Would you sell or buy? That means limiting the effectiveness of running back Joe Mixon and putting the onus on Burrow. Follow IndyStar Colts Insider Jim Ayello on Twitter: @jimayello, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Perhaps he’ll start getting the ball out of his hands quicker. He’s not afraid to take those hits and put himself in those positions because it means explosive plays. The Colts and Manning successes in the regular season were matched only by their failures in the post season. The pressure really gets to them. After 31 seasons in Baltimore, Colts owner Robert Irsay moved the team to Indianapolis. Until then, the Colts will go about their business of making things as difficult as possible on him. Against Jacksonville, Rivers threw it 46 times, and while he racked up 363 yards with a 78.3% completion rate, his interception with less than two minutes to go sealed the game for the Jaguars. Trudeau would remain the starter for the next few years, though Gary Hogeboom and Chris Chandler were obtained and started at various times. The issue is the punishment he’s taken. Rivers' second interception came early in the fourth quarter when the Colts were trying to mount a late comeback. In this time Unitas was named to 10 Pro-Bowls, and won the MVP award 3 times. “It’s hard to rattle that guy. The Colts' starting quarterback from 1998 to 2011 was 5-time MVP Peyton Manning. The old gunslinger trying to survive to see another sunset is a powerful narrative. The objective of Houston and the Indianapolis Colts’ defense is to keep those hits coming Sunday when Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals visit Lucas Oil Stadium. “You’ve got to earn the right to pressure the quarterback,’’ Houston said. The Colts have never had a safety in three successive games. The post-season was even more surprising, as Harbaugh led the Colts all the way to the 1995 AFC Championship game, ending a playoff drought of 24 years without a playoff win and narrowly missing a Super Bowl berth on the last play of the game. [1] In 1970 the Colts, with Unitas under center, would return to the Super Bowl in 1970. Acquired from Jacksonville in the offseason, Foles took over in the third quarter at Atlanta last week and threw three touchdowns in the fourth as Chicago wiped out a 16-point deficit to win 30-26. The Colts' past starting quarterbacks include Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Johnny Unitas, as well as the Associated Press National Football League Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) winners Earl Morrall and Bert Jones. “Usually with the younger quarterbacks, pressure really gets to them obviously, especially coming to this league,’’ tackle DeForest Buckner said. The New York Jets’ Sam Darnold also had a degree of success when he broke containment. Manning’s tenure was followed by Stanford QB Andrew Luck from 2012 to 2018, until his sudden retirement during the 2019 preseason. Though the two teams haven’t met since October 2016, when the Colts beat the Bears in Indianapolis, they know each other well. INDIANAPOLIS – Priority 1 every game for every defense – OK, after stopping the run, we get it – is making life miserable for the quarterback. The Colts rank in the middle of the pack with 11 sacks. You try to do that with any quarterback you play, but especially with the young ones. "This guy is a hall of fame QB. Frank Reich: 'Philip (Rivers) is our quarterback.' Why are the Rivers-less Chargers 1-4, if Rivers was the issue last season? Tell me you wouldn’t be satisfied with a 6-2 record at the midway point. Like old, injured Kirk Gibson hitting a home run in the World Series or Drew Brees and Tom Brady fighting Father Time to keep their teams in the playoffs race. If you don’t believe us, listen to Brian Baker. The pick-6 and the safety were responsible for the nine-point difference in Indy's defeat. Oh, yes, the Colts piled up 23 sacks in the five games. Following Luck's retirement prior to the 2019 season, Brissett became the Colts full-time starting quarterback. Both local media and a noticeable number of fans were, from the get-go, in support of signing Rivers. The Super Bowl 52 MVP knocked him out of the No. The Texans never got it right with Carr. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images). The Indianapolis Colts are a professional American football team based in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2009 the Colts would return to the Super Bowl where they would lose to the New Orleans Saints. Unique perspectives on the daily sports topics that matter most. Manning was named the Super Bowl MVP. INDIANAPOLIS – It wasn’t exactly the way Frank Reich scripted it, but the end result served a purpose. Hilton, Zach Pascal and Daurice Fountain to catch more passes. You've got to live with some mistakes but the good is going to far outweigh the one or two bad things that are going to happen.". For Rivers, Sunday was the second ugly game in his short five-game stint with the Colts so far. Colts: Philip Rivers truly proving he’s only a stopgap quarterback for Indy You couldn’t have asked for a worse game from Colts QB Philip Rivers. Reich was the Eagles‘ offensive coordinator when Foles helped them win the Super Bowl. The Colts would turn to backup quarterback Earl Morrall to lead the offense. Five games is a valid length of time to evaluate a veteran player. That would be the third-most in NFL history, trailing Houston’s David Carr (76 in 2002) and Philadelphia’s Randall Cunningham (72 in 1986). Harbaugh was voted to the Pro Bowl, named Comeback Player of the Year, and was runner-up in the AP NFL MVP voting. Although most teams use an offensive coordinator now, QBs still need to know the intricacies of the rules for trick plays and tactics. After the Indianapolis Colts’ loss to the Browns, the anti-Philip Rivers murmuring borders on meltdown.