The Chicago Manual of Style prefers lowercase with periods but accepts small caps with or without periods. I was able to use some of your examples, which turned a difficult time into a valuable experience. For me, it is about clarity. HA! Normally a “th” appears at the end of the number. I dislike clutter in writing/reading, so there are 2 things I do differently: Mark Nichol on August 30, 2011 2:10 pm. Remember that your manager may not recognize brief notes. Describe how your strong performance has made your team, department, division, or company stronger. We started pausing because there was a comma. How you do this usually depends on whether you write a formal letter or an informal note; or whether your use the British or American date format. The rest of us can use these suggestions anytime we are describing our accomplishments or writing a self-appraisal. You will improve your English in only 5 minutes per day, guaranteed! All Right Reserved. “The meeting was held in August, 2011.” For you enviable readers who are expecting a bonus, here are a few tips on how to write about your performance this year. Thank you for taking the time to comment. However, you should pay attention to the tone of your letter: writing an email to a friend is different than writing a formal letter to your employer. When most people think of online bios, they probably can readily name a few common short bio examples first. How to Write a Short Bio. The international standard recommends writing the date as year, then month, then the day: YYYY-MM-DD. This is a good example of the risk of using the “put a comma where you pause” strategy. The period under review is January 1, 2015, through December 31, 2016. If we use the same example as before: The 6th day of the month September, in the year 2019, then the date in American English should be written as: Dates written as April the 13th or April 13th are not incorrect, but are less common in American English. Understand how IELTS is scored and the assessment criteria. What is the correct date format in English? List the details of what you have accomplished. Use a passive verb construction to avoid blame, like this: Be complete. Although the “comma means pause” strategy will work for many people and in many cases, it is not a reliable strategy. When you prefer to write the date in American English, usually the month comes before the day, then followed by the year. If an Australian writes February 3, 2019 as 03/02/2019, but an American writes the same date as 02/03/2019, who’s right? Some do, some don’t. The rest of us can use these suggestions anytime we are describing our accomplishments or writing a self-appraisal. I acknowledge there are many differences between literary writing and print journalism, but the internet has stirred us all about and dumped us in the same pot. A second tip: When writing the date in the IELTS Listening test you can write dates as numbers such as 19/02 or 02/19 (for 19 February). 20 November or November 20). 24th April, April 24 and 24 April are all correct). The period under review is January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2016. BusinessWritingBlog has been helping you become a business writing expert since 2005. It can describe belonging to the people or things that were previously mentioned. Jesse, I am so glad you found my suggestions helpful. Avoid blaming anyone else for your inability to meet a goal. And I am not happy about it. Much of Asia uses this form when writing the date. When you are writing dates as an answer to any question, remember that there are several correct ways to write them (e.g. For example, “I need to hand in my report by August 31.” Alternatively, (and I’m under the impression that this is the Brit way; correct me if I’m wrong, please), is, “I need to hand in my report by 31 August.” Does the Brit way require the “st” in there or can you get away without it? Shortening the year is also acceptable, such as in the following: You can also write out the date but shorten the month to save space: If you’re not sure about your IELTS Writing, get in touch with the professionals and get some coaching to increase your IELTS score. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. For further study of commas with dates, and for further support of the comma rules expressed in this post, you might check out “Commas with Dates” at . MG, I am glad this material was helpful to you. Developers love to code, but hate to write. I’ve been doing these now for a few years and didn’t realise how off-base I’ve been in my personal reviews. The safer approach for using commas correctly is to understand how commas are used and to apply them in a conscientious and informed manner. Writing the date this way avoids confusion by placing the year first. Style varies widely in publications for designating ante meridiem and post meridiem, including the choices you offered as well as small caps and with or without periods. An official IELTS coach can give you one-on-one feedback on your Speaking. For example, if you were to write a formal business letter, you’d write out the entire date, including the full month. For IELTS, you can use both date formats. “I haven’t seen her since Christmas, 2005.”