I prophesied that Jesus Christ would 'come down among the children of men, and ... redeem his people' by being 'crucified, and slain' and taking 'upon himself their iniquity' (Mosiah 15:1, Mosiah 15:7, Mosiah 15:9). (Helaman 14:9, Helaman 14:11-13. Yea, and even all the prophets who have prophesied ever since the world began-have they not spoken more or less concerning these things?" (Helaman 14:15-18.) Who am I?" Three note cards with excerpts of prophecies from Nephi, Abinadi, and Alma (see the attention activity). 1. Thank you for the scripture sign! There are soooo many great lesson in this week’s reading. ), *     What did Samuel teach about the Atonement? Explain that in this lesson they will learn of another important prophet, Samuel the Lamanite, who taught with great courage and power of Christ's birth, death, and mission. So, we need to study for ourselves so we can really teach our families. (We can repent and be forgiven of our sins. Prayerfully study Helaman 13-14, Helaman 16, and 3 Nephi 23:9-13. Refer to Mosiah 13:33: "Did not Moses prophesy unto them concerning the coming of the Messiah, and that God should redeem his people? Why is it important not to put off repentance? Small - (320x246px, 15.8KB) Medium - (800x616px, 75.6KB) Large - (1920x1479px, 267.9KB) Original - (3263x2513px, 601.2KB) Unless otherwise … (Helaman 14:19.) c.  Minor props, such as scarves, robes, or name tags, for the children to use to role-play Nephi, Abinadi, and Alma. I feel strongly the the purpose of Come, Follow Me is to help us to draw closer to Christ. Missed a week? Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, Follow the prophet; he knows the way. This week is such a fun week of lessons with Samuel the Lamanite in Helaman 13-16! Take time to really study and pray on your own FIRST. Remember… KEEP IT SIMPLE! Perfect for “Beginning of the Year” notes to Teachers! Adam was a prophet, first one that we know. b. I’m a fan of Astrobrights paper- here’s my favorite colors! 1. 2. Samuel the prophet was a Lamanite Called to teach the Nephites and bring them gospel light Prophesied that Christ in five years would be born "Repent or be destroyed," are the things that Samuel warned. Lyrics. Book of Mormon Seminary Manual- Great Resource! Invite a child to give the opening prayer. (See "Preparing Your Lessons," p. vi, and "Teaching from the Scriptures," p. What "foolish and blind guides" are leading people today? 4. Friend, Sept. 2020, Primary Packet- (I designed the older children activities and shared these over @LovePrayTeach and they fit perfectly this week!) You may use one or more of the following activities any time during the lesson or as a review, summary, or challenge. 34594, Primary 4, 31: Samuel the Lamanite, Purpose, 111. A line-art activity depicting Samuel the Lamanite. 3. Identify the prophet, talk about him and what he did. What responsibility do we have for our actions? Why did the Lord reveal these signs to the Nephites? You don’t need to cover all the topics- just pick what works best for your family. Helaman 13:7- “Glad tidings to my soul”. This week’s Download has ONE Scripture Sign to Display. Why is it important to have the Spirit with us? Chapter 40: Samuel the Lamanite Tells about Jesus Christ, The Prophet of God- Elder Neil L. Andersen, By Divine Design- Elder Ronald A. Rasband, God Is at the Helm- Elder M. Russell Ballard, As Many as I Love, I Rebuke and Chasten- Elder D. Todd Christofferson, Steadfast and Immovable, Always Abounding in Good Works- Elder David A. Bednar, Firm and Steadfast in the Faith of Christ- Elder D. Todd Christofferson, Preparation for the Second Coming- Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Prophets Speak to Us- New Era, Sept. 2020, {Book of Mormon- Journal- Helaman 13-16- Heyfriendshop}. (Helaman 14:30-31.). Find some recent talks given by the living prophet (see especially the confer-ence issues of the Ensign or one of the international magazines). vii.). What did Samuel prophesy would happen in five years, and what would be the signs? 3. Hey Friends! Reading the references with the children in class will help them gain insights into the scriptures. ), "After a special vision I had about one hundred years before Jesus Christ was born, I knew that I could be saved only through our Redeemer, who would come.