Once you have a sheet pan full of chips, cheese, and protein, pop it under the broiler until the cheese melts and begins to bubble and brown in spots. Broil the chips in the oven for about 5 minutes or microwave them on high for 2 minutes. great for 3 starving people or 6 if they're not very hungry. An overly exposed chip will burn and, while it’s nice to have a landscape toasted Dorito tips, you don’t want too much browning. It’s an easy way to add more flavor (and MSG) to an already delicious mess of food. Place pan under the broiler for a few minutes until cheese has melted. You can’t make this shiz up… When did different food types start getting their own day? Shoveling food in your mouth is the most effective way to do this, and nothing shovels better than a nacho. Friday, 26 April, 2013 I don’t remember celebrating National Meatloaf Day as a kid, do you? by Annah. Published I am not personally liable for anything that is completed based on the ideas and inspiration shared here. Microwave Cheesy Nachos. 2. They already have a Dorito taco—why not add another item to their expansive menu by loading up a pile of cheese dust-covered chips with their Nachos BellGrande toppings? https://healthiersteps.com/recipe/vegan-nacho-cheese-doritos-recipe 56%. A new way to eat doritos. She lives in Portland, Oregon with a slightly hostile cat. Put cheese on top. Nachos. Doesn’t everybody already do this? If I’m craving real Mexican food, I do not go to Taco Bell. Top with your favorite nacho toppings and enjoy. All nachos are good, but nachos built on a bed of Nacho Cheese Doritos are excellent. As the reader, you assume any risks involved when completing anything seen on this site. If you’re wondering how to make nachos in the oven, baking is your best bet. 54% ), microwave(i'm not sure what to put it on if you use oven. Log in. In the event that an affiliate link is used, I receive commission on the sale of the products. This Sunday, Mr. Bündchen will continue his reign of terror, and all decent people will take to stress eating (or distraction eating, if you don’t care about football). Happy National Nacho Day! Put the bowl in the microwave for about 30 seconds. I love to share my personal experiences and what "works for me", however, I cannot guarantee that those same projects, recipes, tips etc... will also work for you. cheap and tres tres easy! I go to Taco Bell when my raccoon brain. … 3. If you want to make nachos, place a mound of nachos on a baking sheet, then sprinkle a generous amount of shredded cheese over the chips. 57%. (Just be sure to warn people.). Brown sirloin and season with taco seasoning per packet directions. 48%. Top the chips with dollops of sour cream, jalapenos, salsa, or any other toppings you like, including grilled chicken or steak. Remove from the oven, and pile on the rest of your favorite toppings. Try Cool Ranch, Spicy Nacho, or a mix of several flavors in one batch, or make things really interesting with a few of the super spicy Blaze chips thrown in. Claire is the Senior Food Editor for Lifehacker and a noted duck fat enthusiast. Toppings Layer It Up To keep your nachos interesting from top to bottom, layer your ingredients more than once. Or is it just us fatsos. **This site contains advertising banners and occasional affiliate links.