Know other travellers that have worked on farms before? I can do any kind of work and my wife she can cook very well. 6083 to 6084 Already medical checkup. If you’re from a farming background and have experience driving machinery, harvesting crops is a huge money maker- I've met people who’ve saved $30,000 in 3 months working harvesting. i am a solomon islander age of 25 ,i want to wok in farms in australia, to help my family back home,how can i aplly? Working Hostels are located all over Australia-  these are hostels which tend to host long term guests, who help their guests to find work. Guests love its homely atmosphere and ideal location close to Mildura’s shops, pubs and restaurants, as well as the mighty Murray river! This is everywhere outside the biggest cities in each state, and the entire states of South Australia, Tasmania, and Northern Territory. Thank you and waiting your reply.. Hello i am indian i am lookin for job australia farm work in autralia to help to care of myself and family. With casual pay you have no fixed contract, and work can end at any time, which suits farmers who have irregular and unpredictable seasons. But don’t worry, with these tips you’ll soon be an expert; racing your tractor over vast Australian fields, herding cows through the Outback or collecting strawberries in the tropics. You will need to have the ability to commence immediately. Interested farm work I am Francis from Uganda. When applying, keep in mind how much time you have left as the process could take anything from a few moments to several months. Hello ,I’m from Philippines and looking forward for farm job in Australia, is there any available? Rent a car (from your farm or the working hostel) and start a weekend road trip to experience starry skies, waterfalls, jungles and beaches while building friendships that’ll last for a lifetime. 4280 You can make 30000+ in the 3 months. Even after securing their second year visa, many backpackers return to farm work due to its amazing earning potential.

Gumtree is Australia’s go to website for finding anything online- from buying and selling cars, to finding jobs, to swapping items. Who wouldn’t want to spend their farm work on a place called the Sunshine Coast?

I have 33 years heavy articalated truck driving experience.

Usually, farm work is either paid on an hourly basis, or by how much fruit is picked. I read about this article and I want to also work in the farm.I am fit and healthy.How do I apply? There’s easier work out there. I was making on average $17 per hour, and working as hard as possible. Definitely don’t accept less, as this is backbreaking work. 3979

Hello, Am Kelvin by name I seriously need a job of any kind. Grapes: Piece rate varies per season and variety- Crimson SP is between $1.80 and $2kg for 4.5kg, Sweet Globe is $2.30-$2.50 per 4.5kg, BB is $2.50-$3 per 10kg, while Sweet Sapphire is $3 per 10kg.

As mentioned earlier, anything that’s not piece-rate is going to net you a fair amount of money(Unless your a machine, avoid piece-rate). Currently doing your farmwork and planning to travel?

6055 to 6056 They are usually remote, and the work involves early mornings and evening work (as farms will usually milk twice a day, at 10-14 hour intervals), but it is fairly paid and a true farm experience. There are also tons of lifestock farms around Rockhampton, Mackay, and Gladstone. How can i apply.

Fantastic opportunity to start a career in Agriculture, work as a full-time farm hand at Warracknabeal and study at Longerenong College. It’s best to call Harvest Trail directly, and they will ask you a few questions to narrow down your search- Where are you, have you previous experience, when can you start, have you a car, etc. Should you do everything in one go, on just one farm, your days off count too.

Places inland include Dubbo, Griffith, Bathurst, Broken Hill, and Wagga Wagga- they give an excellent chance of experiencing a true Australian farm work. What could happen is that many travellers might apply at the same time, meaning you have to wait a while for a spot and the offer could become illegitimate. Favourite place on earth: Melbourne - Australia Favourite hostel: The Ritz, St Kilda Find me on Instagram @sarahheu or stalk my website It sounds too good to be true, but it is possible in what are known as working hostels. In case you take a break for a while or do your farm work in various locations, only the days you actually work count, meaning that accumulating 88 might take a while.

From April to September, the area in the north west of the state, around Broome and Exmouth are the best places to search for work- you can find everything from vineyards to mangoes to pearl harvesting here. Browsing through Facebook you’ll find several groups which might help you in your search, like Farm Work Australia or Backpacker Jobs in Australia. I am jacinto Abilio de jesus from East Timor, i want to work in the farm in Australia. There are also vineyards in the dryer parts of the island, and work can be usually found on them between January and April. Piece-rate agreements like this are often dodgy, as in the average person gets extremely underpaid.

Experienced pickers average 5-6 per day. Which is why some offers have several thousand (or more!)

6111 Note: Excludes Melbourne metropolitan area, All of South Australia is classified as part of regional Australia, 6041 to 6044 I i am Phydelma from Kenya and i would love to work as a farm worker any where in Australia. Hello.. I’m from Vietnam.I want work farm in Australia.

As it gets pretty cold here during the Australian winter, you should look for a job between January and May. I am 34 years old and would love to work in a farm anywhere in Australia. Banana, sugarcane, cotton, mango and avocado are all common types of farms to find in Far North Queensland, with seasons from December to February, and April to August, in general. 4515 to 4519 Dairy farms are great for getting a fair wage, and for doing the full 3 months with one employer, as you are guaranteed daily work, it takes a little time to get trained, and you are never going to be paid ‘per cow’. I am looking forward to hear from as soon as possible. This laid-back Queensland hostel is a great place to chill out and take it easy while you search for farm work – something the hosts know a thing or two about and would be more than happy to help you with. You could also enquire at a horse ranch if you would like the opportunity to work with animals. Oranges: $45 per bin minimum- any less and you’ll struggle to make a decent wage. I hope you can help me. Your email address will not be published. You can post all your questions and connect with other travellers to tackle the job hunt together, ‘cause isn’t it always great to get to know other backpackers with the same goals? 10 most haunted hostels to visit this Halloween!

Strawberries: Between $0.60 $0.80 per kilo, or roughly $2-$3 per tray. Having straightened out the facts regarding ‘what’ and ‘where’, what’s left is the ‘how long’ – which is actually the hardest of the three to answer, as you might need to do some calculations. Strawberry, Pineapple, Berry picking are all popular along the Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg, from April- September, Gatton and the Lockyer Valley grow vegetables year around.