The lacing system with these boots is solid. I can't proceed with my application because their system is unable to offer any appointments, it just looks broken. Times Literary Supplement. Not pleased with the Xenon lights. However, there was no available option for regular hours. Very frustrated. I have battled high cholesterol for some years now. But considering I've paid around $500 for my VISA application, I believe I shouldn't be the main "victim" of this.The worst thing is that you practically cannot do anything about the fact. The boot is not for the faint of heart. Shameless people if you dont have staff dont give appointments. Fun environment. Help people considering your employer. Here's roughly two weeks after I did my biometrics and my passport is nowhere to be found. I had applied for priority visa after paying GBP 220 to ensure that I get my decision and passport back within 5 working days. The top of the page clearly stated in red that the offices were now open for regular services then why were all the appointments only available for prime time? Why exactly am I paying for an appointment during normal office hours?? Nitro wants you to get into the big mountains with this boot. This is about the abysmal services at TLS Abuja, Nigeria.Unfortunately, I'm a witness to TLS's very poor services. There is always something wrong with the app, so you can not log in to upload document yourself... rip off. I also usually don’t just ride one set of boots for the entire season. Yeah, these Nitro Snowboard Boots are that good. What is the interview process like at TLS? And know asking for 110 euro for prime time service. I applied for a Uk tourism Visa in Oct,2019, went for biometric at TLScontact Abuja in Nov 2019, till this very day (06/07/2020) no word from TLScontact... am stuck, my international passport has been with them for 8 solid months, I really don’t know what to do cos I need my passport for other applications!!! This is the most horrible experience to go through: 1) Communication is poorly managed. It is a pity that UK Administration does not seem to care about it... Horrible agency!!!! Absolute looting. The website is either broken or it is not clear if there are appointments available. Computer Tax company w/ main frame computers. I have been unable to book an appointment with TLScontact in Tirane Albania as there is something wrong with their website. This is preposterous and a gross financial exploitation of the people coming for appointments to TLS. Unfortunately it is not the first time I have such poor experience,as I am renewing my visa every 6 month. This law firm was where I started as a entry level legal secretary, glad I did because I learned a lot. Overtime! 110 Euro. Out of the box this boot has been perfect for my needs. Crazy peoplePlus, there is only one slot available in a month!! When the laces snap into place they stay until you undo them at the end of the day. From the moment you submit the documents you remain in complete ignorance. Something was different here. I mean we have to upload our documents online too so basically I paid 110 Euros for a 2 minute sit down for the person to take my biometrics and a picture. I enjoyed working for my boss, with the mechanic and working with the customers. Things have changed now that I am rocking the Nitro Capital TLS Snowboard Boots ($499.95). I was not able to ammend my application after making a small mistake and even after cancelling and reapplying they wont even allocate the appointment i had, so in the end i was not able to get the visa inorder to visit france. Company Closed after it was sold to CCH. Now, I have requested for a refund for the priority fee. I did the standard walk around the office trick for a while to break the boots in then decided to go take a lap. Then she blames other people for her mistakes. This actually means I couldn't leave country for my vacation.There is no way to contact them except the ridiculously high priced phone line or a paid email. You will not know when your passport will be returned back to you, which is for people whose work connected with frequent travels is unacceptable. She hides invoices so they don't get paid or they get paid late. She will make you want to quit. Once laced up though the boot was remarkably comfortable, my foot was held in like it was in a wetsuit. However, the Nitro Capital TLS Snowboard Boot is one of those almost crossover boots that gives the stiffness and performance of a ski boot on the way up. I was able to get my passport back just through direct communication between the consulate of my country and British consulate in my residence city.2) People working there are complete unprofessional. Take your mind for a walk – some daily relief from the claustrophobic news cycle Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! This is shameful and I feel I was left helpless by the system as I had to apply for this visa. Recently used tls in London my appointment was on 11.30am I reached 10.45am. these include the bad attitude/rudeness, unprofessional and non trained staff. It’s sure in the running, easily comparable to the best performing ski boots on the market. Nitro’s only true “splitboard boot” offers incredible performance on the way up and especially on the down. How many vacation days do you get per year? I worked in over a100 degree weather ,assembly line ,work with other ,often had breaks , learn how to run a line ...also trained a few, enjoy taken people around who couldn't get there. They only leave the premium services slots available wanting to extort money from applicants. The prime time hours consisted of an additional fee of 110 Euros (including VAT). Splitboarders are slower than skiers on the skin track, this has a lot to do with the boots. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. Then £60 for ukvi. There was no wiggle room which was nice. Horrible service, can't get back my passport. And they state that they cannot give you your passport back until the decision is made and that if you need it, you should get a replacement one in a local authorities.In general - I can state that after paying around $500 after more than 6 months I simply don't know what is going on with my passport at all.The worst service ever. Loader Operator, Driver and Customer Service, Manager, Telemarketing/Telecommunications. Hands on quick paced. Recently used tls in London my appointment was on 11.30am I reached 10.45am. Absolutely Rubbish! Triangle Landscaping Services was temporary because I was in college. What a shambles of a company and their website is terrible! Even you have paid money to get support, nothing happens. I had submitted my application for UK Visa in Dublin. 3.2 Type-S 4dr Sedan (3.2L 6cyl 5A) 25 of 26 people found this review helpful. There is a notice stating that the visa application center is now open for new appointments and yet it is impossible to book one. The reason why I paid for priority was to enable me do a work trip the following week, which unfortunately, I have had to cancel against my best interests.