He says two opposite things in the very same sentence. Brendan spits in the roommates face and the roommate doesn’t retaliate. https://www.reddit.com/r/MMA/comments/4vn6sc/brendan_schaub_on_ushanecarwin_ufc_return/d60ge1y/. Ok, email is fine....I just wish we stopped there with all the technological "improvements". His brother Arthur failed a NFL drug test as well (lul). But now that dumb guy and gazzilion other "journalists", "experts", "media people" are spreading misinformation to masses. Brendan hangs up on the mom by saying “Get the fuck out of here.”. This seemed sketchy so we did a quick search on Google Trends. I just said that in a sense of he is not a terrible guy. https://www.reddit.com/r/MMA/comments/4vn6sc/brendan_schaub_on_ushanecarwin_ufc_return/d60ge1y/, and what does shane have to lose he's already ruined his reputation with his steroid scandals, brendan should probably shut the fuck up about PEDs lol. In episode 128, Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen got into a fairly heated debate on the topic of size in MMA. He had every right to use the parking spot. I’ll tell you exactly how it went down. At the end of the rant Brendan takes a completely opposite opinion and says that "EPO helps endurance and that endurance is EVERYTHING in bantamweight division." By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Also EPO isn’t THAT dangerous. Many MMA fans and media people are saying it. What is this? Is Brendan Schaub going to far being being so contradictory about points that Callen makes? After Brendan was beaten by Travis Browne he was confronted by Joe Rogan and had to make a decision. Your email address will not be published. He continues on for another few minutes on the topic. Any time Schaub says something negative about the UFC (which is quite often), he always makes it a huge point to stress how much he loves the UFC and management. This was notoriously called “The Big Brown Slim Down.” He was going to cut down in size and he wanted The Fighter and the Kid listeners to do it with him. The story is located here if you’d like to listen. Yet, he did not know that USADA suspension for the first offence (for unspecified substance) is 2 yrs. Essentially he didn’t really do anything wrong other than the phone call from his mother, which is a bit ridiculous to say the least. All due respect to Conor Mcgregor, Robbie Lawler is a-Talk about a bigger, stronger, indestructible man. Just watched latest tfatk episode...we all know guy is dumb .... but I think this easily puts him at the very top of the list of dumbest people on the planet. He went to practice and “roasted the guy” at practice. Let’s just all agree we never want to hear Brendan Schaub about the topic of race ever again. Lance himself said on Rogan that the having to bike to thin your blood at night thing was pretty much just rumours. Welcome to the fighter and the kid subreddit, we discuss the podcast here. Don't forget Swab has been on JRE and has stated he wants usada to take a hike and let the fighters "juice to the gills" many of times. It’s only been up until recently (In Episode 135 with Kenny Florian) that Schaub admitted that he didn’t engage and it was because he didn’t want to play Cyborg’s game. My only problem is that today anyone can become a source of information and that makes us all dumber. That’d be the craziest… For Conor to fight Robbie Lawler is the craziest thing. What did Brendan Schaub just say? yes oh i wish we can go back to life before internet.