Century-Code: ——-2 20 mod 7 = 6. One lakh rupees will be given if my answer is wrong. The Century Code 6 will give the correct answer. (The numbers 19, 17, 16 and 14 repeat every four centuries, with the centuries evenly divisible by 400 being 16.) Formula Start with ’00, leaving a Year Code of zero. month code 6 Take ’69 and divide by 4, discarding the remainder. In a few calendars, the week begins with 1 as for Monday and 7 as Sunday, which is like the ISO 8601 standards calendar. You can memorize it as a compass, counting centuries clockwise from North – code 4 (1700s). It works for me. I prepared such a book” named calendar for ever” from which u can find out any day of date within seconds since the gregorian calendar was instituted. To calculate the Year Code, use this formula: YY is the last two digits of the year. M: Monday: T: Tuesday: W: Wednesday: R: Thursday: F: Friday: S: Saturday: Common Time Block Combinations @ Josh: Calculation for Month code will be like this Thank you sir. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. ( 1582 Oct 15) February, March, and November year code 0 For the year 1897, it’s 97. Month Offset Date code=28 (Not Jan or Feb Jan Feb Mar Apr etc. it is working correctly on other years…but not in leap year The closest I could get was 7*5=35. Month Code = 3 ISO 8601 is not the only week numbering system in the world, other systems use weeks starting on Sunday (US) or Saturday (Islamic). Which it doesn’t after 100 years and as the calendar repeats every 400 years, it again gains an extra day in the 400th year. Misc Words! Welcome! 76+19=95 For Einsteins birthday in March, it is 3. 96 mod 7 its working perfectly for every other year but not with leap years… Thinking of You! Days of the Week! Subtract the number of the month: int yearCode = ((yearCount/4) + yearCount) % 7; int monthCode = monthCodes[month – 1]; 05 mod 7 makes a Year Code of 00. What's Up? If the number six is represented by the image of an elephant, picture an elephant in April and July, and so on. April 2016 starts on Friday, so does July 2016. Good Night! 5 mod 7 = 5 As we numbered the months from 1 to 12, for every month which has a value less than 3, which in our case would be January and February, subtract 1 from its original value so January becomes 0 and February become 1. for example 28-Aug-2004 There is no need to do that much calculation. Saturday=7*/, /* 2011 2016 2022 2033 2039 2044 2050 2061 2067, "${yuletide.length} Years between ${years.head} and ${years.last}". " Twitter link. 1 0 obj Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. Since 365 mod 7= 1, every year starts from the next day it’s from the day its preceding year started. Showing Love! Try again and if it still doesn’t work, post all the steps of your calculation in a comment here. Calculate the week number of any date and find the beginning and end date of a specific week of any year. anybody can ask me right answer. 2. 20th century ( AD 1900 Jan 1st was on Monday. 2000 is a leap year, since it can be divided by 400, and the date is in a January or February, so subtract 1 from the total in the final step. 1=Mon 2=Tue 3= Wed 4= Thu 5= Fri 6=Sat, 0= Sunday. Day should be Sunday. Read more. The Century Code for dates in the 2000s is 6. 2020 - Month code for August is 2 Then, 10 mod 7 =3. 6 0 obj This addition of an extra day every year is adjusted every 4 years as a leap year, that is, February 29th. April has 30 Days, May 31 days, and June has 30 days, which add up to 91. Then I did 4 (June’s month code is 4) + 4 (when I did 6,4,2,0 all the way up to 270bce) + 27 (date) + 2 (the Julian year code) =37. 1992 is a leap year because you can divide it by four. Learn more. Internet Says Friday, (4 days difference) end Day_of_week; write( "25th of December is a Sunday in" ); for year := 2008 until 2121 do begin integer day; day := Day_of_week( 25, 12, year ); if day = 1 then writeon( I_W := 5, S_W := 0, year ); end for_year end. a) Munday b) Monday c) Mondey 12) Which one is the correct? Not so difficult, right? formId: "16dc0e26-83b0-4035-84db-02916ceab85d" could you explain the logic behind the formula and calculation. The next highest multiple of 4 for the first two digit number 19 is 20. September-07, 1644 It allows you to take a date, like 14 March 1987, and mentally calculate which day of the week it fell on. @mike @sharjeel: please post the exact steps showing your work, so I can see where you might be making a mistake. code 0 (1900s). Step4 :Then, subtract the first two digit from the number. Thus, we get a subset of each month corresponding to January 1 {0,3,3,6,1,4,6,2,5,0,3,5}, where the first day of the month is represented by a number in the subset. Please read the comments above for an example. DOB 28/12/1976 If 20th century starting on Monday the 18th century on Friday. they're used to log you in. Anyone can ask me correct day of and date of any year thousands year back or croro years ago. @sohan – please try it yourself at least once, and post your steps here. More details in the Linux Programmer's Manual. Year code: 16/4=4, 4+16=20, 20Mod7=6 Date Number: 14 <> If you are having trouble associating the images with the months, pick an aspect of each month to associate the image with. Add to it the last two digits of the year. If the month is in this simple list below, add the code below it: 93 +24 = 117 mod 7 = 5 = year code It was worked out myself. 