The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. I smell something fishy, and I 'm not talking about the contents of Baldrick 's apple crumble. Examples of crumbs in a sentence: 1. 4. Drugstore brands tend to crumble, fade and bleed. All Rights Reserved. Brush the cake completely free of crumbs, and freeze it briefly so that it firms. There may be crumbs on this layer and that is ok. Sprinkle bread crumbs or crushed kibble on top. drives the helpline crazy with endless questions about problems like dropping crumbs down the keyboard. Decorate the top of the cake with tootsie rolls and crumbled cookie crumbs for a realistic effect. crumble away with the death of every cow, every sheep. tartlet cases with rhubarb, top with crumble and warm in the oven for 5 minutes. To round off a memorable occasion, event caterers Crumbs served guests with a splendid fork supper. Adding an egg substitute and bread or cracker crumbs will bind the veggies together to form a burger patty, and added spices give a flavor boost. breadcrumbs example sentences. crumbs of comfort Through which God's work may be done. For example, the menu contains items such as seared tuna, a mac and cheese with chives and a bread crumb crust, and lobster pot pie. After applying the crumb layer on your cake, let it rest in a cool place so the icing can set. 5. Mildred does feed little chickens with crumbs. Sprinkle with the cheese, black pepper and bread crumbs. Learn more. He brushed a crumb from the seat and cleared his throat. and this was all before the advent of the Internet, when fans had to talk to each other, read entertainment magazines and watch entertainment programs to find crumbs of what would happen next. I love a great fresh bread with a good crust and crumb, spread with some slightly chilled European style butter. Oh, my child, then, in your gratitude, throw a few crumbs to the poor little robin redbreast! Brush away crumbs from the sides and surface of the cake, and ice the cake with a base layer of store-bought or homemade buttercream frosting. He took a passionate delight in the pursuit of knowledge from his very infancy, and is reported to have worked out long arithmetical sums by means of pebbles and biscuit crumbs before he knew the figures. Toe nail fungus is not life threatening, but it may spread to your other nails and cause them to crack, break or crumble. 3. 5. Brush the cake free of crumbs and set it on strips of parchment paper on a serving platter. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. 3. With careful management, however, the clay dries and bakes, becoming slowly converted into lumps which readily crumble into a fine powder, in which state it is spread over and worked into the land at the rate of 40 loads per acre. Towards the northern end of Malabar hill lie the Parsee Towers of Silence, where the Parsecs expose their dead till the flesh is devoured by vultures, and then cast the bones into a well where they crumble into dust. He was just about to ask a share of the luncheon when the girl stood up and brushed the crumbs from her lap. Another word for crumbs. Sprinkle the crumble mixture evenly over the top of the apple/berry mixture. At Christmas time he scattered crumbs of bread under the trees, so that the tiny creatures could feast and be happy. Many large manufacturers, such as KitchenAid, sell easily interchangeable parts like the wire rack or crumb tray on their websites. A typical mix being 2 parts of brown crumb, 2 parts of sensas roach, with 1 part of PVI binder. With origami roses, you can make them any color you wish and as an inherent bonus, they won't ever wilt, dry out, or crumble. Both drank their coffee black and although both took a doughnut, Mrs. Byrne simply picked at hers, lifting the tiniest of crumbs with dampened fingertips. Failing that, any plain cookie crumbs will do. Add sage and thyme 73 and gently stir in bread, 45 The swans in the Krasinski Garden were out on the lake and children were throwing bread, 46 Neil's reminder of Jett's quick mood changes niggled in my mind like biscuit, 51 With a pastry blender,( cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse, 54 Gradually stir in melted margarine and mix until mixture resembles coarse, 55 Not far from her, on the stone sill, perched a redbreast, picking up the, 56 Add white pepper and paprika, Corn Flakes or bread, 57 Cameron quickly swallowed his coffee and bread, and wiped the, 58 It is subject to grease and grime from the hands, occasional coffee spills, cigarette ash, dead flies and sandwich. They contain no rusk, crumb, or preservatives. The crumb tray is a thin metal sheet designed to catch crumbs and other food that falls under the baking trays. Also, instead of buying bread crumbs or croutons, make your own. 32 Sprinkle with the cheese, black pepper and bread, 35 Dredge the fish in the bread crumb mixture, pressing, 36 The lump is more or less intact, though, 37 Mice entered aircraft in pursuit of sandwich, 38 Using a dull knife, whisk or potato masher, cut in butter and grated rinds until mixture resembles coarse, 39 Disadvantages of the stuff are that it attracts fluff, hair and biscuit, 40 With deliberation, I pulled up all my orchids and threw them, strewn with. Try making them a bit more exciting by serving them with crispy bacon, crispy bacon, crispy cheese crumbs or sweet chestnut crumble. Sprinkle bread crumbs over the top. smell something fishy, and I'm not talking about the contents of Baldrick's apple crumble. Bibs made of molded plastic, with a pocket that is wide open at all times, generally do a good job of catching crumbs and even entire bites of food that might miss your child's mouth. crumbs meaning: 1. an expression of surprise or worry 2. an expression of surprise or worry. Blend in butter. To every cup of crumbs, allow a tablespoon of minced pork. The drip tray can be used in place of the standard crumb tray. Remove a couple of heaped dessertspoons of this crumble mix and set to one side. 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