9:19. I didn’t actually think I’d hear back as most people who go on it are at the end of their tether, with hugely serious problems that felt bigger than mine. It also saw the beginning of Embarrassing Bodies: Back to the Clinic, which would see ex-patients from the series returning to the clinic to discuss how life has been since their last visit. christineolsontv . The final processing stage was an invite to the studios in Birmingham for a test screening, which I miraculously passed. In 2011, an hour-long live show was introduced, "Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic", which makes use of Skype technology. There was never a lightbulb moment where I thought I should apply to Embarrassing Bodies to fix my eye, but rather a series of moments that led up to it. These issues tend to be taboo or misunderstood. A Dutch spin-off version of the show called Dit is mijn lijf ("This is my body") was broadcast on RTL4 from 26 October 2011 and ran for three series. The series' basic premise involves members of the public with a wide variety of medical conditions consulting the show's doctors for advice; in some cases, cosmetic or corrective surgery has been offered and undertaken to treat patients with more severe or noticeable ailments. 1:48. [10], Channel 4 aired a version of the series where Dawn Harper went to Thailand and provided information on how to stay healthy while abroad. Everyone has a secret insecurity, whether it’s visible or tightly wrapped under their clothes. Adorable kitten who suffered horrific burns to his face makes miraculous recovery, My disabled son and I were abandoned in lockdown thanks to social care cuts, I'm HIV positive and I don't just survive - I thrive. These issues tend to be taboo or misunderstood. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. In the past, doctors would always refer me to an optician, who would only give me glasses due to my age and because they insisted contacts would ‘push’ off my iris due to the turn. Christopher Hooton of Metro said that it provided some "incredibly sensible tips on staying healthy while travelling". Subscribe to Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers, Holly Willoughby targeted by fraudsters in weight loss ad scam, Telly beauty Holly Willoughby is being used by scammers to promote fat-burning pills, Happy feet: Dr Dawn Harper shows how to get your feet in shape for summer, The Embarrassing Bodies presenter has shared her advice on how to get your feet sandal ready ahead of National Bunion Day, Dr Dawn Harper reveals that people think she's too glamorous to be a real doctor, TV's most stylish doc, 55, on supermarket medical examinations, the glitz and glamour of fame, and how we can all live longer, How to live to 101: Six easy steps that will lead to a longer and healthier life, Dr Dawn Harper reveals the hurdles you must overcome to lead and long and happy life, Essential lifestyle and diet changes to live to the age of 101 revealed, We are living longer. That aside it was such a positive experience and I would recommend it to anyone and would 100 per cent do it again. Series 7 consisted of three specials named The Man With Half a Face, Penis Special and The 36-Stone Woman. The show's first series comprised eight episodes, which were hosted by doctors Ginni Mansberg, Brad McKay, and Sam Hay. The show really changed my life for a while, but now I’m back to square one. I needed a high prescription but the bullying was so intense that I chose not to wear them, which made my vision suffer. I don’t get recognised much, but when I do people are usually nice and either compliment me or ask lots of questions. Throughout its numerous series, Embarrassing Bodies has set out to aid people who have a variety of medical issues. The only downside of the experience is that contacts haven’t become a permanent solution – and they never will be. Clips & Extras. I asked opticians for contact lenses but was told that surgery was my only option. So I leave you with an awards special, Embarrassing Bodies' Dr Christian Jessen says you're working too hard and need to take more time off, Just 10 days into 2017 and a whopping 83% of Brits say they already need a holiday, yet almost half admit they won't use up their annual allowance by the end of the year, Bionic penis man bombarded by women with offers of sex - but admits he's too tired, Mohammed Abad lost his virginity earlier this year, aged 44, after being fitted with the prosthetic penis which allows him to make love for hours on end, Ambulance worker who had penis op on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies was a paedophile, Keith Roberts - as ‘Skippy’ - plied one youngster with WKD alcopops and McDonald's in a desperate bid to keep his shameful secret, Woman gets trapped inside portable toilet at the worst possible time, Student suing Harley Street surgeon after her plastic surgery for 'perfect' face 'caused her nose to collapse', Mijin Zahir, 27, has launched a High Court action against Shailesh Vadodaria claiming he made a mess of her nose job, Man with bionic penis launches search for people who helped him after devastating car accident, Mohammed Abad was heading home from school for lunch in January 1978 when he was either pushed in front of the car or accidentally ran into the road, 'My uncle survived 25 years with MS but died at 55': Dr Christian Jessen reveals family's secret heartbreak, TV’s Dr Christian Jessen beloved uncle Volker a talented veterinary surgeon lived with Multiple Sclerosis for 25 years until his death at 55 in 2003, Aspiring model branded 'Michelin Man' by cruel bullies over rare leg swelling bravely fights back, Meagan Barnard's lymphedema left her feeling suicidal and alone after she banned her family and friends from talking about it, Student battling rare condition that makes her pull own eyelashes out, Claire Dorrance, 21, has a rare condition that causes her to pull out her eyelashes, eyebrows and hair, Embarrassing Bodies doctor Dawn Harper splits from husband after 20 years of marriage, The famous medical expert has reportedly walked out of her marriage after a series of rows, Embarrassing Bodies' Dr Pixie answers the sexual health questions we're usually too afraid to ask, For Sexual Health Week we enlisted the help of the TV doctor to address the concerns of Mirror Online readers, Dr Christian Jessen may be dropped from Embarrassing Bodies over drug chat, his co-star hints, Presenter Dawn Harper made the remarks after the TV doc appeared to offer drugs to a stranger in an online chat. With the help of its patients and the diagnoses of its doctors, the show tries to make common medical issues—especially those that are "embarrassing" or sexual—understood, and to debunk myths surrounding them. In the Netherlands, the British version was aired on RTL5 under the title of Gênante Lijven ("Embarrassing Bodies"). Originally broadcast in 2007 by Channel 4, Embarrassing Bodies has earned two BAFTA Awards in 2009 & 2010. 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I’m still glad I took part in it, as it was a whirlwind experience. Embarrassing Bodies opens the door to private specialist doctors who can take a fresh look at the case, who are innovative and want to find a solution for us. The doctors at QE hospital disagreed and I was given what I’d been wanting for years. 8:11. With the help of its patients and the diagnoses of its doctors, the show tries to make common medical issues—especially those that are "embarrassing" or sexual—understood, and to debunk myths surrounding them. Series 4 Episode 4 - Wakestock. Series 3 saw the return of the mobile clinic, a common setting for the show. Series 1 Episode 1. 47:38. Take a peek before pulling the chain because there’s a lot of useful information right there in the toilet bowl... Mum with debilitating skin condition that leaves her with tennis ball sized boils as painful as a wasp sting, The mum-of-three says even something as simple as tomatoes can cause a reaction, and she has to deal with people staring at her, Channel 4 hire cooking experts for new health show to replace Embarrassing Bodies. 1:12. What the general public needs to realise is that most of the people on the show have been to their GP and countless doctors after that, and some have even paid for private treatment. EB was nominated for the 2013 National Television Award for Factual Entertainment.