Even sleep is a barrier that can’t be shared.”, “Maybe the despair of previous times has been worthwhile.”, “While, naturally, he has to gauge risk, to read the elements, he still often bemoans the hardships of the past. Refresh and try again. He wants to know why events happen as they do, how control is exercised from beyond understanding.”, “Now,' he says, when finished, 'let the wind blow and let the light come from the dark. Odysseus and Telemachus slaughter the suitors like eagles attacking little birds. He constantly puzzles over the role of remote influences, like the after-life. I can move to another. Get started + This is a premium product. When it’s cold, or it rains, he never leaves at all, fearing a moment's neglect might prove fatal. I’ll sit here with my hen's egg and watch with safety even if the sky falls apart.' “While Aves, however real, exists in a world of uncertainty, Telemachus is a judgment as sure as night or day.” ― Peter Gray, Telemachus Every hour of the day after that, he holds the egg next to his breast, except when hunting for food. Join today and never see them again. To him, this egg is Sally,”, “He’s recently thought a lot about Telemachus and reached the conclusion he might be an agent of Aves, bringing death to those who need to be punished for their waywardness.”, “Dear mourners,' he begins, 'let me first tell you that truth must always be spoken, no matter that it hurts. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. 'The biggest mistake is not to face reality,”, “face a little hardship rather than years of regretting.”, “Tom hunts alone. Unlock these features. It becomes the way of their truth, and, without it, they are dead.”, “While Aves, however real, exists in a world of uncertainty, Telemachus is a judgment as sure as night or day.”. Telemachus is growing into manhood, but without his father, he is still powerless. Quotes By Peter Gray. It corrupts, begs rebellion. Tradition and Custom; Fate and Free Will; Principles; Lies and Deceit; Piety; Family; Loyalty; Justice; Perseverance; Pride; Suffering; Hospitality; Flashcards; Quizzes; Write Essay; Teaching; Tired of ads? Error rating book. All Quotes Life’s too short to spend in misery.' For truth untold is wicked, damning. Rebellion being the right of those who are themselves corrupted. While shunned by all he sees, he grows aware that, in reality, life is lived alone. Having demanded that the suitors leave his house, Telemachus is immediately forced to admit that he does not have the power to make them leave. Quotes. Newsletter . So what? Odysseus spares only the bard and the... Odysseus spares only the bard and the... (full context) “Having faced adversity and survived it, he’s unlike others who haven’t.”, “Okay. By referring to “one man’s goods,” he hints that he is ready to claim Odysseus’s possessions as his own—but he does not dare make this claim directly. When with a hen, there’s only an illusion of sharing; a pretence that life’s trials are easier to endure.