to the Quintana County Park, two bird parks, and perhaps the cleanest The signatories included many of the residents who had signed the anti-Freeport LNG petition. Stephen F. Austin's colonist landed three miles above the mouth. google_ad_format = "728x15_0ads_al_s"; … We’ve talked about putting them on the market and selling them. Linda visits Wade in Quintana on the weekends. No one would get the money until the plant was permitted. Freeport LNG never built a berm. He said it’s not a case of “sour grapes.” He has a three-year lease to rent his home from Freeport LNG and is considering building another house on the island farther away from the plant. //-->. It had already succeeded in securing permits for its import facility, making it easier to get approval for an export terminal. Armed with a petition, a clipboard and a blue ballpoint pen, Harold Doty set out one warm summer morning in 2013 to knock on every door in Quintana. The portly, brown-haired Libertarian Party member couldn’t have predicted how swiftly the tide would turn, or have foreseen the strategies the company would employ to divide and conquer the town. Quintana on early Texas maps. flooding of the river could no longer be tolerated and in 1929 The Corps Lawyer & Law Firm. Naveena Sadasivam is a staff writer covering the environment, energy and climate change at Grist. That’s when Freeport LNG considered a new plan. Jerry Masters Drawn by the easy access to the Gulf, millions of dollars in subsidies and low taxes, Quintana was an ideal location for a natural gas importer. 979-233-0848 So far, Freeport LNG has demolished 26 homes that it purchased from Quintana residents, claiming they are uninhabitable, even though some of the houses were occupied before they were sold to Freeport LNG. Short of that, Doty thought he and his neighbors could pressure the company to build a 40-foot berm around the facility to protect them from the construction noise and the fallout from a potential explosion. In a matter of two years, Quintana went from beach town to company town. “In school did you ever play that game where someone told a story and you repeat it to another person and nothing is the same from one end to another?” Alongis, a 28-year resident of Quintana, said, sitting on a bench outside the town hall. warehouse, meat market, school, hotel, grocery store and post office. Doty, who was then on the Town Council, was optimistic. Clothing Store. Gary Wilson 1833 and named it after General Adreas Quintana, deputy minister of the island is home to 100 permanent residents. Places Directory Results for Quintana Island – Quintana Ronda. Tired of the squabbling and aggression within the community, 36 residents filed a second petition asking the council to stop spending the town’s money on the consultant it had hired.