Share on Facebook. At this point, I was far more concerned about falling asleep than being brainwashed. "”, “El profesionalismo de este grupo es simplemente extraordinario.”, “ como una ventana a otra cultura que me parece muy interesante.”. Despite today’s appearances, temples and cultural sites in China are all operated under the Party’s leadership. The man went back to standing in the same place with the sign "Falun Dafa is good." Chinese culture is filled with references to the gods intervening in people’s lives, teaching lessons, helping in times of need, bestowing knowledge, and so on. That is intense, isn’t it? The dress code suggests you might want to wear a tuxedo or evening gown since you're "in for a special treat," but it's Berkeley so I wore jeans. That piece was followed by a soprano vocalist whose talents were impressive, but my enjoyment of her performance was marred when I realized what she was singing. As the lights dimmed, an announcement to turn off cell phones and other electronic devices came first in Mandarin, then English. Durante 5000 años, la cultura divina floreció en la tierra de China. Speaking now from my humanities background, where I read many historical works that have been preserved for millennia, I have no doubt this story will be equally cherished in the future. This year, what hit me after the curtain opened was an awareness about the unimaginable difficulty the performers have overcome, and their undaunted courage. Then came the eighth act, titled "Abetting the Wicked." I don’t think most people understand the significance of Shen Yun’s mission, and how before Shen Yun, this glorious heritage of mankind may have been lost forever. The dancers actually appear to fly up into the air and transform into heavenly deities on the screen. And imagine, Chinese dance was also a source for many of the martial arts forms still practiced today. Si no lo has visto, simplemente no has estado prestando atención. It is just that most people don’t know enough about Shen Yun before they go. There is an element of: you never know what is going to happen next. This just doesn’t happen! … It’s like heaven.”. The Chinese instruments add volumes to the ethnic character of the performances, while the Western instruments lend strength to the sound and carry the action. Another dance story seemed to be about a guy who trips on drugs and sees angels. There were religious themes throughout, but no overt propaganda as far as I could tell. “As somebody who’s worked with major artists... their execution has been...”, “Outstanding, the athleticism and the elegance of the dancers is just incredible!”, “Amazing. I gave up on my desire to find an overarching plot. I furiously scratched down notes, trying to get a grasp on the plot of this show, but the most legible thing in my notebook is "I'm really lost.". Shen Yun tickets are not the cheapest out there, but as I have expressed in this review, the inspirational value is rather priceless.