That’s not a very big difference, but if I had 10,000 data points, it may end up being statistically significant (p<0.05), however, the effect size is going to be very small. James then makes a brilliant debate move and flips the conversation on its head stating that he could state that 87% of the studies showed no risk or an increased risk of cancer. This means that both of these are low quality proteins that do not have the same metabolic impact as higher quality proteins even at the same intake. For example, I could have two treatments, treatment A and treatment B and at the end of the study, one might produce an arbitrary outcome score of 99 and the other 99.5. [40:15], Pflanzliche oder tierische Eiweiße: Welches Protein ist gesünder? Wie Du als Laie erkennst, ob eine “wissenschaftliche” Ernährungsdoku (oder ein Medienbericht) seriös ist. It’s not just animal products that impair endothelial function, it’s high fat (specifically saturated fat) meals in general. [05:54], Was ist eine Querschnittstudie? [46] [47] [48]. [44] Let’s just take the peanut butter sandwich out of the discussion, as to get 2g of leucine from peanut butter sandwiches, you’d need to consume 4 of them, packing in over 1600 calories to maximize MPS for JUST ONE FREAKING MEAL. I also knew that if I didn’t like the film, I would likely endure the full wrath of the zealot vegan community (I want to be clear here, not all vegans are zealots, I’m specifically referring to the crazies) and as much as I don’t mind a good scrap online, it gets tiring dealing with overzealous idiots. If the study was so egregious, why didn’t James and his team explain why the data that NutriRECS collected is incorrect or why their conclusions based on that data is incorrect? Is Game Changers Funded by Impossible Foods or Beyond …. Unlike James, I can actually use data and empirical evidence to base my arguments on rather than resorting to logical fallacies. [01:04:41], Darauf solltest Du achten, wenn Du Dich vegan ernähren möchtest, um alle Nährstoffe zu bekommen. So let’s go down the rabbit hole and examine this ‘conspiracy’ for a moment. No, but that’s just my opinion. Why did they not criticize their methodology if they disagree with the findings? 53:00 – To that end, Chris does a terrible job attempting to justify the carb ranges he recommends. I am not sure if he did it purposefully, but this statement doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter, it just means that there isn’t much research examining it. Not long after, I started receiving thousands of messages from others asking for my take on the debate. Retrieved December 12, 2019, from, (2019, November 27). I did a full critical analysis of the film, in case you missed it. Retrieved December 27, 2019, from. That said, I can’t say for sure because I’m taking the word of Stover on this. Choose from several training programs for different goals and difficulty level. Retrieved December 5, 2019, from, (2019, January 25). Eating Vegan may work for some, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. Bizarre. To my mind, the film made the original claims and the onus should be on the film to defend those claims, not attack the people who have attacked the claims, but hey, I’m definitely biased on this one. [1] That said, there is some confusion on my part regarding the timeline, as the original article he read on the subject was written in 2009 whereas the reference I found from the authors is from 2014. Warum Vegetarier wirklich fitter, gesünder und schlanker sind. That being said, James’ argument is very disingenuous because Chris’ statements about heme iron only being associated with meat in studies performed in the USA and not the rest of the world is true! We’re not surprised that it’s gone so viral. The claim in the film was that you get as much protein from a cup of cooked lentils or a peanut butter sandwich as you do from 3 eggs or 3 oz of steak. I will point out that from the beginning I never claimed that one couldn’t get enough protein being vegan, just that it’s much more difficult as we discussed in depth. A direct quote from the paper that James pulls the Forest plot from says “with respect to heme iron intake, we found a significant association only in the studies that were based on American cohorts.” [10]. Of course not.