"The larger your screen, the more natural color comes through.". My, my, my! For all it's corniness, I really enjoy it still. At the link--I've never seen this before--a Mitzi Gaynor screen tests for SP. Richard Rogers preferred the vocal performance of Muriel Smith who played the part in London. I hadn't thought about Joshua Logan's sexual preference at all, even when I saw William Holden, shirtless, in "Picnic". Stoopid, stoopid, stoopid! Soundtracks. Just cringeworthy ickiness. However I did get to see a Todd AO print in 6 track analogue stereo at the Warner Cinerama in the 70s and it was a lot better than what you see on TCM or a dvd. And even if that's true (which it isn't), what does it have to do with starting the movie with the Seabees-on-the-beach scene instead of the first Nellie-and-Emile scene? Script error: No such module "EditAtWikidata". [13], The Original Soundtrack of the film was released in 1958. “Oh, you wouldn’t be interested”, he replied casually. Admittedly, "captain" is a standard aviation term for the pilot of an aircraft, but it would be unlikely to be used in this situation, since the term has a specific military meaning. Or sliced in half in THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM. Hello and thank you for registering. Which of "Ray Walston's best scenes" do you think were cut? Rodgers and Hammerstein got 51% and Logan and Hayward ended up with 49%. Those damned colored filter lenses ruined much of it. %0D %0D Prior to acting, he was an Olympic medal winner in the decathlon. and we'll set a dreaded cookie to make it go away. the pix of Ed Fury at R89's link are amazing, but it's very weird that the guy who put together the pix claims that Fury was the singing lead in Josh Logan's Broadway production of the musical "Fanny." They got screwed in the deal. Admission prices for South Pacific were probably twice the admission for Auntie Mame. Once he is in the rubber boat and starts paddling, however, the pistol has become a rifle. First of all, it's "palette," not "palate." I think this is probably a costume or makeup test. Distributed by Raised by maternal grandparents, Long attended New York City, New York’s Juilliard School of Music.. Both of them had a down-to-earth believability that would have worked in the role. Doris achieved movie stardom with her FIRST film, an "A" MUSICAL, Romance on the High Seas (1948), directed by Michael Curtiz. [quote]The last known roadshow was Man of LaMancha. Apparently Rossanno Brazzi was a real pain the ass on the set. I did the stage show twice and then a concert version with the National Symphony. [quote]found myself clicking over to watch that Cindy Crawford "Meaningful Beauty" infomercial for the tenth time%0D %0D Admitting this disqualifies you from making any kind of aesthetic judgments about anything. For one thing, they were the only way to cover up the constantly changing weather. While a teenager, she married Clement Hall, who died in 1920s. OP=Glenn Close, sad that they only show the 50s version now, never hers.%0D. Mitzi was great, some of the cast (notably her leading man) less so. Both the show and the film end with the reprise of "Dites Moi", but no singing afterwards, just the orchestral playing. She could attract anyone at any level; she could attract mass audiences and sexual partners, friends or caretakers. The film was produced by "South Pacific Enterprises", a company created specifically for the production, owned by Rodgers, Hammerstein, Logan, Magna Theatre Corporation (owners of the Todd-AO widescreen process the film would be photographed in), and Leland Hayward, producer of the original stage production. when the old star system exploded in the 1960s tons of former leading men and ladies were just chasing paychecks and/or dodging the tax man... Mitzi would always tell great stories about all the homosex that went during filming. Oh to have had such a roommate in prep school or college! Ken Clark died of a heart attack in Rome, Italy, shortly after a taping for a TV series "Stracult.". Who dubbed her, and why isn't that person listed in the credits (given that Giorgio Tozzi, who dubbed Emile de Becque, is credited)? I'm surprised that no one has yet mentioned Ken Clark, the big blond hunk who plays Ray Walston's assistant and does the bodybuilder act in the Thanksgiving show when Gaynor and Walston perform "Honey Bun." [quote]BTW, she sounds EXACTLY the same as she always did, and she just turned 87. Also westerns. I've never found out why the scenes were reversed in the North American release but not the European/International version. He was awarded The Medal of Honour by President Gerald Ford in 1977. While a teenager, she married Clement Hall, who died in 1920s. Dating back to the development of the stage musical. The Academy makes itself look ever moire stupid by refusing to give her a career Oscar because she does not want to show up at the ceremonies. [6], All of the songs from the stage production were retained for the film. Debbie Reynolds might have been an interesting choice. $36,800,000[4] Answer: Richard Rogers preferred the vocal performance of Muriel Smith who played the part in London. In that era, they couldn't reverse the intensity. I had heard that the European cut of SP