. Understand common IELTS mistakes and how to avoid them. If you have not met a goal but must write about it, include it in the middle rather than at the end of your list of goals. I used to wonder how Pixar came out with such great movies, year after year. © Copyright 2005 - Present | Critic Capital LLC | All Rights Reserved, "Writing About Ourselves: Bragging Without Blushing. Write for pass-it-on readers. For example, many numbers can sound very similar when spoken, so be sure to say them clearly, e.g. There are times that I can get away with small letters (am and pm), depending on what other text or context is around the expression of time, as long as “am” (meaning a.m.) won’t be confused with the word “am.” If you’re preparing for your test, IELTS Support Tools can help. Is it a problem or is it all in my head? More so than not being required, commas between months and years are incorrect. There are many reasons you need to write out a date of birth in figures, from writing formal invitations to navigating bureaucratic processes. So if both the Australian and American used this, they would both write the date as 2019-02-03. Good post. 20/11/2019 or 11/20/2019). Their is a determiner. Register for a free IELTS Masterclass Webinar. There vs Their vs They’re – Learn The Difference. The comma rule came first for consistency and clarity. Your feed service gets the last word. If you write "During 2011," or "During the 2011-12 fiscal year," or "During the past 12 months," or "From April 2011 through March 2012," the period covered is more clearly defined. For some lucky employees, now is the time of year when their company rewards them with an annual bonus. Are you a budding David Walliams or the next J. K. Rowling? Often employees have to evaluate their own performance, telling their manager (and anyone else who approves the bonus) how well they have done in accomplishing their goals. Does that mean the comma is correct for you but not for me? Unleash your inner author with our creative writing ideas. As for the year, commas are not necessary when you write the date in British English, but you can if you prefer this style. If you write for edited publications, your pause markers will (or should) be deleted. Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! See my note near the beginning of the final paragraph. Let us explain. Newspapers fight for every little space (which equals money). For me, it’s AM and PM, no periods. @AnWulf: you can choose to put commas between months and years…but that is 100% wrong. 1309 = ‘thirteen hundred and nine’ or ‘thirteen ‘oh’ nine’, 1678 = ‘sixteen (hundred and) seventy-eight’, 1946 = ‘nineteen (hundred and) forty-six’, 2007 = ‘two thousand and seven’ or ‘twenty ‘oh’ seven’, 2019 = ‘two thousand and nineteen’ or ‘twenty nineteen’.   Doing so helps to prevent confusion and fraud—numbers can easily be altered or misread, but an amount written in words is much harder to tamper with. For example, four → fourth (or 4 → 4th) and two → second (or 2 → 2nd). I was taught: A.M. and P.M. Then I went to work for a newspaper (insert laugh here). If you prefer to abbreviate the date, you can use the following style in British English. Both are acceptable. The “the” and “of” are optional but if you do use them, you must add both “the” and “of.” It is incorrect to say only “6th of September” or “the 6th September.”. 1. That person will benefit from details, complete sentences, and spelled out versions of abbreviations and acronyms. When possible, I leave out the “th” or “st,” as in 4th or 31st, only because it’s more clutter. With more than 20 pages of IELTS tips and tricks from examiners to help you prepare. Bonuses are not automatic. Has the Modern Language Association “ruled” on this problem? In formal American English or British English, you never want to omit the year (eg. For academic and fiscal years, use 2011-12, not 2011-2012. Do you put the comma inside or outside the quotes? after it. For example, if you were to write a formal business letter, you’d write out the entire date, including the full month. In British English, you could write the date as 6th September 2019. Where do the commas go in references to days, months, years, and time of day? I just don’t agree with them. What’s the difference between there vs their vs they’re? For more suggestions and guidelines on writing your own performance review–and writing about your accomplishments–read the post "Writing About Ourselves: Bragging Without Blushing.". A general rule: the more complicated the style of date, the more formal it is. Find out how to come up with story ideas, plan your story, write exciting characters, and edit your story to give it that final polish. Fiscal and academic years. A comma should follow the time range if the sentence continues: “The meeting is scheduled for August 31, 7-9 p.m., and will feature a guest speaker.” A reference to day, date, and time requires commas between each pair of elements: “The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 31, 7-9 p.m.” (And don’t precede a time range with from: It’s either “7-9 p.m.” or “from 7 to 9 p.m.”). The most commonly used separator in the all-numeric date format is a forward slash (/). Can someone please clarify which one is correct. It is a useful guide for those of us writing for American audiences. Speaking test tip: Practise the pronunciation of numbers to be sure that your meaning is clear. What are the punctuation rules for British dates and times? For example, in a formal letter, you wouldn’t use contractions (you should write cannot instead of can’t, or would not instead of wouldn’t). For IELTS, it doesn’t matter if you use American English spelling, or British English. Use data wherever possible, especially data showing that you have saved or made money for the company. Subscribers get access to our archives with 800+ interactive exercises! If there is an instruction in the question: “Write no more than two words,” writing more than two words will mean you will receive no marks at all for your answer, even if some of the words are correct. As an American, I of course agree with all the rules mentioned in the post. The 6th day of the month September, in the year 2019, might be written in full (in order of complexity): The last two date formats are more formal. Thanks for letting me know. As a Technology Manager and developer, I sometimes stuggle writing these reviews that are mandatory at my company. 2. by Chelsea Lee. In American English, if you want to write the date in all-numeric, you will need to use the following style. Again, the day comes first, then the month, then the year. Even if it is not written, the ordinal number is still said in spoken English. or >Posted: 29 Aug 2011 09:49 PM PDT.