We’d love to hear from you. Since Parvati fasted the entire day and night at this time, it has become an age-old tradition to fast and stay awake all night during Mahashivratri. Listen to the magnificent Rudram, chant Om Namah Shivaya and meditate at midnight with millions of people. When both your mind and body are detoxified, there is greater strength in your intentions and prayers. When that happens, it is more prepared for prayer, and meditation, which is the central aspect of Mahashivratri celebration. Hindu mythology states that observing the Maha Shivaratri fast inculcates a sense of discipline and helps the individual to control the emotions and desires which can lead to destruction and chaos. This year, Mahashivratri falls on February 21st, 2020. All through India, many devotees observe the Shivratri fast… Devotees break the fast only on the following morning, by first consuming the Prasad offered to the magnanimous and ever forgiving master of the universe, Lord Shiva. Apart, from these foods, you can also have milk, chakravelli and alookhichdi! Also, use pepper and not red chilli powder. Who does not love kheer? On this great night of Lord Shiva, the vrat continues through the day, and night. You can read some tips on healthy fasting on Mahashivratri here. The Shiva Lingam is bathed every three hours even during the night. All these rituals help the individual to delve into his/her inner consciousness and realize the true meaning of the ‘Self’. The Maha Shivaratri fast is observed throughout the day and night, and devotees maintain an all-night vigil by chanting mantras and singing devotional hymns in honor of Lord Shiva. The foods that you should avoid are pulses, rice, wheat and salt. As the Mahashivratri festival is approaching, it is the right time to observe a one-day fast – the Shivratri fast or Shivratri vrat seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva. So, she held His throat to stop the poison from spreading, for one day and one night, which is why he turned blue (and earning the name Neelakantha). The fast or vrat is at the heart of the celebration and many follow it earnestly to increase the solemnity of their vows and intentions. The Lord drank all the poison and saved them. Now, that you know about the festival and the fast, we will take you through about what to eat during your vrat or fast. Your body feels relaxed and is at peace and this makes it prepared for prayer and meditation. There is also a legend behind why people fast during Mahashivratri. The story of Shivratri bhajans, sound & you, Bringing to you the best of Shiva bhajans. The devas and asuras prayed to Lord Shiva requesting his help. Some people survive on very little easily-digestible food or simply water and milk. Uncooked Pulusu is what you can call this. Finally, after performing the bathing ritual, a garland of pink and white lotus flowers is reverentially placed on the Lingam. Leave your comments @artofliving. Fasting enables you to control the body’s natural processes, so you are not distracted from being one with your Self. It is believed that when you fast, and chant the Lord’s names, you are absolved of all your sins. When a devotee offers worship to the Lord every three hours, the Shivaratri Vrat (fasting) is deemed fulfilled and assumes full significance. At the same time, the mind becomes more alert. Usually, during festivals, devotees break their fast after the puja is performed. Your body feels lighter and your mind feels more relaxed as the restlessness reduces. 1. Kheer has a cooling effect and also regulates metabolism and gives you subtle energy. This is traditionally believed to cleanse one of bodily impurities. Why Are Indians Obsessed With Jeera Or Cumin Seeds? You can avoid certain foods and still follow the vrat. Let’s find out what motivates people to undertake this amazing fast. As the Mahashivratri festival is approaching, it is the right time to observe a one-day fast – the Shivratri fast or Shivratri vrat seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva. … Fasting detoxifies the body and purifies the mind. They then anoint the Lingam with haldi and kumkum and place ‘Bel’ leaves on it. Those who adhere to all the stipulations of the fasting process with devotion are liberated from the cycle of birth and death and are sure to reach the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva.