Mr Chef's Crystal Shrimp. £7.45, From Acompañado?, este es tu plato indicado, una mezcla de carne de res y puerco, alitas y chorizo, acompañado de patacones, papas y yuca frita. All cooked in our famous Egyptian kebab sauce. Copyright Mr Chef 2020 - All rights reserved. Uniquely different, Cooked in fresh cream, ground cashew nuts, pistachios, flaked almonds & dry fruit, Cooked with fresh cream & a sweet & sour pathia sauce with almond flakes. Fresh jumbo shrimp quickly sauteed with scallions and ginger delicately flavored with other ingredients. Wednesday: 4pm - 10pm Meal Takeaway. Chicken pakora 2 Poppadoms Spiced onions Any special curry Any chicken OR lamb OR vegetable bhuna 1 Rice & 1 naan OR 2 chapati, Chicken pakora Chicken chaat 3 Poppadoms Spiced onions Any 1 chef's special curry 2 Popular curries 2 Rice 1 Naan, Chicken pakora Vegetable pakora 4 Poppadoms Spiced onions Salad Choice of any 2 popular curries Any 2 special curries 2 Fried rice 2 Naan, Cooked on a slow heat for added flavour & texture with added green chillies, Special marinated sauce blended with menti, fresh herbs & spices in a thick sauce with capsicums, This dish is prepared with freshly ground Punjabi spices with ginger, garlic, yoghurt, onions, capsicum & green chilli, Freshly diced onion, spicy yoghurt & green pepper cooked in a special rogan josh sauce, Delicately prepared with fresh herbs, onion, capsicums & fresh tomato, rich with flavour, Cooked in a rich & spicy sauce with garlic, ginger, coriander, topped with green chillies, Cooked together on a slow heat with tomatoes to retain flavour, giving it a rich thick sauce. Pizza box filled with a mixture of chicken, vegetable & mushroom pakora, onion rings, chips, donner meat & chilli sauce & pitta bread & can of juice All chicken pakora £1.50 extra, Pizza box filled with a mixture of chicken, vegetable & mushroom pakora, onion rings, chips, donner meat & chilli sauce & pitta bread All chicken pakora £3 extra 16" Box comes with naan & bottle of juice FREE, Pizza box filled with chicken & lamb tikka, chicken chaat, mixed pakora, donner meat, pitta bread, chilli sauce, chips & can of juice All chicken pakora £1.50 extra, Pizza box filled with chicken & lamb tikka, chicken chaat, mixed pakora, donner meat, pitta bread, chilli sauce, chips All chicken pakora £3 extra 16" Box comes with naan & bottle of juice FREE. Dare to try? Uddingston,, Is this your business? 22.95. Chef Panamá, para esta semana. View Mr. Mr Chef's Signature. 01698 810082. Chef's, Best Chinese Delivery in Stoughton, MA Placed onto a freshly made garlic & cheese base. Delicioso filete de pechuga de pollo, marinado con finas hiervas 24 horas antes de hacerlo al grill, pidelo acompañado de papas fritas, patacones o yuca. Baked potatoes can also be prepared as a salad box for £2 extra, Our favourite chips on a pizza base & our signature pizza sauce smothered in cheese, Onions, tomato, mushrooms, green peppers & sweetcorn, Spicy chicken, spicy mince, pepperoni & donner meat, Chicken tikka, green chilli, onions, green peppers, coriander cooked in a frying pan, Our most popular & tasty curry ever on our famous pizzas, Chicken tikka, pan fried spicy mince cooked with onions, tomatoes & Indian herbs, A tasty curry pizza made with chicken breast, fresh garlic & ginger, Indian spices & green chillies. Finally finished with more cheese on top, The world's hottest reaper sauce on the base of the pizza, topped with chilli flakes, chopped fresh green chillies, chicken tikka & drizzled with reaper oil. 18800 N.E. Saturday: 4pm - 10pm Cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, special chilli sauce with fresh green chillies, Cooked with prawns, coriander in a special sauce slowly to give extra flavour whilst retaining all natural juice & flavour, A robust dish cooked with coconut cream & green chillies, Cooked with fresh tomatoes sauteed in butter with an aromatic blend of spices, Cooked with a touch of sweet & sour sauce, almond powder, cashew nuts & cream, Cooked with garlic, ginger, onion, green pepper & special mint sauce, Cooked with ginger, garlic, onion, mushroom, spinach puree & a touch of cream, Cooked in a mild sauce of fresh cream & yoghurt topped with almond flakes, Based on a rich sauce of green chillies, garlic & creamed spinach, Cooked in a spicy yoghurt