I am sincerely sorry to the fans who support me and to everyone who has been caused concern because of this. I’ve never been a stylist for C’s group. I also make mistakes, and I could be seen as a bad person by someone and as a good person by someone else. In her post, Kang, who has 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, compared Irene’s behavior to “nut rage” Heather Cho, the Korean Air vice president who went on a rampage in 2014 while on board a plane after she was served by a flight attendant with nuts in original packaging instead of on a plate as she wanted. She went on to say, “Even when I thought about it for a while, I couldn’t understand her actions. As of today (Sunday, 22nd September), The Red Velvet member’s account has been recovered and it’s finally back on track. This is Irene. The reason that I still haven’t taken any action is that ever since I decided I needed to do something about this, my fundamental goal and objective has been for C to promise that she will never act like that toward anyone again and for her to meet with myself and my two team members and apologize. I still feel the same way. There was a lot of help from many people who worked hard together until I was here, but I regret and reflect on the fact that I hurt a lot with my immature behavior.

Finally, I earnestly ask this of the people who are reading this post. For that reason, those two people came with me to the meeting for the apology. K-Fans worldwide are hoping that Instagram would be able to find a solution for this matter. I am also preparing something regarding this. Those posts do not hurt me at all and they do not affect C positively in any way. After I first uploaded my post, I didn’t take any action because I also needed to make rational and wise decisions in every moment in preparation for this situation. 83.7k Followers, 20 Following, 3,158 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Red Velvet - Irene (@rv.bae.irene) On October 21, an Instagram post was uploaded by an editor and stylist about an unnamed celebrity. © 2020 Vijandren Ramadass. I truly hope Irene has learnt from this, but considering the amount of people who seem to have bad experiences with her, I think this is a case of ‘apologize because I got caught’, I think this is a case of ‘apologize because I got caught’. On October 22, Irene wrote the following post on Instagram: This is Irene.
The 29-year-old girl group member posted an apology following a since-deleted Instagram post by an editor and stylist, which described a … We will work hard so that this does not happen again to the people we work with.

K-pop girl group Red Velvet’s Irene issued an apology after a magazine editor-stylist became a victim of the singer’s rage. All Rights Reserved. 6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Brunei Prince Haji Abdul... Vivy Yusof’s dUCk Brand Accused Of Plagiarising Hijab Label, Bokitta, The Reason Why People Were Queuing To Purchase This KL Condominium. Irene later admitted to being the figure at the centre of the controversy through an apology posted on her Instagram yesterday. She really must have the worst attitude in the world.

More and more keeps spilling out,” according to Netizen Buzz. 629k members in the kpop community. I think Irene's gonna take a long hiatus now. Fans defended Irene, saying one incident does not define her whole character and they will still support her despite what happened. This post will also be my last time expressing my stance on the matter. Kang narrated that she was “completely stampeded upon and bullied by one person. Irene, a member of popular K-pop act Red Velvet, admitted to allegations that she verbally attacked a stylist during a recent shoot and apologized over the incident.

Kang Kook-hwa posted on Instagram about an incident but did not name Irene although she used the hashtags #psycho, title of a Red Velvet song, and #monster, the name of the album of Irene and Seulgi as a subunit of the group. The editor and stylist whose accusations about Red Velvet member Irene… Wendy, Seulgi, Irene, Yeri and Joy of girl band Red Velvet attend the red carpet at KCON Day 1 2018 NY presented by Toyota at Prudential Center on June 23, 2018 in … I thought that there was no need to take rash action because immediately after the incident, I received an apology from someone from B Company who had hired me and the managers who had been there, and they acknowledged her wrongdoing. I am sincerely sorry to all the fans who support me and to all those who became concerned because of the incident.”. I thought I had experienced all kinds of people and gave up on such matters having worked 15 years in this field, but I was wrong,” according to the Korea JoongAng Daily.
I acted in this way for the sake of recovery from defamation and protection of dignity for myself, who completed all of my professional work related to my commission, and my colleagues who have had the same experience as me. I didn’t want to believe this could be her, but all the evidence was pointing to it being Irene. Right, it’d probably be easier for Irene to survive this scandal without major reputation damage if this were an isolated outburst.