Their neck is red and the plumage of female's is grey in colour. It is the most widespread subspecies, ranging from Ethiopia and Sudan in the east throughout the Sahel and the Sudan to Senegal and Mauritania in the west, and at least in earlier times north to Egypt and southern Morocco, respectively. SCF’s ambitious goal to reintroduce the species into the wild. North African Ostrich Recovery Project: Setting Up New Facilities. Looking for North African Ostrich? The feet, are long and flat, to make treading though the desert very easy and swift, and when the run. The endangered North African ostrich is also known as the red-necked ostrich and the Barbary ostrich, though it’s not clear whether this was the variety Thornton was seeking. North African Ostrich | Article about North African Ostrich by The Free Dictionary. The ostrich also has a large mouth it uses as a defense against predators like cheetahs. Ostrich | African Wildlife Foundation Top They are the most widespread and can be found from east to west Africa. In the 18th century, ostrich feathers were so popular in ladies’ fashion that they disappeared from all of North Africa. North African Ostrich (Struthio camelus camelus) They are also known as the Red-necked Ostrich and they are the largest subspecies. There are a handful of recognized modern sub-species of ostrich, including four in Africa, one in Asia (Struthio camelus syriacus, which has been extinct since the 1960s) and one in Arabia (Struthio asiaticus Brodkorb).Wild species are known to have been present in North Africa and Central Asia, although today they are restricted to sub-Saharan Africa. Ostriches commonly live in the African savanna or hotter regions, because of this the ostrich has a lot of exposed skin such as the legs, and head. Find out information about North African Ostrich. Explanation of North African Ostrich . North African Ostrich How To › Common Ostrich how to. If not for ostrich farming, which began in 1838, then the world’s largest bird would probably be extinct. The recent installation of a solar-powered hatchery and incubation unit is now allowing the organization to get closer to this goal. In partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN), Kellé, Niger, created by SCF a few years ago. S. c. camelus in North Africa, sometimes called the North African Ostrich or Red-necked Ostrich. Ostrich Life Cycle . the tall heel give them extra push.