First have them in July and now in October. EPISODE 060 Lucy’s Last BirthdayRicky plans a surprise birthday party for Lucy and she is miserable because she thinks everyone has forgotten. If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter. These films are like Harlequin Romance novels come to life and I absolutely adore them! We got you. EPISODE 21 New NeighborsLucy snoops on her new neighbors and fears they’re trying to kill them. PUT I LOVE LUCY AND HOLDEN GIRLS BACK ON IN THE MORNING AND EVENINGS!!!!!! This is last year’s but I’m sure come 10/31, there will be one for 2015. EPISODE 134 Person To PersonRicky’s agent sets up a TV interview of the Ricardos in their home but doesn’t think their apartment is good enough. An "I Love Hallmark Channel" patch decorates the cuff of the red knit hat that's topped with a snowy white pom-pom. Nachdem sich ein Monat lang kein zukünftiger Käufer fand, stellte Crown Media das Netzwerk ab und begründeten dies mit dem fehlenden Interesse am Kanal. EPISODE 172 LUCY DOES THE TANGOTheir hens aren’t laying eggs and Ricky’s about to abandon their newest venture until Lucy tries to fool him with store-bought eggs. Hallmark Channel red knit hat features a white pom-pom and a decorative patch with a quote. EPISODE 151 LUCY’S BICYCLE TRIPLucy is not allowed to cross the French-Italian border because she can’t find her passport. EPISODE 117 The Fashion ShowA charity fashion show is Lucy’s chance to perform and score a designer suit. Der erste Käufer eines solchen Spots war das Versicherungsunternehmen Mutual of Omaha.[14]. EPISODE 079 The Million Dollar IdeaLucy and Ethel’s vision of making millions of dollars by selling salad dressing backfires when they start losing more money than they earn. EPISODE 086 Home MoviesWhen Ricky makes a film and succeeds in selling it to a producer, Lucy decides to get into the act by producing a western. 2. Many of us don't identify with xmas, and having that crap shoved at us in the middle of summer is the stupidest thing imaginable. VISN startete am 1. There are words and phrases commonly used on other cable channels and broadcast networks that Hallmark Channel's S&P guidelines deem unacceptable.")[27]. EPISODE 157 LITTLE RICKY LEARNS TO PLAY THE DRUMLittle Ricky’s constant playing of his new drums is causing friction with the Mertzes. EPISODE 043 RedecoratingLucy and Ethel enter a contest for new home furnishings and are the luckywinners. EPISODE 110 California, Here We ComeThe Ricardos’ and Mertzes’ road trip to California may not happen when Lucy’s mother arrives and tells them she wants to go too. No they like to complain. There are Halloween and Autumn decorations all over the place. EPISODE 094 Tennessee Ernie VisitsLucy vamps it up in an attempt to scare away an unwelcome hillbilly houseguest. Nature of Love. No shame! Comment the review as Hallmark Channel verified representative. She’s my very favorite! EPISODE 097 The SubleaseThe Ricardos find a tenant to sublease their apartment for the summer they will be in Maine. THANK YOU KINDLY. God bless you Luanda. EPISODE 30 Lucy Does a CommercialLucy gets a gig doing a TV commercial but the product she’s pitching gets her more and more intoxicated with each take. EPISODE 113 Ethel’s Home TownThe Ricardos and Mertzes go through Ethel’s hometown where everyone thinks she is the big Hollywood star. It's not a derogatory word!?! EPISODE 25 Pioneer WomenLucy and Ethel are challenged to try to live without modern conveniences. [25], Der Hallmark Channel und der vom Hallmark Channel betriebene Hallmark Movie Channel wurden am 1. Check out our tips for how to write a love letter to give your sweetie an unexpected surprise they can cherish forever by putting your heart to paper. EPISODE 045 Sales ResistanceLucy has trouble getting rid of a defunct vacuum cleaner sold to her by a fast talking salesman. EPISODE 131 Ricky Sells The CarRicky sells his car, and the Mertzes think they are being stranded in California. Typical response from some flabby, middle age, christmas lady.... What is wrong with this Hallmark channel? EPISODE 062 Lucy Is MatchmakerA matchmaking enterprise which Lucy and Ethel concoct to marry off a female wolf’ backfires. Review #1610864 is a subjective opinion of August 2020 um 21:58 Uhr bearbeitet. The characters are wearing long sleeves and light jackets and taking walks in parks. And this is NOTHING. Hallmark Channel. I Love Lucy Talent. EPISODE 119 Don Juan Is ShelvedLucy learns Ricky’s movie will not be released and launches a campaign to keep her husband in Hollywood. The festive knit beanie makes a great gift for Hallmark movie lovers. ABC Family also has some good stuff during the season, but not nearly the fantastic level of overkill Hallmark has. ( Log Out /  EPISODE 118 The Hedda Hopper ShowLucy takes a dive in an effort to further Ricky’s career by creating a big splash in Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood column. In these movies, there’s always a meet cute. Often, I don’t even read the description of these films before pressing the record button. I Love Lucy Episode Guide SEASON ONE 1951-1952 EPISODE 1 Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying To Murder HerEngrossed in a murder mystery, Lucy becomes convinced that Ricky is plotting to kill her.