This blog does an excellent job of sharing the history of Las Vegas. Las Vegas, which is the largest city that you can find in Nevada State, is also recognized as the entertainment capital of the world. Ivana, the blogger, talks about shopping thrift stores in Vegas, dining out, and much more. We lived here back in 2014-2015 while the Local Adventurer blog was still in its infancy. He also shares some great info on non-hiking related things. Beyond the slot machines, hotels, and dazzling neon lights, “Sin City” has just as many amenities as other major cities, and in some cases, more. Skip the games, eat the food and go home. For more information about The Vegas Life, check out Jacobs Youtube Channel, Jacob’s Life In Vegas. Do you enjoy stay-cations? That’s impressively low considering the fact that Las Vegas is America’s 31st largest city by population. Technically, The Strip isn’t even in Vegas; it’s actually in Paradise, Nevada. . Although Las Vegas residents have to contend with frequent water rationing, the city has made great strides in curbing its water usage. Residents can score tickets to a plethora of amazing shows, but “The Entertainment Capital of the World” also has cultural venues locals love. If you’re young and love to party, Las Vegas is the place with the best nightlife — but Vegas is much more than just the “City of Sin.”. A short drive away, you’ll find boating and fishing at Lake Mead and plenty of hiking trails for every skill level at Red Rock Canyon. To the internet, of course. Looking for some places to enjoy wine locally? Although you may occasionally feel landlocked living in Las Vegas, the ocean is a relatively short drive away. Cost of living is so much … Pros Living in Las Vegas: People. Today, with attractions like the Las Vegas Container Park providing homes for businesses of all types, the future of downtown Las Vegas is looking brighter than ever. You’ll also enjoy a cost of living much lower than that of other major cities. The Hoover Dam opened in 1936. Similar to the other, worlds largest music and entertainment Venue in Las Vegas, Lake Mead is still a great Las Vegas attraction, living in Las Vegas is surprisingly affordable, Las Vegas is the place with the best nightlife, Jacobs Youtube Channel, Jacob’s Life In Vegas, Checklist to Follow When Moving to a Coastal Neighborhood, High Rise Moving Tips (Complete Checklist), Moving to Florida in 2019 (Ultimate Guide), Two hours from Death Valley National Park, Four hours from Grand Canyon National Park. Costs. Or, head down to Boulder City for more of a small-town feel. Share them in the comments so others can learn more about the area from the people who know it best! She’s got a blog about it. Renting a two-bedroom apartment in Las Vegas costs an average of less than $1,000 per month. Las Vegas Blog. Charleston ski resort to escape the valley’s summer heat and mountain bike, hike, horseback ride, or ski. Living in Las Vegas, you’ll enjoy world class entertainment and legendary food. Some artists even live in Las Vegas for several months at a time and become the resident acts at local casinos and other venues. Whatever your vice is, living in Las Vegas will satisfy it. Laura Bennett considers herself a domesticated gypsy, having lived in Atlanta, the Bay Area, SoCal, and Austin, then following her husband around the Midwest. If it concerns Las Vegas, you can probably read about it here. She can help. Almost every tourist spot has locals-only deals. You’ll find a museum dedicated to the history of organized crime. Job creators will find that it’s one of the easiest places in the country to open a business—lots of companies have taken advantage of the favorable tax situation and moved to Vegas recently. You can also hike or participate in water sports at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. This upscale and chic Thai restaurant is known for its staples like Pad Thai and Panang Curry, but it also offers lesser-known dishes from Northern Thailand like Khao Soi. Living in Las Vegas, you’ll have to contend with water rationing as you sweat your way through 100-degree summer afternoons. Aside from actually playing sports, “gaming” and spectator sports are the name of the game in Vegas. Despite what you may have experienced as a tourist, Las Vegas actually boasts plenty of activities that can expose you to culture or help you get in touch with nature.