DreamerRO are the only highly customised server and unique to it's own! Moreover, customization is purely perfect and beyond your imagination. Possible freezes of the game client in loading screens, and FPS drops, because of bad optimization. 2011-11-22aRagexeRE.exe.patched.exe Client not working . This is the best Ragnarok i play so far....i`m now 28 year old...my first play is 18 year old and still play this game,.,..but the problem is, donation item and farming item is too diff.... if donation item can farm( event a hardest quest ) its will be asome.....rich boy always win in any game...so to enjoy the game..make it balance between donation and farning item... Hey! Testing..Sir I can't change the window mode resolution T_T, Add me in facebook sir..www.facebook.com/denceljames05I need help in screen resolution.. . how did it go? . . How to run game on MacOS and Linux . makes me always comeback <3, this server is so good, the GM always active and tryna make a new stuff for all the players to have more fun in the game ofcourse. :) THANK YOU SB.PRO :) thank you so much! Default values of those are s1 and p1.change intouserid: myserveruser_pass: pwserver> Create your own GM account in the next row.account_id: 20000000userid: adminuser_pass: adminsex: M or Flevel: 99> When you are done editing, just click the Apply Changes that is next to the Edit icon. You won't feel lonely in this community. Economy is good , zeny are easy to farm by doing zeph , farm dungeon and sell to other players. Only the ragexe file stopped working when attempting to start. Basically, you don't really need to be an IT or CS or whatever computer literate course in able for you to have your own Ragnarok Priva... Professional Blog. I will try this when I get home, the 4k pack is the 2.54 version of dgvodoo wich is oficially supported by gepard3.0, in this case we use an tricky method to run the last version of dgvodoo(2.63 i think was it) and as an extra we chain it with dxvk wich in this case seems to improve performance a ton(first game i run with dxvk i get over 300fps), ooo tasty.. because my performance with the 4k pack is unplayable for me,and im tweaking things left and right to get things to sit right and its just herky jerky and all kindsa wrong, even though i can finally use my gpu.. depressing XD, on my case its same with the 4k pack , i get better fps with plain game rather that outdated version of dgvoodoo, that version(4k pack) for me only worsen my gameplay making even the character selection un-usable, try the guide and tell me how it goes, also if you get any problem dont hesitate on pming me at discord, sweet thanks so much for your help. following your instructions carefully now... lol. got in the SERVER part eAthena,, however, when i log in the 2 accounts; myserver and a GM account, it says, REJECTED FROM THE SERVER. . Play anywhere you like, I enjoy the game but just market make me confuse when I starting the game a lot currency I do not know which token for which one and Z is for what mean ..hope they can mention more clearly which token for which market for newbie more easy understand. This icon should be in bottom.> Change userid and user_pass located in the table. Here, you'll find great information about our Server Details along with helpful Quest Guides, touring through TalonRO's Custom Features, and much more.All members of the TalonRO community are welcome to contribute their own knowledge by creating a wiki account to create and edit entries as well! I know this server is yours but i hope you can help me to change "Login Background","Loading Screen" and your server (StifWilderZ) on top of game screen.