Episodes with Eng Sub Available on: YouTube, Viki, etc. Yet, Xufeng’s elder brother tricked them 2 to become enemies, and Xufeng went astray. An official explains that the government has requested volunteers for an emergency transport team. Gradually, Xufeng fell in love with Jinmi. And Lingqi Ling realized she should try to be brave, finally she made it. The newspaper called the women “the most beautiful warriors.” Many people who saw the video said the women were crying, and viewers accused the government of using women’s bodies as propaganda. Step 3. This series marks the television debut for film actress Kim Go Eun. You can find Korean, Chinese, Japanese and other TV series with English subtitle on the website. That desperation is far from the focus of the show, which was aired by China’s state broadcaster and produced by Shen Haixiong, the deputy minister of the Communist Party’s Publicity Department. Episodes with Eng Sub Available on: YouTube, Viki, Dailymotion, kseries, etc. Release Date: Aug 2nd, 2018 Release Date: Apr 10th, 2018 Category: Modern Drama After she was enrolled by her dream school, she met the star of the school and offended him, then their life won’t be as quite as before. The dramas load fast and the web-page is user friendly for users to switch between different episodes. It is based on a webtoon written by Soon Ggi. How to Convert FLV to MP4 on Mac Hassle-Free? Category: Fantasy Drama Once the download finishes, you can choose to edit or convert for your personal use. But when the broody Jung is somehow responsible for Seol being able to get one year’s free tuition, thereby eliminating her financial woes, Seol is confused by Jung’s actions. Nurses during a ceremony marking International Nurses Day at a hospital in Wuhan, China. Later Yi Ning fell in love with Zhiwei due to her talent and knowledge, but ends in tragedy. “I really can’t,” she replies. Facing the crime their parents have committed, Qing Xiao chose justice over her love to Che Shu. But the party is wary of any organization it does not control and has cracked down harshly on activists who have mobilized independently. Release Date: Jul 9th, 2018 Even, you are allowed to download the videos. Episodes with Eng Sub Available on: YouTube, Viki, kseries, newasian, asiannice, fastdrama, etc. Category: Modern Drama Go to “Download” interface (the 2nd interface). The year of 2018 has ended, but we may haven’t finished all those hot Chinese Drama in the past year. Here 3 solutions are offered. It offers Korean, Chinese, Japanese dramas, also includes some reality show and animation. In the scene at the Wuhan bus company, dozens of drivers file into a meeting room shortly before the lockdown is imposed. Rhetorically, the government encourages gender equity and even sponsors its own agency dedicated to women’s issues. Category: Romance Drama It is based on a webtoon written by Soon Ggi. Here are the hassle-free solution. The planet is divided into 3 tribes, Haixing people, Yashou spirits and Dixing people with supernatural powers. Or you can click the play icon to watch the drama immediately. Once the download finishes, you can choose to convert or edit. Category: School Drama Episodes with Eng Sub Available on: YouTube, Viki, kissasian, newasiantv, asiannice, Dailymotion, etc. Privacy | Sitemap, Top 20 Chinese Drama 2018 and Where to Watch with English Sub, Best Websites to Free Watch Chinese Drama 2018 with English Subtitle, How to Download Chinese Drama 2018 with English Sub for Offline Watch, Extra Chinese Drama 2018 on the Top List(15 Dramas), 5 Ways to Convert MP4 to MP3 on Mac with High Quality. Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) is a dedicated student who has just returned to college after taking some time off to work part-time jobs and make money to pay for her tuition. Women made up two-thirds of the more than 40,000 medical workers who traveled to Wuhan and its surrounding province, Hubei, to fight the outbreak, People’s Daily, the official mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party, said in March. Brief Introduction: Brief Introduction: “Cheese in the Trap” is a 2016 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Yoon Jung. Tens of thousands of people had called for the show to be taken off the air. Ratings for the show were also disabled on Douban, a popular film review site. While, Zhiwei Feng who was expelled from her house for being wrongly accused of a crime joined the Qingming Academy by disguising as a man. Still-simmering tensions include cynicism about the Chinese government’s efforts to rewrite the narrative of the outbreak, disillusionment about the silencing of dissenting accounts and anger toward persistent discrimination against women, both during the crisis and more broadly. With the help of the Empress, who is kindhearted and generous, Yinluo managed to survive in the Palace full of conspiracies and won her love. Category: Modern Drama “Everybody just wants to be able to have an accurate collective memory,” one user wrote in a post that was liked more than 110,000 times. If you know of a title that's missing from this list (even if it's not found on MyDramaList) please let me know, and I'll add it! Millions of years later on earth, there appear lots of mutated spices. Sanyuan Hong went to the big city Shanghai with his mother and friend for better life, but involved in several risky events and survived. “I didn’t think there would be such a plotline now.”. Release Date: Jul 19th, 2018 Here we collect a list of best Chinese drama 2018 and show you where to watch these Chinese drama with English subtitles. Hector Retamal/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images. Later they come to know each other better and turn into a romance. Xiamo, an orphan since her childhood keeps pursuing her acting dream while taking care of her sick brother. Also, an easy tutorial to download Chinese dramas for offline watching is included. The story tells those bitter and sweet days in the senior year about 5 members from the team “Feiche”. Do you want to convert flash videos(FLV) to MP4 on mac, so that you can watch these videos on Apple, Samsung, or other mobile devices? Episodes with Eng Sub Available on: YouTube, Viki, Netfilx, Dailymotion, drama3sonline, kseries, dramafast, etc. A scene from a state-sponsored show extolled men who volunteered but played down women’s contributions. This series marks the television debut for film actress Kim Go Eun. Despite Seol’s best efforts, she keeps having unfortunate run-ins with Jung that irritates her while her friends, Jang Bo Ra (Park Min Ji) and Kwon Eun Taek (Nam Joo Hyuk), try to run interference.