways to tell your brand story. If your audience is on Snapchat, Snapchat Geofilters could be one of the best ways to reach them. Longer posts had more “Other Clicks” such as clicks to “See More”, which appears on long Facebook posts. It may not be perfect if you tell it without reading it, but nobody is looking for perfection. If you run a brick and mortar business such as a hotel, cafe, or clothing retail, experiment with a Snapchat Geofilter that allows your customers to share their experiences at your place, like Starwood did. Here, we’ve outlined the steps to follow to ensure you’re telling stories that accurately reflect your brand—and align to your long-term goals. A photo tells a thousand words; many photos tell many thousand words. The storytelling app Tapestry relies exclusively on a tap (mobile) or click (desktop). The small girl was alone and crying. It can be meaningful enough when your customers and community understand the purpose of your hashtag and use it in their tweets, too. “I had the audio already recorded, and animation seemed like the only way I could think of to bring the story to life,” he tells Mashable. If you’re looking for ways to tell your brand story through content, we can get you started quickly and easily. Tell us in the comments. It turns out there are many ways to use social media for storytelling! What words are essential and what words can I take out?". Alternatively, you can use Facebook or Instagram carousel ads to create a similar effect. The method, she says, is symbolic of the questions Poe asks in his poem. Introduce your brand with the first ad, share something about your brand with the second ad, and have a call-to-action on the third ad. Keeping Poe’s verse, Friel designed a tear-away version of the poem in which readers have to physically rip the pages to reveal their content. It might be helpful to note that Instagram captions are limited to 2,200 characters, and after three lines of text the captions become truncated with an ellipsis. Hashtags can be a great way to curate stories from your community. When done well, it can look very appealing. We're using cookies to improve your experience. When an author set out to tell a story in years past, he or she typically did so on paper, a typewriter or by typing at a computer. Nike’s video told a powerful visual story purely with words. In the playlist, there are videos created by both Airbnb and its community. Instead of summarizing the story or just having the title, tell the full story. Find a relevant trending hashtag in your industry and contribute to the conversation. Can’t fit your story into 140 characters or one tweet? Stick to the point (This doesn’t mean your videos have to be short. If you have hosted an event recently, share up to four of the best photos from the event in a tweet to give your followers a better idea of how the event went. In a matter of six seconds, the brand established conflict, a climax and a surprising conclusion, just like the authors of a 50-page comic book would. This allows you to share the album with potentially more people. Here’s a story of an Airbnb host, Michael: Interview some of your customers and share their stories and experiences with your company in a video. Here is a collection of 12 fun and playful ways to bring stories to life with creative storytelling activities! “Books are usually precious objects and the destruction is engineered to give the reader conflicting feelings, do they keep the book in its perfect untorn form? She seemed scared and lost. In 2015, (RED) and Snapchat partnered for World AIDS Day to offer Snapchat filters in an attempt to raise funds for organizations fighting against AIDS. They’re like tweetstorms but more beautiful and interactive. Usually, the tweets will start or end with a number to indicate the sequence of the tweets. CoSchedule found that their tweets with memes and GIFs receive far more likes and retweets than regular images. ? One of my recent favorite video stories is from Nike. Offline, too, authors have begun rethinking the traditional concept of the book in ways both innovative and unorthodox. Among all the different types of content (videos, social media posts, news articles, etc. If you want your Facebook fans to read stories about your customers or your company (instead of driving them to another site), it might be better to write longer Facebook posts. 2. So far, users have chronicled nomadic fisherman in Indonesia, rice farmers in Rwanda and school children in rural Peru. Tell a visual story with your Instagram profile. And if two parts don't fit or add up — the machine just doesn't work.”. Though far from the first or only pitcher to throw a no-hitter, Ellis is certainly the only one (at least that we know of) who completed the feat while under the influence of LSD. The immersive — and immensely popular — books allow readers to jump into the driver’s seat and become the stories’ protagonist, performing quite a few heroic feats along the way. The nouns that inspire me, I turn into stories. We’ve talked about a few ways to tell a story here on the blog and there will be many more to come, but we Jason shares a few ways to tell a story that is not necessarily using projection or media. Apart from being popular, GIFs are entertaining and tend to perform well, too. We remember where we went on the web, and what we saw there, but not how we got there. The Humans of New York Facebook Page is a great case study for this. Instead of being able to splatter words, Hill has to consider the merits of each word. Being authentic is a key aspect of storytelling, and there’s no other way to be more “real” than going live to engage with your audience. Over 70 million people visit SlideShare to learn new things, making it one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world. Create a Facebook photo album with the best 10, 20, or 30 photos.