6 55 mod7 dese5 5 refers to friday.. Type (here '21') is compatible with Excel/LibreOffice, 21 is ISO-8601. Office Hours Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri: 8am-5pm Tue: 9am-5pm Sat, Sun: closed. @Shubha: could you write out all of the steps you performed in detail? Hugs! Staff Directory. endobj Here is a calendar calculation technique that I learned from a book called Mind Performance Hacks. Week number according to the ISO-8601 standard, weeks starting on Monday. (31-1)/7 What would you like to do? Y= difference between 2018 and the target year + Number of Leap Years between them Subtracting 1 for the leap year could give you an unwanted negative value. @Robert: a) Saturday b) Monday c) Thursday 11) Which is spelt correctly? Add one fourth of the last two digits of the year, ignoring fractions or remainders. Since 365 mod 7= 1, every year starts from the next day it’s from the day its preceding year started. So, if you’re trying to calculate August 29, 2004, you can do it like this: 2004 was a leap year, but we’re looking at August, so we don’t have to modify the output. soumanmanda: this is ur mistake….for leap year its true, that u minus 1 in the end from the total… M= Select monthcode: Jaocto zero ( Jan, Oct) , Fenomarch 3 ( Feb, Nov,March) Then add 24 back into the YY number, which is 97 in this case, resulting in 121. aujune24 }); Inside Tips on how to ace coding interviews in top companies, The most popular data structures for coding interviews, Behind the code – What our developer superheroes want in 2020. Empowering developers at HackerEarth | Fascinated with Recruiting, Candidate Experience, Branding | Digital Marketing | LinkedIn connections are awesome (Just saying! Pl explain how to calculate the first step for year 2004. To illustrate my point look at what happens when you calculate for the week day February 27, 2016: Start with ’16, leaving a Year Code of 6: YY = (16 + 16/4)%7 = 6 So, 14 march 1987 was on Saturday. January 0 = 2, Now put it together: More details in the Linux Programmer's Manual. Example: December 5. Year code : ((74 div 4) + 74) mod 7 = ( 4 + 4 ) mod 7 = 1 I am giving small calaendar for example 2015. Similarly, 31 days of January + 28 days of February = 59 days, which is equal to 7 ? Month code: 10 Example 2: if the year is 1625 CE, take the century number, 16, and subtract it from 18, leaving 2. I’m happy to walk through examples if people show me their work first. If you don’t believe , ask me any date and immediately a I 14 March 1987 Previously these calender questions used to trouble me most …….. but not anymore…. day number 19 @Sai – please write out the steps that you tried and then I will be able to see where you might have made a mistake in the calculation. The first week of the year is the week that contains that year's first Thursday (='First 4-day week'). 2016 is a leap year, since it can be evenly divided by 4, and the date is in a January or February, so subtract 1 from the total in the final step. 20 mod 7 = 6, 6 Means Saturday ….. Year code 2, Month code 3, Date 24, century code 6. My formula is (23+0+0+2-1) mod 7 (day+month+century+year-leap)mod7. The other thing to take into account is whether you are dealing with a leap year. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. And if u want know day of 5/12/ 2016 that is on Monday and 5 /12/ 2017 on Tues day, and 5/12/2035 is on Wed day. When i calculate the The Moon Landing with the julian calendar the result is Monday. Fashion! Train your brain with real-time memory competition software. But 100, though divisible by 4, can’t be a leap year, so you subtract year/100. 2021 - Equation 2 is Tuesday. For example, you could picture a game of soccer (football) in January, with ball being a mnemonic image for zero. Clear more about Leap Year code…What about other months (march to december) ???? Use WEEK_OF_YEAR in the Calendar class. Dolls! Apjuly6 Why January and February for the leap_code to reach 1, specifically? Add 04 to 01 to make 05. then the odd day for that year is 0!! Week 43 is from Monday, October 19, 2020 until (and including) Sunday, October 25, 2020. (e.g. %PDF-1.5 55-49= 6 200, 600, 1000, 1400, 1800, etc. Ex, Dec 28th 1974 : U need not to do any calculation. Contact Us. 1 week = 7 days = 168 hours = 10,080 minutes = 604,800 seconds. (86 + 21)) mod 7 We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. Sorry! this time-limited open invite to RC's Slack. for ex: 16 july 1776 See the ISO-8601 update on Stack Overflow, Replace now() with other dates eg. Example – October-07, 1644 hello sir The following formatting codes are used in the Format and TimeStampFormat options. Download our free ebook!Just click the "Sign up" button below to create an account, and we'll send you a free ebook with tips on how to get started with memory techniques and mental calculation. But it is a leap year if it’s divisible by 400. I am very much pleased to know the day of particular date in this site. 82 mod 7 makes a Year Code of 5. thanx anyway As mentioned, every 400 years it would be a leap year, hence add year/400. 16 july 1776 was a Tuesday.