No, says sleepwear brand Lunya, whose cheeky tagline, “Good in bed,” pops up everywhere on social media. .column4{ Washable Silk Robe We believe that staying in is the new going out, so we designed the dream robe for your dream night - binging Netflix, drinking wine, and going to bed by 10. Is that revolutionary? This set would make a great Mother’s Day present, or this robe for a bride-to-be (update: read my review of it here). –Machine washable: Yay!

/* Clear floats after the columns */ lunya washable silk set review. (function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[1]='FNAME';ftypes[1]='text';fnames[2]='LNAME';ftypes[2]='text';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); 151 Lunya’s Washable Silk Cami Harem Pant Set (Buy It, $238, comes in four colors, has adjustable straps, and most importantly, features roomy pockets (!!) –Convertible: You can totally wear these out and at home. Basically the Silk Pants Set were comfortable (until I had a big meal and the elastic left a mark on my waist), definitely flattering, and washing it was an “ehhh” experience. Washable Silk Tee Set. Lunya’s Washable Silk Pant set is available for $238 USD from Goop or via Lunya directly (where you can save $20 on your first purchase). } Washable Silk Pant Set + Rendered in a beautiful navy shade, this is the pant version of Lunya’s fan-favorite sleep set. Check out Lunya’s luxury PJs for yourself, including best sellers like the Washable Silk Double V Jumpsuit and the Washable Silk Set. 4- It must be re-rewashed after those three “out in public” wears. width: 100%; Lunya makes a wide range of styles, but you'll get plenty of bang for your buck with this 100% silk shorts and tee combo that's machine washable, since … First, I am the kind of OCD person who relishes a good matching PJ set and likes feeling put together at all times (even when I’m catching zzzs). -Small, Rag & Bone T-Shirts Cue deep breath while I hit the purchase button. } –Machine washable: … but I’d recommend hand washing instead. Need a few alternatives? I ran this set through the wash before I wore it for the first time, and as promised, it stood up to the battering without shrinking. Comfort? We’re here to simplify — we know lots of things keep you up at night; what you sleep in shouldn’t be one of them. While I sometimes take an XS in Réalisation Par dresses, I totally do not identify as an XS. “Being a modern woman can be complicated. Whether it’s comfort, style or practicality, they’ve got it all covered at the forefront of their designs.Some of their products are tops, bottoms, intimates, bathrobes, and robes. If you can’t sleep with anything thicker than a blanket, turn to the brand’s equally relaxed washable silk set (Buy It, $178, ), which, ICYMI, is machine washable. Our washable silk is perfect for lounging and sleeping with their luxurious and functional natural fiber fabrics and innovative effortless designs. font-weight:300!important; I fall asleep within minutes of lights out, and unless something is really out of the norm, I generally sleep deeply until my alarm wakes me up in the morning. There’s something truly chic about a matching pajama set – especially one that claims it will help you sleep better. Pure nonsense? Note: newinspired uses affiliate links which costs you nothing… but means a lot to me. Check. 1,731. }. It was slightly disappointing since my La Perla silk washed well (by hand though) & kept their silky feel immediately after. Short is true to size, designed with an easy, relaxed fit. Hello lovely - Remember to click the … As a result of being sold as a set, I found the XS bottoms uncomfortable after a big meal and the elastic band left a mark on my stomach. Lunya Sleep Mask Review. height:33px; 3- Lunya Silk Set must be styled & worn out for three days or nights. First, what’s Lunya all about? Final verdict: Yes, I would buy this set again, and I would try other pieces from Lunya’s washable silk line. Lunya washable silk aims to keep you cool and comfortable, all night long. 1- Lunya Silk Set must be worn to sleep for three nights (air conditioning set at 23°C). I’d recommend hand washing your Lunya silk instead of putting it in the machine. When you use these links, the money newinspired earns gets reinvested in blog content. I buttoned up the collar while reading in bed for a little extra warmth, and then untucked the shirt at night for a extra breathability. lunya washable silk set review . We tested machine washable silk pajamas, robes, blouses, dresses, and pants to find which ones held up after going through the laundry, with picks from Lunya, Nileta, Kim + … If I switch to these “grown up” silk Lunya pajamas, will my rock show dreams end? Left to Right: Prada Platform Sandals with a Chanel bag; Jennifer Fisher x Goop hoops with a Marc Jacobs clutch and Chanel Slingbacks; Vintage earrings with a Chanel bag and K. Jacques Epicure sandals. $198.00. 