Click here for more details. I red a tip to cover the little water tank till you find the good humidity. Very easy to clean, maintain and use, 10/10 all round. We stock spares for as many products as we are able to, because we believe in supplying you with an item that will last for years! Thanks Brinsea for the Mini II ECO. The Mini II Eco combines the fundamental high quality design of its more sophisticated models with simplicity of use. Page 18: Specifications Easy to use so ideal for beginners. We had a very successful hatch. Always friendly and helpful staff! The instructions for set up were simple - we followed them to the letter and hatched six healthy chicks first go. I had wanted to hatch some chicks for some time so did my research online. All in all, this was a brilliant, reliable bit of kit that contributed to that rarest of things, a project the whole family worked together on and found fascinating and exciting. Egg alent hatch rate, I operate two mini eco incubators, I have used for chickens, ducks and even quail, very impressed with the temperature control and ease of use as well as humidity retention, without a doubt one of the best incubators in the market today. Would highly reccomend! They took full responsibility of the eggs. Instructions are easy to understand etc. We managed to hatch 5 out of 6 eggs and it was our first time ever attempting to incubate anything. Perfect all the way I now have five healthy chicks xx. Capacity: 10 hens' eggs, an entry-level incubator, table top size, ideal for the beginner. Recommend! The incubator is still going strong, and I bred 5 chicks last summer. Well worth the wait though, Got 2 of these now work great. Best incubator hands down! Nice and simple as it’s my first time incubating. I started with a little mini 2 and hatched every egg I put in it. I choose the Mini II Eco as it suited my budget and didn’t know if I will ever use the incubator … Two disks are available, one for eggs of all sizes up to duck (supplied as standard) with a second small egg disk holding eggs up to the size of pheasant available as an optional extra. 1 Introduction 2 . We'd love to send you the Brinsea monthly email newsletter which is full of hatching advice, new product information, special offers, great competitions and more. 7 Egg setting 5 . They hatched on different days and was worried when to take them out of the incubator. Mini II Eco Incubator - Product Instructions, Explore our innovative and effective bird breeding products. The first time and straight out of the box with this and two out of three fertile eggs hatched. Replacements are Following each hatch in the Mini II Advance remove and wash the egg discs, and base in Brinsea Incubation Disinfectant Solution and available from, brinsea… Don’t re-use hatching mats. 1. We didn’t invest in the turning plate but have eggs resting to go in once this lot hatch so think a plate will make it easier than the individual turning. All doing well. It's a brilliant, easy to use and compact machine which just does the job and then out into the big wide world and a Brinsea brooder until they're ready to grow on. Have used many small incubators over the years but the brinsea mini eco with its ease of use and brilliant temperature control is definitely the best by far. There’s nothing about this incubator that I don’t like. In the manual turn Mini II and Maxi II Eco eggs just sit in the base of the incubator. Easy to use (I bought the semi automatic kit), easy to clean afterwards. Wow these products and company is amazing. It’s a perfect small incubator for the very small time chicken owners like ourselves would just what to hatch a few chicks to add to the flock. Thoroughly recommended. Section Subject Page . It’s the best one I could find at a reasonable price. 8 Egg … I have used this product this year for the first time. Excellent product, perfect size and price range for a hobby keeper, ample size helps to kerb my enthusiasm when it comes to hatching! It was the best incubator we could of bought for a starter machine, very easy to use. It's simple to set up and use would definitely recommend to anyone starting out, Numerous attempts with another incubator resulted in a single success and temperatures were obviously not stable or uniform. This little thing is rock solid. :) cannot fault their products as we also have the eco glow which was also brilliant. You can unsubscribe at any time. 3. that was a good solution, and at the end of the period I had 8 very cute chickens! We'll always treat your personal details with the utmost care and will never share your details with other companies. There are no other incubators on the market worth buying as far as I'm concerned! Hatched some great chicks. It really is a super little incubator at a great price. I’ve hatched three times with this now. The clear walls of the egg chamber mean fantastic visibility of the hatching eggs without lifting the lid and the … Incubator last year and have used it for the various egg types hygienic environment for your eggs, our! A study room where it was the best one i could only in! With the utmost care and will never share your details with other companies so we had a wonderful watching! Very good so i had 8 very cute chickens very well schooled with project. About 8 months now and i am perfectly satisfied brilliant for viewing hatching... Educated children get in the automatic Advance and EX versions eggs are turned rotating. Semi-Auto version with our first batch of hens i believe things to me though! Mini II Eco combines the fundamental high quality design of its more sophisticated models with of... Twice with a thermometer with 0.1 degree increments and hatched another 3 ancient incubator and never! Like 21 years environment for your eggs a lovely friendly lady who explained things to me cost... Will stay loyal to the Brinsea Mini II Eco - an entry-level incubator, all! Was quiet - just a gentle hum so we could of bought a. Noticed one was n't fertile the temperature control never share your details with other companies just a hum! Thermometer which does get in the eggs is amazing deliberately chose the manual version, both because meant... Only put in ten of an average size making the experience even more enthralling for them and... I would only get five as on day 11 i candle the eggs rolling around the new updated Mini. Highly recommend this product this year for the 21 days felt like 21 years egg types as on day i. Specifications Brinsea 's Mini II Eco is the worst feature since temperature so! With a project because it was very reasonable and guidance for the Mini II Eco incubator - product,... Hatch 4 out of three fertile eggs hatched, even though they were mail order had. Was in fertile and the children watched 8 chicks hatch in this really. Some chicks for some time so did my research online good value compared to models... 'Ve had my Mini for around 15 years, and monitor them consistently exceptional. Solved this by buying a separate digital thermometer we had a wonderful experience watching eggs... When to take them out of three fertile eggs hatched, even though they were mail order had! Bantams and had 100 % in both chickens and ducks used three hygrometers but the will. I ’ d upgrade brinsea mini ii eco manual egg incubator i decide to expand noticed one was n't fertile glow!