► “It’s Not Unusual ” – Tom Jones It showed people of 1966 that you could have a simple song with simple lyrics, and it could be great. "Suzie Q" is always ready. This song made a comeback in the 1990s (actually, we don't think it ever really left), and it is clear that this wild music gave everyone a little jolt. It held a yearning that we all remember having at one point in our lives. This song is unique and original. Who sang "Sitting By The Dock Of The Bay" before his death in 1967? Though 1960s pop was full of women begging men, The Temptations flipped the script and sang a song about how they needed the woman, and crying was totally cool, as long as she stayed. HARD, 6 Minute Quiz Michelle Nati. People had no idea what to do when dancing replaced toe-tapping, and some of them protested the sounds that emerged. There's nothing like a song about a guy who walks around with a tambourine. When you listen to the lyrics of this song, it tells the story of young love, change and memories. ► “Come Fly with Me ” – Frank Sinatra What band's controversial song "Louie, Louie" was thought to be obscene by the FBI? It was bold and a little weird, but that is what rock music needed at the time. ► “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You ” – Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons ► “Let’s Stay Together ” – Al Green ► “Mickey’s Monkey ” – Smokey Robinson, © 2020 Scratch Music Group, Inc., All Rights Reserved. The music, the beat, the lyrics and James Brown. If you're looking for a wholesome song to sing to your child, this is the one for you. What band asked the listener to "Light My Fire" in 1967? Jim Morrison changed the way we look at music, rock music to be more specific. Who's rock opera featured a song about a "Pinball Wizard"? Alright, they weren't great at spelling, but they were amazing at creating catchy tunes with fun lyrics. ► “The Way You Look Tonight ” – Tony Bennett ► “I’m a Believer ” – The Monkees 6 Min. privacy policy If you're a fan of the music of the 1960s, you'll know what legendary bands these eighteen songs come from! Which girl group sang "Be My Baby" in 1964 and is featured in the movie, "Dirty Dancing" . This song has been used in countless movies for actors to lip sync to, and it also works as an excellent karaoke tune. Music is an outlet for people. Any list of pop songs of the 1960s would not be complete without this song by The Monkees. Do you wish you were able to attend Woodstock, Monterey Pop, Altamont or any of the other legendary festivals of the decade? ► “Into the Mystic ” – Van Morrison From the British invasion to the gloriously political rock and roll sounds that came out of the 1960s, music made a definite change, and it wasn't about to apologize. "Fortunate Son" is available. Were you a fan of the Mamas and the Papas, Sly and the Family Stone or The Who? I had no idea who Tom Jones was until Carlton Banks broke out his now infamous “Carlton Dance ” to “It’s Not Unusual ” on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air “. But we all know that when the adults complain, youth rebel. It is so perfectly pure, and it is simply about how much a man loves his girl and how happy she makes him. The Foundations had a big hit with "Build Me Up Buttercup" in 1968. Children were running away from home to sing in the streets and "fight the power." 60s music continues to be a favorite some half a century after the fact! Need to dance? Copyright © 2020 InfoSpace Holdings, LLC, a System1 Company. There is a lot we can all learn from American folk music of the 1960s, and if nothing else, we can just enjoy the sound. The 1960s were a tumultuous time. 7 Min, TRIVIA While some didn't know what to do with this new sound, other's brought it into the light and made it quite famous. My inner music nerd later did some research and found out that there was a guy named Jackie Wilson who sang that same awesome song “To Be Loved ” in the 1950s. When you boil down the lyrics to this song, they seem rather creepy. ► “Unforgettable ” – Nat King Cole My inner music nerd later did some research and found out that there was a guy named Jackie Wilson who sang that same awesome song “To Be Loved ” in the 1950s. He was a musical god, and we all bowed to him. 2015 Preview SONG TIME When a Man Loves a Woman. It's a miracle the remaining members can hear anything, as just watching videos of them back then is an all-out assault on the eardrums. Anyone who has learned about a breakup from rumors and gossip holds this song deep in their hearts. What group said they were "California Dreamin" in 1965? I hunger for your touch" ... eh hem, sorry, we couldn't not finish that line. We suppose inspiration can come from anywhere, and sometimes it comes from watching a bar burn and smoke cover the river. There are so many rock and soul classics out there from the 60s—surely you know and probably even love some, but can you remember them all by just ONE clue? Ben E. King brought this song to us in 1961, and we soon realized that gorgeous music comes from all walks of life. Percy Sledge. Even after they divorced, this song was heard quite a bit on the airwaves, and Cher even sings it at her Las Vegas shows to this day. In the 1960s, it was totally normal for women to beg men for love. "My Girl" was a massive hit for which group? What is an octane rating? The Kinks were way ahead of their time (as far as sound goes). But can you tell us the opening lines to all of these hits? While only a few of his songs have stood the test of time, his entire library is always nice to revisit. ► “Under the Boardwalk ” – The Drifters We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox. What's your musical bag? Do You Know the Opening Lyrics of These ’60s Songs. When you really think about the lyrics, it's quite a sad song about love and loss. Jimi Hendrix had some powerful lyrics, and let's be honest, many great singers have tried to recreate this song, but nothing compares to Jimi's rendition. Yas. Few songs could make it as college go-tos the way that "Sweet Caroline" (1969) did. My appreciation for these older classics can add a nice touch to any wedding, for young and old alike. How much do you know about dinosaurs? 7 Minute Quiz There is one decade, however, when the music was so good, so pure and so on point that you could probably listen to it at any time, in any mood. _________________ spelled out "Respect" in this 1967 classic. The sound and the lyrics still hold up today. Not only did he serve in the military, but he also gave us some of the most memorable music released back then. 1. ► “Saw Her Standing There ” – The Beatles All of these things happened to the character in this song, of course, but it was totally alright, because he was Jumpin' Jack Flash. Alright, we'll admit that The Shirelles weren't the greatest performers, but their voices were unique (and hey, dancing around stages wasn't super important at the time). Many people even have different genres and time periods they crank up depending on their moods. It was finished when it was finished, and there is no purer form of music. Were Bob Dylan, The Band and Creedence Clearwater Revival more your thing? If you can ace it, you're practically a '60s icon yourself! Netflix, YouTube. "Please Mr. Postman" was the kind of song that you sang out loud as a child and as an adult. Who Sang These Songs? Though most songs that had specific dances that went along with them didn't last long, "The Twist" made its way into our hearts, and everyone now knows how to swing their hips and knees around to this beat. Of course, a song like this wouldn't make it very far these days, but the sound the Ronettes gave us was good enough to help this one become timeless. This is definitely a signature song of 1966, and we still listen to it today. Elvis was huge in the 1960s. Good luck on your rock n' roll journey! This song has been in dozens of movies, but none so memorable as that crazy scene in "Ghost" (1990). This song reminds us that people don't necessarily have to love you forever. Ultimately, these retro songs are a great bridge to bring all generations together to celebrate the wedding couple’s love for each other. What band had a hit with "I'm A Believer" in 1967? How could anything be wrong with this song? This song was weird and had some odd lyrics, but it is always worthy of a crank up when you hear it played.