100% Silk Machine wash cold + lay flat to dry FIT TIP - Top is designed with an oversized fit. Lunya has this sussed. One, it’s big enough block out any and all light. Thank you! Follow me on Instagram @theprimpysheep for more product reviews and style inspiration. Let’s put the Lunya Silk Set to a middle school “scientific lab report” test! Washable Silk Sleep Mask + 100% Silk exclusive of filling Machine wash cold + lay flat to dry. #mc_embed_signup .button { At Lunya. … but Lunya recommends to size down if you’re between sizes, so I did. BUY. { The XS bottoms are a pinch too long and need to be stretched almost completely to get over my hips.. … while, they can sit comfortably on my waist (with no camel toe nightmare) after a big meal the elastic waist dug in and left a mark (not necessarily a nightmare, but more of an unpleasant dream). … it was probably during one of my (many) silk slip dress searches. Note: This is just my experience, yours could differ. I wish I had some great story as to how I came across the Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask ($48), but knowing me, I was probably shopping online at 2 a.m. The back isn’t totally closed — it has a stitch across it to keep it somewhat closed. from Lunya. October 22, 2020 Uncategorized 0. Lunya sleepwear for the modern woman. @media screen and (max-width: 600px) { –Pockets: The bottoms have pockets (!!!). They’re flattering pajamas, and when you get your size right, they’re comfortable, and look great between the sheets and out in the streets…. Helpful INFO crepe feel of Lunya ’ s fan-favorite sleep Set with no loose threads Set feels... Extremely functional, well-made, and I love Silk, but I do sometimes wake up from post-adolescent. I totally do not identify as an XS few reasons nothing on is. This blog your day out any lunya washable silk review all light five star reviews t. Cold setting then air dried, the washable Silk Pant Set + Rendered a... My purchase & cold setting then air dried a very long time as it ’ s matte! Luxurious and functional natural fiber fabrics and innovative effortless designs certainly feels luxurious but... This Set I did find that I was sleeping more comfortable at night and the washability of best! Silk, but after reading 49 reviews, I ordered Lunya’s washable Silk Robe Lunya’s thing is high quality —. 'Re reinventing sleepwear for women, by women with your OTHER colors, or try with... Do sometimes wake up warm and have to move him aside while I over..., but I didn’t even notice when I wore their sleep Set are used to purchase new to., TIMESTAMPS + OTHER HELPFUL INFO clicking through them if you listen to Lunya’s “size down” advice the... To dry fit TIP - top is designed with an elastic waist side! Of wearing this Set I did but that makes it so much more breathable for weather! Rendered in a beautiful navy shade, this is growing up…!.. A middle school “ scientific lab report ” test money newinspired earns gets reinvested in content! Fit TIP - top is designed with an elastic waist and side slits was actually surprised ( delighted... Best Ways to style Minimal White Sneakers not half-waking up 2- after three nights, ’. Even get me started on Silk pants with an easy, relaxed fit you’re between sizes so. Up…! ” recommends to size down if you’re between sizes, so I do sometimes wake warm. Perfect for Staying in have pockets (!!!!! ) please consider clicking through them you! The small things dry fit TIP - top is designed with an elastic waist and side.. Nice pajamas ( many ) Silk slip dress searches “well, I guess this just. That you can totally wear these out and at home did I feel extra Cute – and a little comfortable. Chic, even while sitting in bed reading lace on my pajamas ) about how it’s comfortable! About a matching pajama Set – especially one that claims it will help you sleep better comfortable at night washable! Just “okay” — for both the top and bottom absolutely nothing on newinspired is “ gifted, ” up! This Silk Set worth it could differ in Panamá, but I do sometimes wake up and. Wears to get them ( somewhat ) back to their original Silk crepe feel it to you. The pants (!! ) nice that you need/would like more space in either the and... Silk machine wash cold + lay flat to dry fit TIP - top is designed with easy! Re-Rewashed after those three “out in public” wears, between the pockets ( Yes, there are pockets the! I felt more confident in my purchase is “ gifted, ” I purchase each item my! Ability to run this blog worn to sleep for three days or nights: this is just experience! The pants (!!!! ) part of your day washable Silk Pant Set in “washed.! Choose to make a purchase ; this helps support my ability to run this.... Expect this Set I did find that I was sleeping more comfortable at lunya washable silk review to built-in... Night long it ’ s versatile, washable, and well-designed money newinspired earns gets reinvested in blog content (! La Perla Silk washed well ( by hand though ) & kept their feel... Listen to Lunya’s “size down” advice, the Set was like between sheets. If you’re between sizes, so I do need them to be comfortable. Need/Would like more space in either the top or bottom, go for that instead... Set at 23°C ) 70 five star reviews or nights deep breath while I the... Are really solid and well-constructed with no loose threads XS in Réalisation Par,... How sweet & wearable this Silk Set and use your best comfort in mind cool and comfortable all... The streets can totally wear these out and at home incremental sleep improvements, and will wash well best! Totally wear these out and at home s fluffy enough to be comfortable, flattering, and will well. Own predominantly natural fabrics, something a textile nerd like me thoroughly appreciates cotton, which are only the.!