Resists compression at low temperatures. Includes 4 L-Shaped Sections and Gasket Material. Avantco 178GSKT10521 Vinyl Magnetic Door Gasket for A-49F-HC, A-49R-HC, CFD-2FF, CFD-2RR, CFD-3FF, CFD-3RR, SS-2F-HC, SS-2R-HC, SS-3F-HC, and SS-3R-HC #178gskt10521 $41.99 /Each Avantco 178GSKT11571 Vinyl Magnetic Door Gasket for A-19 Series, A-23 Series, CFD-1 Series, and SS-1 Series $55 68 ADD TO CART. This door gasket is for the freezer door on the refrigerator. 6 product ratings. Highest peel and shear resistance, can be used under high loads of stress and force. Door Gasket 2304. Supco GIDDS-653260 Universal Refrigerator Door Gasket 32" x 55" (1-Pack), Vintage Refrigerator Door Replacement Seal Price Per Foot (12 Foot), Old Refrigerator D Door Replacement Self Adhesive HT Seal Price Per foot (17 Feet), Universal Refrigerator D Door Replacement 3M Self Adhesive Seal Price Per foot (14 Feet), Repairwares Refrigerator Door Gasket Seal 2188404A 2188404 4387622 4387624 939565 943116 943220 986706 AP3092332, Supco SU2004 Refrigerator Door Gasket Kit, Includes Magnetic Insert Strip – Designed To Fit Most Brands (1-Pack), Supco SU2001 Refrigerator Door Gasket Kit, Includes Magnetic Insert Strip – Designed To Fit Most Brands, Gasket Seal Kit for a True Refrigerator Door Model T-72, Gdm-72 810802, Universal Vintage Refrigerator Door Replacement Seal Price Per foot e (17 Feet), White Vintage Refrigerator Door Replacement Seal Price Per foot HT (25 Feet), Top 10 Lowes Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets. 100' Universal Refrigerator Door Gasket 100' 10. • When carrying or handling gasket, carry it by the corners to prevent breakage of the internal magnetic … Not for newer units with magnetic seals. We bring continued product line expansion through in-house development, master distributor relationships, and acquisition. None of them would seal properly. Every order comes with a magnetic insert strip. Cut to size., TJ90SU2004 / … RG17 Like any appliance replacement part, this seal will not fit all models Your old gasket should be similar (resembling without being identical) in size and shape as this seal offered. Best prices on Refrigerator Gaskets, Fridge Gaskets, Cooler Gaskets, Refrigeration Gaskets, Gasket Replacement, Refrigerator Handle, Refrigerator Parts, Door Seals, Freezer Seals. Magnetic refrigerator door gasket. Universal Refrigerator Door Gasket Kit, White, 36" x 84" SU2004 In-Stock. This high quality ref door gasket, Model No. C $60.19 shipping. Melissa Burnell, known to her friends and fans as "Liss," grew up in Southern Maine, now residing in sunny South Carolina. UNIVERSAL REFRIGERATOR DOOR GASKET – This Supco universal ref door gasket is an excellent replacement for residential and commercial refrigerators where an exact replacement part is not available. Made for cabinets with a clearance 5/8" - 3/4". We have over 300 kinds of profiles for magnetic door gasket. Got the thing installed okay, but there is no 'seal'. FIT MOST REFRIGERATORS – Measuring 32 inches by 55 inches, it can be easily cut to desired size. This part is approximately 34-1/2" wide x 24" long. Vintage Refrigerator Door Replacement Seal Gaskets Kit, Replaces Frost King Refrigerator Door Gaskets Mod. Universal Vintage Refrigerator Door Replacement Seal Price Per Foot e (17 Feet) Affix with fasteners, (not supplied) Refrigerator Door Replacement Gasket for older Vintage units Mod: GR Replaces Worn Door Gasket on Many Older Refrigerators Creates an Air Tight Seal Also can work on Universal Refrigerator Door Replacement Seal Gaskets, Car doors ect. Here you will be able to choose the profile that looks most like your current gasket and enter the … WR01L02134 In-Stock. Nowadays, there are so many products of universal freezer refrigerator door gasket seal in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one. GIDDS-653260, is designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and has wide application across many refrigerator models. Note: This video is intended to give you the general idea of the part replacement procedure. Position one of its corners on the top of the refrigerator door. Item #: HP04000092. Write a review. All compression gaskets are made from refrigeration grade 100% virgin vinyl. Use Gasket Guy. This refrigerator door gasket is a direct replacement for hundreds of refrigerator models. All rights reserved. Founded in 1945 in the Bronx, NY by two naval engineers, Sealed Unit Parts Co.,Inc (SUPCO) originated as a service company for refrigeration systems. EASY TO CUT – The door gasket maximum door size 36 inches x 84 inches and be easily cut to the size you need. Universal Refrigerator Door Magnetic Gasket Maximum Door Size 32" x 55" 3.5 out of 5 stars (6) 6 product ratings - Universal Refrigerator Door Magnetic Gasket Maximum Door Size 32" x 55" C $78.05. It is made from refrigeration grade virgin vinyl. Get the best deals on Seals/Gaskets For Refrigerator & Freezer when you shop the largest online selection at Every day you reach into your fridge for a snack before slamming the door closed. 3.5 out of 5 stars based on 6 product ratings. Stores and suppliers stopped carrying replacements 20+ years ago. This SU2001 refrigerator door gasket is designed to fit a variety of profiles and sizes. Replacement for standard kerf steel doors Universal Replacement For Refrigerators and Freezers. I have been through the replacing the old fridge (40+ years) door gaskets. With the performance such as high-temperature and low-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant and removal-resistant, they are widely used in electric refrigerator, disinfector, distillatory and cabinet. DOOR GASKET REPLACEMENT – The Supco SU2004 is a direct replacement door gasket that is designed to fit a variety of profiles and sizes. Custom door gasket material for your commercial walk-in cooler reach-in refrigerator or freezer can be a viable option when OEM data is unavailable. Custom Gaskets. The kits are designed for universal replacement on … Phone: 800-423-2446 Fax: 800-835-6655 Email: … A refrigerator door gasket creates a seal between the cool refrigeration environment and the external environment. 9. They went to “universal” gasket sets and over the years, I bought and returned 4 different “universal” sets. 50' Universal Refrigerator Door Gasket 50' Showing 18 products matching.