sir its very irritating for pimples on my whole body and its ittching very hard.please doctor sir give me better solution and medicine for this to remove it..there fore im thankful to yo. Kindly advice please. I shall be highly thankful to you for your advice. Intercourse is sore in between bouts of thrush so it is quite upsetting. In persons showing these vital signs, Psorinum has proved to be one of the most suitable Homeopathic medicines for skin rash and itching. I have fungal infection between thighes. please give me right medicine and dose. Sir, My Tow and half year old German shepherd Dog suffering from Fungal Disease since last one month, and I also treatment from Dog Specialist Doctor But not Improvement in my dog and disease increasing day by day, the disease spread under urine skin area with testicles and also enlarge the testicles and lymph discharge through testicles outer Skins and under all skin color is Red during this infection. recently I was told I have candida albican growth in my vagina and staphylococcus aureus growth too.i have treated this things 4 a long time,it keeps coming back.i suffer constant burning sensation and back pain .it have hormonal imbalance. Crippled and brittle nails afflicted with fungal infection on the foot are also best treated with Silicea. Contact ASAP. Is this right treatment. Recurrent itchy fungul infection of same foot………..3-4 yrs 3.Recurrent fungul infection of inner side of thighs……1 yr 4. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. In case there is any proven homeopathic medicine, kindly advice. Hello Sir I am really tired of fungus white spot on my face i feel so shy about this Please help me to get rid of this! Quaderiderm cream 10. The symptoms include white, creamy or yellow patches on the tongue, inner cheeks, roof of the mouth, tonsils, and gums. I had similar symptoms 7 years ago when I took mega doses of antibiotics to treat H-Pylori bacteria, which resulted in systemic fungal infection (mouth, throat, esophagus, sinuses, gastrointestinal tract). My age is 32. It is also an effective medicine in cases of itchy, scaly eruptions on scalp accompanied by hair loss. Please if you can suggest something. And I want to share you my problem. Appetite is good. The major problem is on the hip side an under parts an little bit on d chest. I have tried both allopathic and homeopathic medicines but there is no lasting solution. Please advise me sir. A fungal infection is caused by fungi microorganisms like tinea, dermatophytes, Candida albicans, yeast, etc. a circle and it becomes one.I apply allopathic cream to suppress. is Kreosote and Kreosotum same medicine? Please advice for suitable homeo remedy sir. There was no burning before but now there is . All nnot gong away.