Furstenau has only been party leader for a little over a month, taking over after Weaver stepped down in January, and she was forced to hit the ground running when an election was called just a week later. currently vying for long-time leader Elizabeth May’s post and a chance to shape the party going forward. Annamie Paul faces an uphill battle and a full slate of opponents in her bid to win the Green Party a seat in the Liberal stronghold of Toronto Centre. Greens prove they're here to stay, winning a projected 3 seats, Get all the results from the B.C. “Meryam has always been critical of the structural problems in the Party.”. “The courtesy has to come from the Liberals in order for it to matter to the outcome," Prof. Turnbull said. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters@globeandmail.com. Online ranked-ballot voting to find a new leader is set to open this weekend with the winner announced on Oct. 3. Pseudonyms will no longer be permitted. election for someone running for federal leadership to actually make massive errors of fact in attacking provincial cousins,” she said. We aim to create a safe and valuable space for discussion and debate. On Monday, the NDP confirmed it will run a candidate against Ms. Paul. Greens. With Canada’s North warming at twice the global rate, she said that the territories are “right at the centre” of the party… Greens. Watch: Sonia Furstenau's election night speech. During a speech on Saturday night, Furstenau signalled her readiness to challenge the projected NDP majority government, a shift from the more co-operative approach of the last three years. “I refuse to give up hope and hope you do not either. Leader Sonia Furstenau says although her party no longer holds the balance of power in the legislature, it will continue to hold the government accountable. “The BC Green Party is not directly affiliated with the GPC, and we do not believe that we have brought the Green Party of Canada into disrepute for staying true to our principles,” Kolby Zinger-Harris wrote. Comments are welcome while open. Weaver revealed he had been ready to break ranks with the New Democrats over the LNG Canada project and force an election in 2018, but said he was outnumbered. Greens and provincial leader Sonia Furstenau would not receive her endorsement in the upcoming provincial election unless they committed to defunding the police and creating a Land Back strategy and Green New Deal. But Olsen said he and Furstenau are returning to the legislature with a wealth of experience they didn't have when they started as first-term MLAs three years ago. Read our. At the time, Haddad praised the B.C. In May, he used Twitter to lash out at Furstenau and Olsen, saying they "were afraid to stand up to the B.C.