You can use cotton swabs to carefully remove them. Talk to your dentist. Check for any cavity in the teeth. ... help Reddit App Reddit … Some serious medical conditions, such as diabetes, liver or kidney disease and even certain cancers can cause bad breath even after brushing. You may be able to solve your bad breath by making sure you don’t miss an opportunity to take care of your teeth … Close. 20. Archived. Also, if you use mouthwash, make sure you tilt your head back and gargle towards the back of your throat. There are a few different things that could cause bad breath after brushing. If it is not cleaned off, YOU WILL STILL HAVE BAD BREATH EVEN AFTER BRUSHING TEETH. In this article, Dr Karmazin will share six possible reasons you’re experiencing that “not-so-fresh” feeling even after brushing, as well as a few ways to solve the problem. My breath smells like ass even though I brush my teeth. Dental caries: If one is having a continuous bad breath even after brushing teeth or flossing regularly, it can be due to bacterial cavity. These are also a not-uncommon culprit of bad breath. Cavities can inflamed the gums and emit bad breath. An inexpensive tongue scraper tool can be used to scrape all the residue left on the back of the tongue before or after brushing teeth. 6 possible causes of bad breath … Broken tooth: Broken tooth and dental fillings can lock in food particles in the teeth… Working it into the regular brushing routine will resolve this problem for half the people suffering with bad breath. Posted by 1 year ago.