As for the slick tyres thing, nissan just did a 7:29 lap in base GTR + japanese market tires, so not sure how the math add up unless the click tyres are standard on consumer car. It’s all about the consumer’s trust in a brand. Weight 1740 kg /3836 lbs ( 1730 with titanium muffler – 3814 lbs) (Autoweek – 3792 lbs) The corvette has more power, more torque….weights less. So much battling.. anybody ever think that maybe the GT-R and ‘Vette are, in the long run, pals? While there is no reason to trust what nissan has to say about their product, soon or later someone is going to take a gt-r and conduct independent lap times. “In that case, what relevance does a Nürburgring lap time hold?”. Never mind the 'almighty' spec V model. What I don’t understand is this. We reported a few weeks back that the GT-R had created a new lap record of 7 minutes 27.56 seconds on April 15 and was continuing to attack the record. I am really begining to believe a great deal of the “anti-hype” regarding the GT-R is because it is a Nissan or Japanese car. "We would like to continue delivering the passion and pride of ownership to our customers by improving its performance every year.". Down the straights (the great American pastime), there are faster and cheaper choices– and that’s without exploring relatively inexpensive modifications. Become A Contributor SUVs harnesses utility attributes and powerful engine performance. #M590810ScriptRootC918437 {min-height: 300px;} Rank Manufacturer & Model Time Video Model Year 1 The reviews I’ve read make little or no mention of said lap time. 2020 Nissan Gtr Nurburgring - This past June for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, we whisked the coverage off essentially the most best concept car we've ever built: the NISSAN CONCEPT 2020 Vision GTR. Fly in the Stig or get Sabine ready at the Ring. In the corners, maybe. The one percenters. Ha ha, you beat me to it. Yes, but so freakin what!!!! Jig-welded steel chassis and some aluminum body panels? Jesus, take a step back and chill – nobody can deny how great of a car the Corvette line is and has been, and I NEVER put down it’s cornering capabilities. Not saying that it corners bad, but ‘Vettes are more of a straight-line carn. Home / Videos / Nissan GT-R R35 SPEC-V Nurburgring nordshleife. Most people don’t buy cars solely of ring lap times. Show me a Z06 that is not marked-up at the dealership as well. Now, a newer and even sportier supercar makers are getting involved. has to be 100% stock. Electric cars are not a fad and they’re getting really interesting every day. true, but the 7 mph trap speed indicates a huge advantage from a roll. Compare results. I’ve seen many comments on here from people stating that the ‘ring is not a “real” track because it is just a public road. Thirdly – they both look utterly cheesy. The NSX comparison is apt, it will be interesting to see if GT-Rs hold their value like early NSXs have. so celica_ryder one broken car means that all of them are pants? As posted before, these are more fanboy cars than anything, so while in the same market, a lot of the buyers won’t care one way or the other (nor drive these cars to their potential). biturbo: Nissan has alot to lose and very little to gain by making false statements. If that’s the case then Miata’s must be crap while Mustangs rule all. Well, not much actually. That’s why they did the BS, cheap advertising with no risks. Nissan spent 5,000 miles on the Nurburgring last year (per their press release), and have been there all this year. It is really hard for a supercar to qualify as a hypercar. Have you actually driven a Vette built since 1984 on a track or a curvy mountain road? And there is much more…. Don’t forget that the ZO6 EPA mileage #’s are 15/24. 7:49 is highly unlikely. More like “lets spit random crap to rile people up.”. Sport-Auto video on Youtube: Somehow I doubt it.”, Next, the article in question: It is just a true a vision with the Nissan performance will look like in the future. Almost every aspect of each car is an advancement in car technology and puts hypercars (clearly) into the top spots of automotive world. There is no evidence of anyone doing a standing start, not GM, no one. In any case, this comment strikes me as terribly flawed: No small part of the current GT-R lovefest can be attributed to the car’s 7:38 Nürburgring lap time. The latter surely defeats the purpose of CAGS. Anyone who doesn’t know both cars have 4 round taillights probably doesn’t read TTAC. VIDEO Nissan GT-R (R35) Nurburgring Time Attack. Nissan has chosen to flaunt its Nürburgring lap times to show the world that their new, high-tech Nissan GT-R is the new bang-for-the-buck Alpha. Compact and relatively affordable this is how most of us first experience the supercar bug in real life for ourselves. What does “more of a straight line car” mean to you? While the Nissan GT-R benefits from a strong image and heritage amongst performance car aficionados, the updated 2010 version will be the first to be sold globally. But it’s not true. The sticker price, or the in-your-garage price? 