These and other herdwick wool products can also be bought at Priests Mill, Caldbeck through the Wool Clip Cooperative. The fleece from our goats and sheep is used to produce a range of mohair and wool products. This is a coarse, hard wearing wool that is well suited for hand spinning. This hardy breed lives on the highest elevations of the Lake District in England. Herdwick Tweed | Shepherdess// ",textPosted:"",popupCornerRadius:5}; We also stock the unique Red Fox Sheep Wool. Herdwick wool is available is available in two natural colours - light or dark, and comes in 100g balls and hanks. DK 100% Herdwick 95 yards / 50 grams 101 projects. Wrought of granite and slate [CDATA[ var rlArgs={"script":"swipebox","selector":"lightbox","customEvents":"","activeGalleries":"1","animation":"1","hideCloseButtonOnMobile":"0","removeBarsOnMobile":"0","hideBars":"1","hideBarsDelay":"5000","videoMaxWidth":"1080","useSVG":"","loopAtEnd":"0"}; // ]]>//