has the first two scenes in the original order. So there is a filmed version of the show's original staging complete with Martin's performance. [14] The album remained in the top five of the UK Albums Chart for 27 consecutive weeks before reaching No.1 in November 1958. See http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052225/fullcredits#cast. Brackett takes great umbrage over an implied slight from Lt. Cable over the virility of older men, claim that "I, in fact, am over 50". [quote]And the filters work. Script error: No such module "citation/CS1". Except perhaps for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who gave the film a nomination for Best Color Cinematography. In the opening scene on the airplane, one of the men tells Lt. Cable, "The captain wants to know if you'd like to sit up in the cockpit with him?" I still have the program. At least it's not wall-to-wall orange and teal like almost all modern films. Since the vocal tracks for musicals was recorded separately from the filming back then, dubbing occurred for many reasons other than lack of singing ability of an actor, scheduling problems, budget, etc. Mitzi Gaynor (Nellie) does her own singing. I bought the DVD set that includes the roadshow version and the regular version, along with a lot of extras. At the beginning of the movie, the Catalina pilot Buzz Adams, is none other than Tom Laughlin, better known as "Billy Jack". Share. What the hell happened to Brazzi's career? My Grandmother took me to The Music Man roadshow at the Fox theatre in San Francisco. That big hunk of beautiful blonde meat having no friends or family to claim his body? Why was Bloody Mary's singing voice dubbed, given that Juanita Hall was a strong singer who had performed the role on Broadway? Other mistake: During the "Show" scene, Ray Walston's character comes to the front of the stage and the Navy / Marine emblems are on either side of him. Buzz Adams, the "captain" referenced in this line, is only a lieutenant. Utter bullshit. Her voice was rich and full. But did Marni Nixon sound remotely like Natalie Wood in West Side Story? The stage version begins with Nellie and Emile's first scene together on the plantation, then proceeds to show Bloody Mary, Lieutenant Joe Cable, and the Seabees on the beach, while in the film version Lieutenant Cable is shown at the very beginning being flown by plane to the island, where the Seabees and Bloody Mary have their first musical numbers. (Note: In the original theatrical release, the musical number was in two parts, with a substantial scene in between, thus giving Cable much more time to arrive. Juanita Hall had all the personality you could hope for in a Bloody Mary but Muriel Smith was an operatic soprano who could sing rings around Hall. Mitzi Gaynor tries really hard, and she's actually quite fine (and even moving) in her big dramatic "This is something I was just born with" scene, but she's annoying perky for much of the rest of it. It's worth watching just for the incredibly hot guys in "There Ain't Nothing Like a Dame" number. Some features on this site require a subscription. He said they would have to give him a percentage of the profits. The biggest mistakes in the Harry Potter movies, 25 mistakes you never noticed in great movies, The 20 biggest mistakes in The Wizard of Oz, 40 biggest mistakes in The Big Bang Theory, More questions & answers from South Pacific. I was lucky enough to see the roadshows for "The Sound of Music" in 1965, "Funny Girl" in 1968 and "Oliver!" But the story of this lush, romantic, wartime South Sea Island musical spectacular has a most unlikely beginning - in Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where New York-born James Albert Michener was growing up in the care of a kindly lady named Mabel Michener, along with eight or nine other waifs and strays that she had taken in. He did a lot better with the smaller movies he made; his big productions are sprawling messes. Other "A" musicals she had made long before South Pacific came around included "The Pajama Game, "Calamity Jane," (where she INTRODUCED the Academy Award winning song "Secret Love"), and a series of "Americana" films with co-star Gordon MacRae, including On Moonlight Bay and By the Light of the Silvery Moon. [11] When Fox (which by that time owned partial distribution rights to the film, including home video) learned of the print's existence, it took it to the United States to reinstate the fourteen missing minutes and attempt to restore as much of the color as possible. Here's an idea, OP. At the beginning of the movie, the Catalina pilot Buzz Adams, is none other than Tom Laughlin, better known as ". !. Emile is not shown in the film until about thirty minutes into it; in the film, Nellie first appears during the scene with the Seabees. Many of his shows featured shirtless young men: SOUTH PACIFIC, WISH YOU WERE HERE, ALL AMERICAN... What we needed was a longer shirtless Franco Nero scene in CAMELOT also directed by Logan. %0D %0D I should add that I've never seen a stage version, so I have nothing to compare the film to. Josh Logan first tried to reverse the order of the opening scenes in the original London production of the show in 1951. I will let you know how it turned out.