Later that year the Westminster premises re-opened as the Westminster Bookshop under the ownership of Methuen. [10] On 17 June 2010, Dale announced on his blog that he was resigning from the Conservative Party candidates list and would not be standing at any forthcoming parliamentary election. Dale was born in Cambridge, but grew up in Essex, where he attended Ashdon County Primary School and Saffron Walden County High School. "We have got the right package in place. Or do you think we should be letting lots of criminals into the country no matter where they come from?" Read more: MPs reject motion to feed 1 million children over school holidays. He admits in his book that “it was an hour during which I should have been more honest that I, too, was once the victim of a sexual assault, which could have turned into something far worse”. [19] Holmes' placard had appeared on-screen behind Damian McBride, during an interview with McBride on breakfast television, coinciding with the Labour Party annual conference there. "They've said they don't want people to come in to the country who've been in prison for more than a year, entirely fair, that's not levelling down or levelling up, it's just being sensible. Dale moved to the evening show (7–10pm), whilst Eddie Mair joined the station to take over Drivetime. He decided to open up about the assault after talking with writer Bonnie Greer, who had told him about her “date rape” 40 years ago. Iain Dale challenged Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds over the Labour Party's calls for a "circuit breaker" national lockdown. Mr Singh responded that if a person serves their sentence and is rehabilitated and found to no longer be a threat to their society, "are we really saying that they can never leave that country again even to visit someone else? Statistics show there are many more reports of sexual assault or rape by women than men. People focus on something very political and very emotive, and I understand that, but actually, you've got to look at what is the package we are providing," Mr Lewis said. They also blame themselves. [22] Dale subsequently posted an apology "to Mr Holmes, Mr Miliband [Labour Party leader Ed Miliband], the Police, my family, friends and colleagues". Inspired by a female date rape survivor, the radio pundit says men must report sex assaults and learn to confront their experiences, Sat 1 Aug 2020 15.30 BST ", Instead, he said, "They've gone for the more headline grabbing changes like making it more difficult for people with criminal records to come here.". [20] McBride, a former special advisor to Gordon Brown, is one of Dale's authors at Biteback Publishing. Cross Question with Iain Dale once again went live to the nation from LBC's brand new Westminster studio and you can watch it here. [3] Prior to going to university, Dale spent his gap year as a nursing assistant at the Werner Wicker Klinik in West Germany. Dale formerly presented Planet Politics on Oneword Radio. [2] Since September 2010, he has hosted a regular, major discussion show on LBC radio station. He presented a documentary on how the BBC covers general election results, Counting Chickens on the night of the 2001 general election, 7 June 2001. Iain Dale has edited/compiled/written forty books: 2005 Conservative Party leadership campaign, "Total Politics Becomes Part of Dods – Iain Dale", "ConservativeHome's Seats & Candidates blog: The A-list top-up", "Comment, opinion and discussion from the Guardian US", "The Time Has Come to Stop Blogging (And Party Politics)", "Iain Dale's 100 most influential people on the Right 2017. Male pride holds back a lot of men with such experiences, while others feel that their masculinity has been taken away, Dale writes in his book, which is published on Thursday: “It is often still very difficult for victims of sexual crime to come forward, especially when there is no prospect of conviction. Dale writes the British political blog Iain Dale's Diary (founded in 2002) and frequently appears on UK news channels. And embarrassment.”. Dale was the managing director of Biteback Publishing until May 2018, and was the publisher of Total Politics magazine, 2008–12. Dale has written and edited 46 political books. He has also written for The Guardian, The Independent, GQ, The Spectator, "Attitude" and the New Statesman. [25] This was converted to a marriage in 2015. Nearly 30 years ago, the award-winning radio host and political pundit Iain Dale was subjected to a traumatic sexual assault – yet only now is he talking about his experience publicly. Dale continued to present the station's Sunday Politics show between 10 am and 1 pm each weekend for a further few weeks in March 2013 until Andrew Gilligan took over. This week Iain Dale was joined by panellists: Business … [11] On 14 December 2010, Dale announced that he was quitting both blogging at Iain Dale's Diary and party politics. In late July 2010, Dale started a six-week stint on LBC covering for Petrie Hosken and Andrew Pierce, which later turned into a regular show. "Sometimes we forget that. Iain Dale questions Tory MP on the PM's new coronavirus restrictions as risk level rises 1 month ago. Iain Dale has a heated debate with migrant rights campaigner Satbir Singh over the new immigration policy which sees EU citizens who have been in jail for more than a year banned from entering Britain. Dale's blog, entitled Iain Dale's Diary, had been one of the most widely read political blogs in the UK. In 2006, Dale sold the Politico's Bookstore business to Harriman House. Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants chief Satbir Singh accused the Home Office publishing changes "two hours before Parliament closes" and of missing an opportunity "to inject some fairness and some justice in to the system. Dale's fortnightly comment column for The Daily Telegraph, which he began writing in February 2007, was discontinued in January 2009. Cross Question with Iain Dale is live from LBC's brand new Westminster studio at 8pm and you can watch it here. [7] However his ambitions were further frustrated in 2007 when he applied for the Conservative candidacy for the safe seat Maidstone and The Weald, but failed to get past the first interview stage.[8]. Titled Honourable Ladies, a second volume is due to appear later in 2019. Maajid Nawaz Someone else might not have been able to do so.”. Watch the whole fascinating debate in the video at the top of the page from 8pm tonight. [24] He entered into a civil partnership with his long-term partner John Simmons on 15 June 2008 at Wadhurst Castle in East Sussex. He made it clear that he intended to fuck me and that he would not take no for an answer. “I’m always surprised by how many people can open up about emotional issues and sexual trauma on the radio.”. It comes after MPs voted to reject a Labour motion, by 322 votes to 261 - a majority of 61, which aimed to give food vouchers to 1.4 million of the most disadvantaged children in the country, LBC presenter Iain Dale said offering free school meals would surely "be the right thing to do" and asked: "Why fight this fight when you don't really need to? All rights reserved. Dale currently co-hosts a weekly political and current affairs podcast, entitled 'For The Many', alongside former Home Secretary and Labour MP Jacqui Smith. He won a Silver Sony for Interview of the Year at the 2014 Sony Awards for his interview with James from Woolwich who was an eyewitness to the murder of Lee Rigby. If I had not been six feet two inches tall and weighed 15 stone, I would not have succeeded in pushing him off.”. Maajid Nawaz On 24 September 2013, Dale became involved in a scuffle with Manchester pensioner Stuart Holmes, an anti-nuclear protester, on the Brighton seafront. He founded Politico's Publishing in 1998, and sold it in 2003 to Methuen Publishing. This includes co-authoring, in May 2006, a book with fellow blogger Paul Staines (responsible for the Guido Fawkes website) about alleged instances of sleaze from the Labour government since it took office in 1997. Iain Campbell Dale (born 15 July 1962) is a British broadcaster, political commentator and publisher. There is a feeling of shame. "I don't want foreign criminals in this country, what's wrong with trying to prevent them from coming in?" The minister was pressed on why the Conservative Party had fought against a petition, led by Premier League footballer Marcus Rashford, that had the support of opposition parties and some Tory MPs. She told him it was important for men to talk about their own sexual assaults. Iain Dale has said that it's "appalling" that only 13% of white working-class boys are attending university. But he then had to find the key to the flat as he had been locked in. [23], Dale has been openly gay since he was 40. In 1997, he opened Politico's Bookstore and Coffee House in Westminster, selling a mix of political books, memorabilia and novelty items. Subsequently, Dale acted as chief of staff to the losing leadership candidate David Davis in the run-up to the 2005 Conservative Party leadership campaign. Maajid Nawaz LBC presenter Iain Dale said offering free school meals would surely "be the right thing to do" and asked: "Why fight this fight when you don't really need to? Dale instead replaced broadcaster James Whale as the presenter of the Drivetime show between 4 pm and 7 pm Monday to Friday. It is part of a wider package that's got the furlough scheme, the Job Support Scheme and an increase in Universal Credit," he said. He continues to author a blog entitled West Ham Till I Die where he writes on West Ham United. May tops it. Dale, who has presented his LBC radio show for a decade, refers to the incident in his new book Why Can’t We All Just Get Along... “He kept trying to kiss me,” he writes. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. His most recent book is co-edited by former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and is a collection of biographical essays of every female MP elected to the House of Commons since 1918. Dale came third in the run-off ballot behind Rory Stewart and the eventual winner Philip Lee. Dale was the weekly evening presenter on LBC from 7 to 10 pm until March 2013, when Clive Bull took over.