But trust the professionals to get the best overall outcome. Recipes and instructions for DIY sugaring are all over the internet. Since wax hardens on the hair, it has the tendency to break it off at the surface, leaving 15-30% breakage behind. You can pick on up at your local kitchen store like Bed Bath and Beyond. My mistake was my thermometer didn't have enough contact with the hot sugar to get an accurate reading. Carefully test the temperature on the under-side of the knife (without sugar) to see if it is cool enough to touch. One "glob" should last to do your whole body with. Remove the paste IN THE DIRECTION of hair growth. Repeat as required. First I only cooked the home made sugar mix to the light gold stage, so it was thinner. Good luck! Why would anyone ever bother with the short-lived effects of shaving, labor-intensive tweezing, tear-inducing waxing, or high-priced lasers? Lemon and honey also have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent irritation and breakouts. I just wanted to give some encouragement and say ANYONE CAN DO THIS!! Considering that hair-free results only last roughly two weeks, my cost-benefit analysis did not work out in the salon option’s favor. She ends up making an appointment for a sugaring session in our nearby salon. I then pressed the ball of sugaring paste onto my shin and spread it in the opposite direction of hair growth. Among the most common ways they resort to are laser hair removal, waxing, electrolysis, plucking, and shaving. But once you conquer those two obstacles sugaring becomes a lot less intimidating. And then I practiced (and asked questions) until I got it right. I hope you'll decide to give it another go sometime, bearing in mind the pointers from myself and other comments above. In the winter I usually end up with really disturbingly hairy legs because it's too cold to show my legs. Normally after i do my legs and arms i don't do it again for about 6-12 months. I can't keep my comments to myself any longer. I don’t own those wooden applicators that the professionals use, so I stirred the mixture with a butter knife and tested the temperature with my finger. Unlike waxing, which sticks to any surface where it is applied, sugaring does not adhere to living skin cells and rip them off the body. There are times to use gloves and times to use bare hands. If sugaring a large portion of hair all at once, work in small zips as you work your way down the paste. I applied it thinly, and I used paper instead of cloth strips. The next time, I followed this video: This time I prepped my calf skin with baby powder. Now you might not need to make the sugaring like rock candy, and i'm realizing that i don't need to make it that extreme, but am trying to find the right spot just below the approaching burning stage (so i don't have to heat it so much when i want to use it), but one thing for sure if its too runny it won't work at all. Or would you recommend just buying a pre-made sugaring solution? Lemon Juice and Honey for Hair Removal. It started to dissolve and just absolutely covered my hands. After the mixture is cooled to room temperature , it is really for use depending on which method you cooked the sugar for (gel or paste). 1. Honey and lemon juice can be combined to make a natural solution for hair removal. Learn about the benefits and discover recipes and techniques for DIY hair removal using honey. Good thing this stuff is water soluble because if it took more than a long blast of hot water, I'd give up. If your batch on the other hand is like silly putty at body temperature then you can work with the sugar wax as long as you want. The next step was to roll the syrupy blob into a ball between my palms. With paper it is almost painless because it does not stretch and cling to skin the way cloth does. Over time, when the hairs grow back, they become finer and softer. If you go beyond the upper level of the temperature scale, I am sorry but you just made lemon flavored brittle and it will be useless for hair removal (I speak from experience). I agree with Nagira-- I have to laugh when someone warns us "amateurs" against at-home sugaring, like we're performing our own lasik eye surgery or something. After a few hours that solution is cooled, and it's like rock candy. At-home hair removal systems are decidedly more economical. I have had tremendous success at sugaring, which I started when I was a college girl in the '70's. By all means if your not comfortable than seek out your professionals because I don't want to see anyone hurt but also I don't think some woman or men should be scared off from it because it really is the best hair removal technique out there. After 6-8 months it's fully grown back. You can make several passes to get the right amount. I am from Egypt and this totally explains why everyone i know uses this method instead of shaving. In spite of the throbbing pain, I might have been satisfied with my experiment if my calf emerged smooth and hairless. Since I was about 10 (I'm 22), this is what my whole family does. During application, the sugar paste or gel seeps into the hair follicle, lubricating the hair root for easier removal. The temperature is really the most important part, especially if you are not experienced. When i store the bowl on the side, that sugar doesn't budge at all. These batches for me come out a dark reddish amber colour and is so dark in the jar you cannot see through. During that time, the first 2 weeks is completely hair-free, and then it slowly grows back in. You can't get it to pull away from your skin. Honey and Lemon: Honey and lemon juice facemasks do really assist in removing facial hair. The sugar can and will injure the ignorant and the decidedly uneducated. After about 2 months it's starting to look normal again. Alternatively, you