sauce with mushrooms, onions & green peppers, Pathia style hot dish using fresh ginger, garlic, sweet & sour sauce & a touch of green chilli & black pepper, Cooked in a rich sauce, comprising of spring onion, green chilli, garlic, ginger, menti & capsicums, Cooked in a blend of exotic spicy jalfrezi sauce, Cooked with mushroom, onion & capsicum with a touch of Punjabi masala, Cooked with a touch of achari masala pickle & fresh coriander. Currys include; Spicy Chicken Breast in sauce, marinated chicken tikka, south indian garlic chicken, chicken chasni or chicken korma. Finished on top with icing sugar dust, Monday: 4pm - 10pm Lovely taste, Tender cubed pieces of baby chicken breast marinated with herbs, cooked with spices in a clay oven, Pieces of chicken breast marinated with spice, onion, green pepper & mushroom, Pieces of lamb fillet marinated with herbs & spices with onion, green pepper & mushroom, Tender cubed pieces of prime lamb fillet marinated with spices & herbs & cooked in a clay oven, Mixture of chicken tikka, shish (lamb) & donner kebab, Mixture of chicken & lamb tikka with strips of donner tossed in frying pan with a mixture of Indian spices, onions & green chillies (spicy but tasty), Your choice of sauce, 1 side & 1 can of juice Enjoy oriental cooking which is lovingly prepared and fresh every day. £7.50, From £5.95, From We use only chicken breast, Thin slices of potato in spicy Indian batter, Fluffy friend Indian bread with choice of filling £7.00. Our secret recipe pizza sauce is then added to your base along with our vast choice of traditional toppings as well as our own Asian style toppings. A tasty curry pizza made with lamb, fresh garlic & ginger, Indian spices and green chillies. Medium. Tel: (786) 787-9030 or (786) 787-9070 A wonderfully different taste, Stuffed with sweet almond powder, coconut powder & cream. Cooked in special karahi sauce with green chillies, hot & spicy! Chef — 18800 N.E. £2.95, From Cost A$25 for two people (approx.) £7.95 Cooked in a spicy yoghurt sauce with fresh cream, onions & green peppers. MISTER CHEF. Sunday: 4pm - 10pm, 165 Main St, Posted on 09-Feb-2018. Creamy Masala. £6.45, From Mr Chef recommendations. Extras are available, Large spicy chicken breast burger towered with a hash brown & served in a large American bap, The hottest burger known to man, a burger so hot it literally takes your breath away, a succulent half burger topped with cheese, chillies & jalapenos & drenched in our famous dreaded fiery reapy relish, Spicy chicken zinger burger, half pounder burger, donner meat & jalapenos, Half pounder burger smothered with cheese & sauteed mushrooms, Chapati served with chips, cheese, salad & sauce (786) 787-9030 | £8.50, From Stir-fried w/ ginger & scallions Oriental Oyster. £6.00, From Customize and manage this page on, Shrimp wonton in clear chicken broth w/ napa, sliced roasted pork & scallion, Shrimp wonton in soup w/ chicken, pork & vegetable, Traditional Chinese soup w/ wispy beaten eggs, Southern Chinese original cream of corn soup w/ egg white & crab meat, Tofu, bamboo shoots & mushrooms balanced w/ egg & vinegar, Grilled tender chicken & house green salad, Fresh lettuce, boiled egg, sweet corn & sunflower seeds, Fresh conch mixed w/ cucumber, pepper & onion in lemon sauce, Hands on meal! Curry Style on the nan with melted garlic and cheese served with chips. This is an Indian delicacy cooked with mince & subtle spices, Hyderabadi style! Aquí en MR CHEF - Panamá experimentarás una deliciosa cocina Sandwiches, Pizza, American. All dishes are served with rice, salad & curry sauce, Chicken & lamb tikka, seekh kebab, tandoori chicken breast, drumsticks & also a naan bread & salad bag, King size prawns dipped in spices then grilled on charcoal, Spices mince lamb skewered & charcoal grilled, Selected chicken tikka pieces cooked in the tandoor, Large box garnished with green salad & filled with cheese, pineapple, sweetcorn & spiced onions, Bread stuffed with onions, sweetcorn, cheese, spicy mince, chicken tikka & butter. Salad & sauce separate 50p extra, Extra fillings are available 18800 NE 29th AVE, Suite 10, Aventura, FL 33180. Mr. 33180 Mr Chef recommendations. Aventura Mr. chef’s stir fried the freshest of the shrimp, scallop & calamari w/ snow peas, carrot & mushroom in XO sauce Dynasty Lobster.