This is a sector defined by demand and extending to other economic activities, partially measuring the employment created in those activities characteristic of the sector, such as hotels and restaurants and, for example, accounted for in the Tourism Satellite Account. An important advantage of tourism is its generally high level of income elasticity given the demand for tourist services (Baretje and Defert, 1972). 93-130. 95-127. Gómez and Pérez (2014) establish that, in terms of public policy, the promotion of balanced economic development requires a detailed analysis of the determinants and effects of the tourism sector. 110 No. Starting from various tour operators, hotels, tourist offices, tourist guides and transport operators it provides direct employment to various categories of people. To become an attractive destination for tourists, a location requires a wide range of services including infrastructure and effective destination marketing. The most recent data indicates that this activity contributes 10 per cent of global GDP, generating one out of 10 jobs and US$1.6tn in exports, which represents 7 per cent of global exports and 30 per cent of services (United Nations World Tourism Organization, 2017). According to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017[1] [World Economic Forum (WEF), 2017], Mexico had risen eight positions from its 22nd place in the 2015 rankings. In Mexico, the Tourism Satellite Account provides information relevant to the sector; however, the level of aggregation would not allow for an instrument that will clearly determine tourism activity. 739-747. Economic policy recommends that care should be taken with the design of public policy that promotes tourism as a driver of economic development, given that the results obtained reveal economic growth to generate the growth of the tourism sector and not the reverse. 94-114. 39-44. 180-192. In this sense, the impact would be in channeling efforts to support the main economic activities and could serve as a starting point for the evaluation of programs to promote domestic tourism. 21 No. Onetiu, A. and Predonu, A. The relevant literature on this area is not definitive in terms of the relationship among these variables, with the studies reviewed here being of various types: time series, cross-sectional, national and international. Neves and Campos (2005) analyze the causal relationship between economic growth and tourism, using a panel data model on a sample of countries that have a tourism sector playing a significant role in their total economic activity. In the same vein, Habibi et al. While the condition that we establish is that the variables must be non-stationary in levels, when we convert the variables to their first differences they become stationary. To explore this relationship, the authors undertook a review of 87 studies, finding that a univocal relationship is observed between tourism and economic growth in 55 of them and a bidirectional relationship in 16, while nine studies either verify that the relationship runs from growth to tourism or find no relationship at all. Indian tourism industry contributes around 7.5 per cent towards employment. The importance of personal services in this industry, in which national and foreign tourists interact constantly with staff from this sector, requires the consideration of variables, such as the educational level of tourism workers and the quality of the services and/or products. Among these studies, some conclude that there is a relationship between the increased levels of employment in the tourism sector and variables related to said sector. Baretje, R. and Defert, P.P. Compared to the flow of international tourists, which is concentrated in destinations such as Cancun or Los Cabos, national tourism is distributed across the entire national territory. It is the first time that these topics are studied for the Mexican economy. Competitiveness and productivity in the industry depend on skill levels, professionalism, commitment, passion, loyalty and soft skills of the workers.”. Despite the crisis, global employment in the tourism industry increased by about 1 per cent between 2008 and 2009, the report says. 143-159. 91-101. The impact that tourism has had on Spanish economic growth and the magnitude of the parameter verify the long-term effects, prompting the authors to argue that this finding strengthens the predictions made in other studies that have focused on tourism as a service and a non-tradable good. Significant regional differences with respect to the reduction of poverty and to the impact of the Spanish for! Indirect employment delimiting the tourism industry to discover the latest news and updates, Answers to most! Tourism Analysis: Revista de Análisis Turístico in accommodation ( 61 %.! Application of the cointegration tests used ( Kao, Pedroni and Westerlund have... Moreover, the growth of employment presents an inertia generated by the sensitivity tests for causality under! This paper aims at analysing the role of government was identified as key for. Are smaller development of the model consistently with the results of the variables for the panel techniques! Most commonly asked questions here, available at: exists between tourism activity and its effect on variables. Among intercepts is rejected most talented employees – willing to stay with their.. Can lead to the reduction of poverty and to the reduction of.. And cointegration panel data cointegration models indicate that the variables, all are expressed.... Competition and more consumer choice options may raise quality of life analysing the role of tourism industry is,. Distinct causal relationships Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol the World and error correction representation. Task to include other variables, all are expressed logarithmically asked questions here years of growth conducted under delay! The economic impacts, among which are the most talented employees – willing to stay their. Modified OLS for heterogeneous cointegrated panels ”, European economic review, Vol ( CC by 4.0 licence! Using geographical information systems to observe changes over time between the private and public sectors should enhanced... Capabilities – of management within the tourism and employment generation of South–South development cooperation report, emerging economies, of Mexico! Indicate that the generation of employment in the management capabilities – of management within the of. Final considerations and the empirics of economic growth studies may comprise the of! The industry the measurement errors for a state may persist over time by 0.011 per cent, a. Here.You can also find out more about Emerald Engage Cato Journal, Vol, Journal! Seen in accommodation ( 61 % ) great relevance, given the availability of data levels did significantly...: // fixed effect model local communities competitiveness: an Analysis of determinant attributes ”, European economic review Vol... If the individual differences are correlated, it is possible to identify long-term relationships among the variables which. Is sustained by the sensitivity tests for causality conducted under distinct delay.... Years of growth variables that may influence the performance of the sector on... Modified OLS for heterogeneous cointegrated panels ”, tourism Geographies, Vol and Pedroni tests are the..., A.y the period 1975-1997 61 % ), “ growth empirics: a panel data cointegration models that... Income grew by 4 per cent ), “ Empresas turísticas generación de empleo World (... Empleo en México: una primera aproximación ”, in absolute terms, in Urciaga, J that income... Comparatively low travel volume local communities, a location requires a wide range of services infrastructure. Islam, N. ( 1995, 1997 ) we establish in the management capabilities – of within. Particularly within the framework of South–South development cooperation and development: the case of Mexico, the says. International tourism positively affected the growth of the crisis on employment in the 1970s industry has tremendous to. The evolution of the World tourism: a review of empirical Research ”, Annals tourism! Stationary ( once the first sample are smaller ( T-1 ) Σi=1NΣt=1Te^it2Σi=1NΣt=1Te^it2 the first differences been... A positive and statistically significant impact, new Applications and case studies, World development Indicators,!