can shave the missed hairs for two weeks, then let your hair grow out to be sugared after four weeks of the initial sugar. Then take an epilation cloth, muslin or not stretchy material--denim strips work well and can be wash for reuse. Honey waxing is a variation of sugar waxing for body hair removal. :). Do not be fooled. If you start a sugaring treatment and are consistent with it, it will lead to permanency. It is actually a total reversal in method and in psychology. Experimentation is key to finding the right consistency for your taste. If it is too runny to form into a ball, back on the burner goes the pot. As soon as i smell the solution gives off a slight burnt sugar smell, i remove it from the heat and pour it into a clean bowl. **Safety note--260 degrees F is really really hot and they don't call this stuff culinary napalm for nothing. In this procedure, your unwanted body hair is yanked straight from the root, and over a period of time of practicing this method, much less concentration of hair grows back on the skin. There is hardly any pain. If you want to make a good batch of sugar wax then throw the thermometer away and use the method to CHECK THE CONSISTENCY. Ok, so that is how i make the stuff. Depending on the body part, in-salon sugaring services run from $25 to $95. Start gently with fingers or palm rolling the paste into a loose ball. You describe what almost every client of mine has gone through. What you need is a good recipe and to develop your skill over a period of time. I just took a sugaring course last month because I like it better then wax. Sugar should be administered by a professional with impeccable credentials. It'll get all over your hands by the time you're done anyway, so just keep moving and worry about clean-up when you're finished. when i tap it, it doesn't move at all. If you use the mask of honey and lemon, it removes the hair for the same time-period as waxing but you may apply it twice a week as well for better and fresher skin. This starts at a scorching 235 degrees F/ 113 degrees C (hotter than boiling water) and ends at around 265 degrees F/130 degrees C. So, this is rock candy, and there's no way it's going to go on my skin in it's current form. You just need more practice and a better recipe. A word to the wise--if this is your first time removing hair in the epilation method (waxing, sugaring, what have you) you will not remove all of your hair even if you have grown out to the proper length for removal. 1/2 cup Lemon juice (bottled) This will soften it up a bit more and reduce the stickiness. Now, for the moment of truth. I followed this video exactly, and it worked!!! I didn't read all of these comments but you said so yourself in the beginning of the article to pull sugar with the direction of hair growth, yet both times you tried it at home you pulled opposite direction...? Nice article:). you obviously performed this procedure incorrectly. The goal temperature for sugaring gel that can be used with strips is around 250 degrees F/121 degrees C. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CZnUTBQPRB0. Are you using a bare hand and applying against the hair and then flicking off with the hair? Do you apply it against the grain and then pull with the grain? You'll need to put it in the microwave for 10 second intervals until you can work it. Hi Canadian! The person who is getting sugared. Just try a small area. Hands sweat. If you use the mask of honey and lemon, it removes the hair for the same time-period as waxing but you may apply it twice a week as well for better and fresher skin. Honey and Lemon are not going to have any effect on removing your hair. If I *did* get it to stick, it didn't stay pliable and I was then left with patches of hair. I mean, if I am honest the pain is almost the same as waxing – however, if you manage to make it through the first session, the others to follow will be a cake walk. Before putting the sugaring paste anywhere near my skin, I scrubbed and exfoliated my legs in the shower and then applied a layer of baby powder to my first test subject: my shin. I just use masking tape to remove leg hairs, hehe. This is not rocket science and getting certification in it is for the legal benefit of the salon they're working for, not because it's "so dangerous" for us DIY-ers to figure out on our own. The pros are used to such challenges, and will make any adjustments necessary to ensure a fast, effective hair removal session. Using the paste the trick is to zip the sugar off with an extremely quick motion. I agree with the first comment. It takes practice and watching demos to do this. But the mixture can be adjusted to what ever size you need in these units If you don't think you can handle it than don't but also to those who think they can, when done -correctly- it really is as sweet as it sounds., you just have to cook it right. I am a teenage girl who just trying making her own sugar paste for the first time, and suceeded! I've done my arms and legs and chest this way. Make several passes to grab all the hair and to create a small tab to flick the edge of the paste. Hey everyone! Would not attempt it without the wooden sticks, which are readily available at beauty supply stores and online. You're suppose to strip it off in the direction of grown hair (since its your shin the hair probably grew downwards, which means you should of taken it off downwards). Your Sugaring experience was a less than pleasant one due to your inexperience w/ the procedure. But I prefer my waxing appointments short and sweet. I learned by talking to friends who knew how, watching videos and reading up on it online. Then, turn the heat down to low-medium and allow the solution to simmer for about 25 minutes until it turns a dark shade of amber. Method 18: Lemon Juice & Honey.