Habitat Island is a great source of pride for those interested in celebrating coastal biodiversity. The Aquabus's 13 vessels make stops up and down False Creek every 15 minutes or less -- so you never have to wait long for a ride. Vancouver, BCV5Y 1V4, Terms of UsePrivacy PolicyWebsite accessibility, Windsurfing, skimboarding, and standup paddling, Learn more about the Olympic Truce Installation, Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremonies site, Begining at the gazebo in Creekside Park head north towards Science World along the seawall, Follow the seawall along the northeast side of False Creek past Rogers Arena and BC Place, Walk through Cooper's Park and under the Cambie St bridge, On the west side of the Cambie St bridge you will find Marinaside Crescent, turn north and follow the signs to the pedestrian path over the bridge, On the south side of the Cambie Street bridge take the stairs down to the seawall, an accessible option is available by continuing along the bridge until W 2nd Ave and then heading back to the seawall along Spyglass Place, Follow the seawall east to the Olympic Village, Complete your walk at the gazebo in Creekside Park. False Creek (French: Faux ruisseau) is a short inlet in the heart of Vancouver.It separates downtown from the rest of the city. Vote well. KML/KMZ files can be opened in Google Earth, and many smartphone apps. The cover of the envelope depicts a smaller version of the map. Our Location Index also provides an index of locations (municipalities, communities, post-secondary campuses, hospitals, etc.) . .." An insert shows "Canadian Pacific Mail Steamship Lines" on a map of the world. Please check each dock location page for exact hours of operation and follow us on twitter for up-to-date service notifications. This great greenway dotted with parks and sleek amenities wants to be walked and run over and over again. False Creek housing : a development proposal for the north side of False Creek by Marathon Realty Company Limited. Connect with us via: We are open 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week with boats every 15 minutes. (604) 942-6768. Allow a good 3 hours to take it all in. 168 results directly related Item announces a forum featuring Walter Hardwick, Alderman, City of Vancouver; Doug Sutcliffe, Development Consultant; Terrence Tanner, Architect; and Rick Elligott, Moderator. It housed athletes and Olympic officials coming from across the world. Sullivan is up for re-election this year. . It was named by George Henry Richards during his Hydrographic survey of 1856-63. There is something for everyone. Item is a map showing street names and major landmarks around False Creek during Expo 86. The work attempts to highlight both the lighter and graver sides of what can happen when a non-native species is introduced to an environment, how the beauty of birds can sometimes mask their threat to biodiversity. False Creek development : san [sanitary] sewers tentative layout. Annotations have been made on a part of a copy of a base map originally created to show land transfers between the C.P.R and the Government of British Columbia. False Creek development survey occupation plan, Part of Dominion Map and Blueprint Company fonds. See more at skyspiritstudio.com External website, opens in new tab, Artists: Corrine Hunt, Leo Obstbaum, James Lee. Wade Baker is Coast Salish, Kwakiutl, Tlingit, and Haida. Hop aboard our iconic rainbow boats to enjoy the spectacular Vancouver skyline from a unique and impressive vantage point! in B.C. The list of heritage, garden, building, and park features is quite endless. ", Children playing with goo at Fool's Day Parade, Children watching person blowing bubbles at Fool's Day Parade, Citizen's Council on Civic Development presents citizens forum : redevelopment of False Creek. BC Liberals. The Aquabus's 13 vessels make stops up and down False Creek every 15 minutes or less -- so you never have to wait long for a ride. This piece is a monumental sculpture carved from three cedar stumps. “Science World is a non-profit organization which engages British Columbians in science and inspires future science and technology leadership throughout our province”. The stripe pattern starts at ground level, and runs up each piling and lamppost to a point that is five meters above sea level. Clowns holding gelatin model on stage at Fool's Day Parade, Crowd assembled around Chevron Stage during Fool's Day event, Crowd looking towards Centennial stage at Fool's Day Parade, Dragon boat race spectators at Charleson Park, Dragon boat race spectators at the seawall on the south shore of False Creek. Written on slide: "filling in impressions of what future should be for area. Trans Canada Trail Pavilion at Alder Bay on Granville Island. 1247 Charter Hill Drive Its grandiosity represented Russia’s enthusiasm for hosting the world during the next Olympic Winter Games in 2014. The False Creek Olympic Village walking route is 2.9 km or approximately 3,805 steps. Replicating coastal British Columbia, the Island was developed with great attention to detail. Hop aboard our iconic rainbow boats to enjoy the spectacular Vancouver skyline from a unique and impressive vantage point! Skytrain to Science World Station is probably the best way to access this great experience. Phot, Just a friendly reminder to please head down to ou, Stamps Landing dock is temporarily closed due to c. It is surrounded by a seawall, condominiums, restaurants, marinas, parks, and even a cement plant! We recommend using KMZ instead when possible. Dragon boats and a portion of the Expo 86 fairgrounds are visible in the background of this photograph. City-owned lots are outlined in coloured pencil. All of our routes are wheelchair accessible and bike-friendly. City of Vancouver, Canadian Pacific Town Site. The Aquabus’s 13 vessels make stops up and down False Creek every 15 minutes or less, so you never have to wait long for a ride. Base map extends to Main Street in the west. Originally, it was a highly industrial area with lots of sawmills and therefore was very polluted. Visit our GPS & Navigation page for instructions of how to use your smartphone as a GPS device (even when outside of data coverage) or how to import data to your Garmin unit. Item is a photograph of False Creek, showing English Bay to W 16th Avenue, and from Maple Street to the Cambie Street Bridge. Map was created for the "False Creek development" study, "Harbour headline" project. Also in the race is Naomi Chocyk for the Libertarian party. Item is a copy of a City of Vancouver Engineer's Office map of the False Creek area from Walnut Street to Main Street and downtown to Sixth Avenue. This circular walk travels along the pedestrian and cycle friendly seawall. False Creek is not a creek, but rather more of an inlet of water in the middle of the City of Vancouver. Source: Young People at the Centre: Participation and Social Change, edited by Jane Foster, Kumi Naidoo. Talk with candidates and compare policies. Built on the last remaining large tract of undeveloped waterfront land near downtown, the Olympic Village was created for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.