Ray is the brawler of the two, able to use dual pistols; he’s best when you don’t care about making a mess. Surprisingly, it’s enjoyable. The original Call of Juarez had to be played to be believed. Call of Juarez is a great game- one that should be played by every first person shooter fan. The vast majority of games take place in World War II or later, the reason likely being that the bazooka was invented in 1942. Assassin’s Creed Rogue Retrospective – 6 Years Later, Microsoft Buys ZeniMax Media – What This Means for The Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield, and the Industry, Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Why it Isn’t Destiny 3 (or Close to it). The multiplayer actually isn't all that bad, though I take major issue with the inclusion of goddamned sniper rifles in a western game. Even the woman -- the prime mover of the love and deception in the game -- is a flat, stereotypical feisty chick who eventually devolves into a slobbering mess. Call of Juarez is the pinnacle of story telling in first person shooter games and one that you will remember for a long time to come. The Sound on the other hand is repetitive, When you hear it first you will like it but just like dueling it gets old very fast. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Western decadence. Want+to+dance+with+the+devil+in+the+pale+candlelight? The camera pans down to your character’s hand and when a bell rings, you grab for your gun and put the bad man down. When they arrive at their house, they discover burnt wood, a dead mother, and a grieving brother. I did it over ten times and never quite grasped where I was supposed to steer the hand. 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Boring metaphors and silly symbolism also appear at random intervals, making me laugh and wonder why Techland bothered with the two techniques.Bound in Blood is all about the notion of the old untamed American West -- a world Ray and Thomas successfully cut a swath through, leaving a pile of bodies and blood in their wake. The auto-cover constantly threw my sense of perspective and location, making gunfights a needlessly confusing affair. Its a good move by developers and is an ideal for situation where you are surrounded by enemies. Enemy AI is sometimes bland. Once the details are hammered out, two problems immediately present themselves: a woman and a high-strung general. Unfortunately some of the enemy AI is very bland and makes them very easy to take them out. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 [reviewed], PC [reviewed])Developer: TechlandPublisher: UbisoftReleased: June 30, 2009MSRP: $59.99. The climax is really touching where William is shot by his own brother where they have a duel at each other. Does Bound in Blood reach the peaks (and valleys) of its predecessor, or does it surpass it to become something more? Regardless of whether you were a fan of the first game or not, Bound in Blood has almost nothing to offer you. Want+to+dance+with+the+devil+in+the+pale+candlelight? But, again, the execution is poor. A nice bounty system (you’re rewarded with cash when you kill someone) ties into a basic upgrade system across a variety of mundane character classes. Thomas is a long-range guy who can climb and lasso his way through levels. The game is all about a man named Juarez and how he lures the brothers in to thinking that there is a treasure hidden somewhere. Original Graphics Comparison – An Impressive Remake of a 6th Gen Classic. Contact Us  About Us  Staff  Advertise With Us  Privacy Policy  Terms of Use  Reviews Policy  Hooked Gamers  Community Policy, A copy of this game was provided by developer/publisher for review purposes. Thomson and Marisa get married and the story ends. That core structure, when combined with the simplistic-but-visceral gunplay, made Call of Juarez something bizarrely alluring. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The emotional involvement of brothers and how they go after the gold, forgetting their virtues in the way is really an epic drama that unfolds. But the execution is poor and simplistic. 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Call of Juarez was a line in the sand as one of the first titles to utilize the now fairly standard DirectX 10. Still, perhaps the chance to get acquainted with the McCall brothers before the crap entirely hits the fan for their family presents an interesting opportunity. On the contrary, it’s a game with a ton of unrealized potential that executes with the grain. A new automatic cover system has been added that awkwardly and immediately makes your character crouch behind any stationary object of sufficient height. Posted By Rashid Sayed | On 04th, Oct. 2009 Under Reviews | Follow This Author @GamingBoltTweet. Call of Juarez is a great game and reminds us that yes first person shooter can too have great plots. Early gameplay footage seemed to suggest a less subtle, more outwardly action-packed exprience than the first game. The one plot point that Bound in Blood absolutely needed to nail -- namely, Ray's transformation from a murderer to a man of God -- felt so abrupt and downright lazy in execution that I'm strongly tempted to call the entire story a complete wash. Hell, even the gunfighting isn't even fun anymore. There are exceptions to the rule, however, such as the Wild West shooter Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. Voice acting is superb and top notch. Noninteractive cut scenes? Utilizing a branching storyline to tell the story of Reverend Ray and […] Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Review – GAMING TREND The thoughtful Thomas is no more interesting than cardboard. Ray, the rough brother, speaks like a retard and seemingly has the same base motivations as a house cat. At times, it’s a great system, perfect for clearing out a room or a nasty alleyway. Beautiful representation of the old West. It’s refreshing to interact in a world where a large mammal is the primary mode of transportation, baser desires take precedence over the thoughtful ones, and violence is the only means of conflict resolution. And don't even get me started on the quick-draw showdowns, in which the player must put their virtual hand as close to their virtual gun as possible until finally drawing when an invisible bell arbitrarily rings; though these showdowns might be intuitive on a console, they're almost unplayable using a mouse and keyboard.