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Perhaps straped a truck mounted dyno?? Say reputable car magazine X tests the GTR at Nordschleife and gets only 7:50. A sports sedan is designed to look and feel “sporty”, offering the motorist more connection with the driving experience, while providing the comfort and amenities expected of a luxury vehicle. The Mercedes-AMG SLS Electric Drive looks sinister and the R8 e-tron and new Porsche Mission E are all-electric sports cars that move the game forward. Maybe an AWD Z model (might cross more into Skyline territory, but semantics aside…), or a RWD small-car from either manufacturer, or something… Either way, I still don’t see this as a competition. The GT-R is suited to smaller tracks like the one R&T used, and the Z06 is suited to longer and faster ones like the ‘Ring. Even if somebody would try, which is very unlikely. Steve_S : You drive a Boxster RF, you know that driving in a straight line means little to a car’s overall performance. Over 280,000 people receive our email newsletter. If this thing was a damn Porsche or home-grown domestic most of the detractors would be wiping up stains off the front of their jeans. This is the Full Onboard video of Michael Krumm’s record breaking lap of the Nurburgring. From the first models to the latest Ferrari hypercars, we have HD wallpapers of all of them. One particular point made in that article goes straight to the heart of the author’s above contention that: “The car’s suspension was modified from the current Japanese production model, supposedly to reflect the American and European spec. Its called technology. So why did I bother ranting about this? Hopefully (and these are some high hopes), these improvements will start to gently trickle down the line for those of us who can’t afford said cars. Sporty compact cars like the Mazda MX-5, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen GTI and Subaru WRX ooze real-life thrills, delivering engaging (and sometimes extreme) performance and driving dynamics with nice styling and the ability to make modifications, they are awesome in our eyes. Most people I know either install an eliminator or give it extra throttle to allow second gear. Every racetrack is different and some cars are suited to some tracks while others are not. May 21st, 2008 at 11:40 am; Agreed that a lot of the GT-R’s appeal goes away if that Nürburgring time turns out to be massaged. As I appreciate your unending pursuit of the automotive Truth, I hope you are wrong. Biturbo: There might be circumstances that leads to no one able to duplicate nissan’s 7:29 lap timing, but if mutliple independent test lap around in the 7:50+ range regardless of condition, then there is a huge problem. Sure, the AWD will launch you off the line and out of corners like a bat out of hell, while the Z06 is struggling to get rolling (on stock runflats, anyway) but seven mph is HUGE…maybe a hair less the difference between a base Corvette and a Z06. It seems Nissan is as adept at manipulating the media as it is at building cars because today it announced that it set a new record of 7 minutes 26.70 seconds - the record was set on April 23, a week after it broke the last one and a full three weeks ago! It is a car the does show the world that Porsche has been resting on it laurels of lately. a few weeks ago at the car wash i witnessed a z06 driver wash and dry his car with great care and attention. I also would like to find out about the standing start lap timing issue. You are really reaching to disparage the GT-R. As in minutes after lunch ends. After reading the Motor Trend article about the 2005 Corvette Z06’s best Nurburgring lap time I’d like to enter it into this discussion. How on earth anybody can ever prove them wrong? The Achilles Hell given to regular C6s is pointless at this price point. Read my post again (and ignore the typo).. (What’s with the given hostility?! Firstly, I don’t have the skill to make it matter. It just seems nissan is too ballsy to put out that kinda of time and wiling to stake their reputation on the 7:29 lap timing if all normal gt-r are going at best get 7:40+. In the corners, maybe. That’s reason enough to be a fan. There is so much false information that the article should be removed. ), the 1/4 mile is in 10.8 seconds at 127 mph, and Auto Bild tested top speed at 204 mph (!). Very easy. If you were committed enough to drive at 10/10ths (never mind how “easy” it is), you could probably blow-off a 911 or similar. The medieval equivalent was monks arguing how many angels could fit on the head of a pin, or perhaps once on the pin, how fast they might circulate on street tires. Was this really posted today ? For those who DO buy these for performance, these cars will be modded anyhow.. Not saying that it corners bad, but ‘Vettes are more of a straight-line carn. No small part of the current GT-R lovefest can be attributed to the car’s 7:38 Nürburgring lap time. As for the GT-R, who cares? and although if i had money i could buy a corvette for a deep discount, and the gt-r would have a large premium, i’d still go for the gt-r. why? What’s more, if the GT-R cannot handle a stock Z06, then how will it fare against the upcoming ZR1? Hypercars are the stick against which all cars are meant to be measured. I suspect that most of us reading this site don’t count on the fact that the latest green-hell-blast was done in a random [insert manufacturer and model] selected off the showroom floor. Mike has been working in the internet for more than 20 years and was the veteran of five internet start-ups before founding New Atlas in 2002. Unless you are buying these cars for drag racing, 1/4 time has no importance at all. car has to be purchased from a dealership by an independent company. James Ansell says Nissan's GT-R is not all that. Given the GT-R’s looks and oft-reported lack of driving feel, there’s only one reason anyone would buy the uber-Nissan: to own the fastest thing on the road.