In particular, she constantly reminded him to never blindly follow the norm, but to always weigh the morality of one’s actions. Yue Fei returned to the capital, where he would be executed. From then on, he applied himself to his studies diligently. The common legend of Yue receiving the tattoo from his mother first appeared in The Story of Yue Fei. saludos 古 – antiquity But before long his father died, and he left the military to return to his hometown and pay his respects. In addition to being the sole breadwinner of the family, Zhengshi took it upon herself to educate her son despite their impoverished circumstances. Lo peor, como foto lo único que haces es retratar algo totalmente plano y bidimensional. China. Song dynasty warrior-poet and folk hero Yuefei (岳飞) gets a tattoo to remind himself of his duty to his country. Analysing Opposite Approaches to the Pandemic: Sweden Vs. Singapore, 2-Storey Flagship Meidi-Ya Store Planned for Opening in August 2020, Indoor Activities for Children During COVID-19 Lockdown in Singapore, Top Singaporean Online Shopping Sites for Fresh Groceries, People and Society at A Crossroads – Part 2. But Tao Kan’s family was very poor, and Tao Kan fretted about how to entertain his guest and his entourage. Where available, he would lighten the sentence. Breaking this down word-by-word clears its meaning right up: 智 – Intelligent In addition, Chinese legend claimed the mother of Yue Fei (a famous Song general) tattooed the words "Repay the Country with Pure Loyalty" (精忠報國, jing zhong bao guo) down her son's back before he left to join the army. The Communist Party is not among those who appreciate their work, instead viewing tattoos as undesirable avatars of hip-hop culture. Yuefei opened his shirt, exposing his thin back, and invited his mother to begin. On New Year’s eve of 1142, Yue was executed at the age of 39, along with his son, Yue Yun, and another general, who was also his son-in-law. 勇 – brave That might seem inoffensive, but it goes against a widespread but unwritten code. After lighting some incense and praying to the heavens and their ancestors, Yue Fei’s mother asked Yue Fei’s wife to prepare some ink. The People’s Liberation Army now allows recruits to have small tattoos. He began putting his utmost effort in his studies. 2020 Chinese Reading Practice, Simplified Chinese Reading Exercises with English Translations. As her reputation spread, people came from around the world to her studio. Yue Fei (岳飛), a Han-Chinese military general during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) bore a tattoo on his back which read “尽忠报国: Serve the country with the utmost loyalty.” Pigmentation and protection — always, in all ways — walked hand in hand. Tao Kan was full of remorse for letting his mother down. Unbridled Evil: The Corrupt Reign of Jiang Zemin in China, Election Loser Arrested for Treason in Sri Lanka. After a couple of years spent fighting deep depression, Ms Pang is getting back into tattooing with a new studio. (19779) 2006-07-19 3:50, Hi Antonio, This pained Mdm Zhang and she wished to reduce Mencius’ exposure to these sights, but she could not bring herself to lock her active son indoors. In the West some in the tattoo industry (normally averse to rules) have started calling for regulation to control the sale of equipment and ensure that studios meet adequate standards. Un gran trabajo Those who held power within the Song Dynasty were corrupt and incompetent, were pushed back through gradual defeats, and the country’s continued existence hung by a thread. Les visiteurs du temple pouvaient les lapider et/ou leur cracher dessus. As such, after he died, he left behind no house or land.”, Zheng Shi continued, “You don’t have to provide me with a luxurious life; what is more important to me is your filial heart. When his mother learned of her son’s predicament, she told him that the country’s needs should take precedence. Your email address will not be published. Soon, it began to rain and the Yellow Riverflooded, wiping out the village. At playtime, Mencius and the other children would meet and re-enact the courteous bows and exchanges between the scholars. Unfortunately, he fell prey to corrupt officials and was unable to save the Song Dynasty in the end, which was taken by the Jin in 1279. Without question the most famous tattoo in Chinese history belonged to Yue Fei, a revered 12th-century general in the Song dynasty who had four characters inscribed on his back: jing zhong bao guo, or “serve the realm with utter loyalty”. Replica Chinese General Yue Fei's armor costume and helmet. Not that Mr Shen himself likes being called a neo-traditionalist. Tattooed arms, backs and legs are fast becoming common sights in the country’s biggest cities. People in the business estimate that China now has tens of thousands of tattoo studios, up from hundreds a decade ago.