PS: I do think HE made the decision to leave but why I don't know. [11], Currently, D'Amour plays bass in the band Lesser Key. Get your answers by asking now. He was pushed. Still have questions? I really dig his post-Tool work. [5] According to Danny Carey, D'Amour left the band because he wanted to play guitar rather than bass. The project released a self-titled EP on Silent Uproar Records. R&P - what are some good covers of Prince songs ? Why did Paul D'Amour leave Tool? Bassmingo. So here's what the band said: -He was moving in a different musical direction -He wasn't a real bass player, but a guitar player truly . Lusk: Jan 21, 2010 #15. Answer Save. 1 Answer. Korladis Banned. Look, we wrote in another direction as he did. Pope Francis appoints first Black American cardinal, Bengals player appears to hit breaking point with team, N.C. church ordered to close due to virus outbreak, 'We are growing!!! Since March 2019, he has been the bassist for industrial metal band Ministry. Originally a guitar player, D'Amour became Tool's bassist after being introduced to the band by guitarist Adam Jones. He played in the British band Peach. Although I don't think the departure was as nice as they say. Jan 21, 2010 #16. skulletwhip. Nov 6, 2008 Ireland. 0 1. Mostly me': Actress expecting 3rd baby, Authorities find 2 abducted girls, 2 dead boys, Lee Kun-hee, who transformed Samsung, dies at 78, Barrymore: 'I really did not take divorce well', 'Helpless': Actor's tweets on pandemic go viral, Cowboys quarterback injured on a dirty late hit, Kanye: 'My calling is to be the leader of the free world', While dad rails against 'idiot' scientists, Ivanka's mission. WHEN PAUL D’AMOUR WALKED AWAY FROM TOOL IN 1995, DURING the recording of Ænima, he had one mission: to avoid letting his role in that band define him forever. The name is inspired by the science fiction novel Feersum Endjinn by Iain Banks, an author whose novel The Wasp Factory was conceptual inspiration for Lusk as well. Which version of Happy Together is your personal favorite? There's load of reasons the band gives but they're all a bunch of crypts anyways. We ended up with Justin Chanceller. Relevance. Paul has his own band (Lusk) and that's something completely different as Tool. Ask Question + 100. [14], "Ministry tap former Tool member Paul D'Amour as new bassist", "Tool's 'Undertow': 10 Things You Didn't Know", "Original Tool bassist Paul D'Amour on why he quit: "Their creative process is excruciating and tedious, "Interview: Ex-Tool Bassist Paul D'Amour Talks About New Band Feersum Ennjin (Audio)", "Lesser Key (Featuring Former Tool Bassist Paul D'Amour) Reveal Music Video for 'Intercession, "Former Tool bassist Paul D'Amour joins Ministry",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 2 Mesa/Boogie Roadready 6x10 or 8x10 cabs (1994), Morley Wah (Used for live chorus in "Intolerance"), This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 01:52. Jan 22, 2010 #17. Apr 9, 2009 San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Which Rock Band Was More Popular In 1989: Poison Or Bon Jovi? Their debut EP was produced by former Tool producer Sylvia Massy and released on April 1, 2014 on Sumerian Records. "[12] On July 26, 2013, the band released a video of their debut single "Intercession." Like Jones, D'Amour was in Los Angeles because of his wish to enter the film industry. Paul D'Amour (born May 12, 1967) is an American musician and the first bass guitarist for Tool. Obviously as Paul was the first, he laid the groundwork for the "sound" of the band. [9][10], As of early 2005, D'Amour has been writing and performing under the name Feersum Ennjin. D’Amour was a member of Tool from their start in 1990 through 1995, appearing on their 1993 debut album, Undertow, and their 1992 EP, Opiate. [13], In late of March 2019, D'Amour announced that he officially joined Ministry as the band's newest bass player[2] replacing Tony Campos. [2], D'Amour was born in Spokane, Washington. Thoughts on the black metal band Tsjuder? If they kicked him out why? "Did the departure of bass-player Paul D'amour (September '95), due to musical differences of opinion, had anything to do with it? [3] D'Amour built movie sets and worked in an art department on music videos and commercials. In 1997, they released their only album, entitled Free Mars. Is Coldplay the greatest band of our generation? "[7] After his departure from the band, he formed the psychedelic pop band Lusk with Brad Laner, Chris Pitman, future member of Guns N' Roses, and Greg Edwards of Failure and Autolux.